Stormworks Build and Rescue Workarounds for Update

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Hello from our Stormworks Build and Rescue Workarounds for Update guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide objective insight into the changes of the update and how to fix one’s stuff.

This is the guide Winterflux it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Stormworks Build and Rescue Workarounds for Update

Welcome to our Stormworks Build and Rescue Workarounds for Update guide. This guide will show you detailed information about workarounds for the October 12th 2023 update!

What the Update Changes / ADDS

So the update adds compression of gasses and fluids. there is also the space DLC stuff but that is not the focus.

Enclosed compartments are subject to being filled with air mixture at spawn so it is one atmosphere when spawned in. You can see how much gas is in a space using the new Gas Meter they added.

There is a fun caveat about this though and this “feature” has existed prior to the update, all gasses/fluids weigh exactly the same which means diesel will weight the same as water per liter, this effects gasses aswell which means if you pump air into a tank then every liter of air will be a kilogram in weight and it does not affect buoyancy so a enclosed space will likely not float thanks to the weight of the air. I have not done sufficient testing though so this is subject to being violently wrong

I believe that the system that fills a space with air does not take into account what the a fluid spawner does, or if it does then it is very ineffective as a space with water spawned in it and filled to 100% will still have the amount of air that would make it one atmosphere with the water which results in the space being violently pressurized and also contaminated if you are willing. there is also no option to control the air that spawns in a space so no gas spawner so if you wanted your boat to float, you would likely need a pump to extract all the air inside it to a vacuum to get rid of all that weight.

previous tests before the update also yielded the information that fluids inside an enclosed space weigh 42% heavier than in a default fluid tank which is incredibly funny as that makes no sense at all.

hopefully this information is of some use but overall this update is undesirable to creators at the least.

Written by Winterflux

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