Chill Corner Achievement Guide 100%

Welcome to our Chill Corner Achievement Guide 100%. A guide to the most efficient way to get all achievements in Chill Corner!

Chill Corner Achievement Guide 100%

Time Achievements

  • For the achievements “Five Minutes”, “Thirty Minutes”; “One Hour”, and “Hard Working”, simply have the game open for 24 hours to automatically unlock all achievements.
  • For the achievement “Three Hour”, select “Working” or “Studying” as your activity, and once you’ve spent three hours in-game with that activity selected you will get this achievement. This can be done by selecting this when the game is first opened, and re-selecting it when the timer on your activity runs out, or by pressing the curved arrow button on the left of the screen next to the timer and selecting this activity- by default there will be two boxes with the word activity, select the left one and there will be a drop down section of options. Set the timer and reset it after it ends until a total of 3h to get this achievement.

Decorator Achievements – Chill Corner Achievement Guide 100%

  • Decorators can be unlocked using chill time, the game’s currency, so it is easiest to do these after completing all of the time achievements. These achievements are “Decorator”, “Green Room”, “Christmas”, “My Own Room”, “Decorating” and “Perfect Collector”.
  • To get all of these achievements, unlock all decorators, and go to an empty room and place a Christmas tree decorator.

Interaction Achievements

  • These achievements are given by completing different in-game interactions. These can all be done at any point.
  • “Pet” – select a pet from the pet menu.
  • “Feeding” – feed your pet. An option will pop up on-screen to do so after some time has passed. If the option does not pop up, switch to a different pet.
  • “Character” – select a weather option on the right. This will be unlocked automatically for other achievements.
  • “Rainy Day” – choose the rainy weather option on the right.
  • “Snowy Day” – choose the snowy weather option on the right.
  • “Sunny Day” – choose the sunny weather option on the right.
  • “Task” – click the pin in the bottom left and enter a task.
  • “Favorite Track” – loop the song playing.
  • “Shuffle” – shuffle the album playing.
  • “Skipping” – skip the song playing.
  • “My Album” – click on music album in the menu, and create album (button in the bottom left of the music menu.
  • “New Room” – switch to a different room.
  • “Breaking Time” – click the pause button on the left.

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