Century: Age of Ashes Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Century Age of Ashes Tips and Tricks guide. Without these tips you’ll be at a severe disadvantage! This little guide assumes you’ve finished the tutorial and have played a few games.

Century: Age of Ashes Tips and Tricks

We will list very basic info here to start:

Each class has different health pools (Marauder 5 bars, Windguard 4 bars and Phantom 3 bars). Each bar is worth 25 health. Healing is scarce, only certain maps have a green healing power up (worth 50 hp? will have to confirm). Shield power ups give 50 hp worth of shields. Everyone has 4 stamina tokens which can only be refilled by flying low to the green glowing areas or through pillars and wind tunnels. The wing power up is another way giving you 15 seconds of infinite stamina.


Movement and stamina management is arguably the most important aspect of the game. More so in this game since it auto aims fireballs and firebreath for you.

  1. Wind tunnels restore 2-4 stamina depending on how deep it runs. Good for evasion + recovery. Pillars are always 1-2 stamina.
  2. Seeing fireballs coming from behind and no cover? Tap brake and immediately boost left or right + slightly upwards or downwards. You’ll turn sharply and there’s a good chance those fireballs will miss, even more so if you’re hugging cover. Tapping brake then boosting is generally good habit anyway.
  3. Boosting duration is extended when you boost downwards or dive down.
  4. Your fireballs will move faster the faster you move. They also move slowest if you shoot while stopped. This means attacking a person below you is ideal as you can dive on them, moving fastest doing so.

Rage (Ultimate) – Century Age of Ashes Tips and Tricks

Rage is obtained i believe solely by taking damage. It will be the same button as your power. It takes a long time to actually get (maybe 4 lives worth? Will need to investigate)

  1. Using rage recovers a lot of hp. This is mostly useful to marauder with his large hp pool
  2. Windguards rage reduces her fireball cooldown, allowing her to shoot fireballs faster
  3. Phantom cannot be killed during his rage!


  1. Your round reticle (the white parts on each side) show you how much firebreath you have left.
  2. Just above your round reticle is 2 little orange bars displaying your fireball charges
  3. A red exclamation mark on you means somebody is in range to firebreath you


  1. Blast ability (from phantom and windguard) can dissipate smoke and uncloak phantoms. It has a rather large radius and can be detonated early by hitting the same button.
  2. Always try to get a shield powerup before fighting. Especially important for phantom because of his low max hp
  3. Speaking of shields, windguards assist ability that gives shields stacks even with the shield power up.
  4. There is a button to look behind you (shift by default, idk on console). There are also buttons you can bind to look above, below, left and right.
  5. Don’t always immediately unload your fireballs at first sight of an enemy. Sometimes it’s better to get closer if he’s unaware and alone before attacking with fireballs + firebreath. Give him less time to react against an attack.
  6. Marauder’s gust ability dissipate’s smoke as well!
  7. Remember to simply use your abilities and powers! Some abilities (Mine, Gust) even have 2 stacks of use. Using your abilities/powers 4-5 times a round in sub-optimal ways is often better than just 1-2 times optimally.

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