Clanfolk Ideas Tree (0.254)

Welcome to our Clanfolk Ideas Tree (0.254) guide. This is the ideas tree with everything unlocked, for those that know it already and want a quick reminder.

Clanfolk Ideas Tree (0.254)

This is the tree as is appears in-game. It doesn’t show direct requirements; we may add this later, at least for some of the least obvious ones.

Full Ideas Tree

The tree is divided in tiers, and each item of any tier requires at least one element from the previous tier. Some elements have other requirements, like the vacancy sign unlocking on day 3, etc.

You can click on the image, then on the URL at the top, to pop out a new window in the steam browser, in which you can zoom in.

About Clanfolk

Clanfolk is a challenging medieval colony sim that takes you to the Scottish Highlands and pits you against nature itself. Starting with an empty plot of land and only your closest family, you will learn to survive as you establish your hearth and home, watch over your livestock, harvest your fields, and fight the bitter winter. Whether you grow your fledgling settlement into a bustling inn or a central trade hub, or you instead content yourself with building a prosperous and self-sufficient homestead or livestock ranch, everything rests in your hands – including the very lives of your clanfolk.

Manage schedules to make sure everyone is well rested, well fed, and reasonably happy without risking your family’s preparedness for when the harsh winter inevitably settles in. Morning rituals, socializing, and rest punctuate a day of chores: sowing seeds, tilling soil, fishing, hunting, crafting, and cooking.

Every member of the family has their own traits, aspirations, dreams, and skills that help determine what they do best. They will care for themselves and for each other, and they will seek to better themselves over time. Your youngest family members are full of potential and learn from working alongside their elders – teach them to hunt, cook, clean, build, or farm, ensuring all the core survival skills are carried forward to the next generation.

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