PlateUp Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our PlateUp Tips and Tricks guide. A few things you wish you had known […]

Welcome to our PlateUp Tips and Tricks guide. A few things you wish you had known before. This guide will show you a handful of tips and tricks, various useful information. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the PlateUp! game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our PlateUp! guide.

PlateUp Tips and Tricks

A few things you wish you had known before!

Tips & Tricks & Miscellaneous

For pizza, the oil can be placed in a sink, then you can take the flour and “Double tap” the sink to immediately turn your flour into a flat round dough. Also frees up the oil meter to use as a regular meter (including the chopping materials on it)

Various Device Quirks

If you want water for the dough, the binder works a little differently in the sink. Basically you place it next to a sink and point the blue arrows at the sink if i understood correctly.

Hobs do not cook buns or crockery, so applying it to food cooked on the stove by hand or with a combination stops cooking/burning and the combined products stay on the stove. This renders safety stoves and safety gas mains virtually useless.

Looks like it doesn’t want to get 2 clean plates if the tray is held (big bum)

The blueprint desk, the discount desk, and the copy desk raise each other in a loop: copy>blueprint>discount, i believe. Research desk will be randomly increased to 3

Research desks don’t work in rooms – so don’t put one outside of a half-walled bench.

Sinks do not debuff tables on the other side of the half-wall counter. Essentially it counts it as being in another room – even if your character is running it near customer tables (dining area).

You can use the automatic dishwasher as a dirty dish rack when necessary – don’t accidentally press the “Use” button on it if you don’t have time to waste!

Auto Plate

Automatic plater does not feed plates to adjacent plate rack (boo :/ )

The auto plate also seems to hold only 3 plates, not 4?

Customers and Tables

Customers receive their orders from a conveyor belt if it is adjacent to their table ( – and for this you can artificially increase the profile of that table while maintaining a small customer capacity…. See next item).

Table Layout, Chairs and Assembly

The “Use key/button” can be used to lift or reposition green chairs, and the “Take/drop” button can rotate chairs to be counted at a different adjacent table when appropriate. If you align the 2 tables, it will create a larger table – but you can lower the larger table #1 or #2 and use the table’s larger profile to make it easier to get a conveyor belt. So you have an easier time placing items next to them (like a conveyor belt or half-walls that allow kitchen staff to access tables/counters on the other side)
Also, tables placed corner-to-corner (diagonally) will not converge. They need one of their sides to touch another table. As far as i know you can’t prevent the base tables from merging when they’re next to each other, so be careful with that.

Customer “Bus” optimization: at a longer table, customers will have dirty plates, etc. You can influence where they drop off when they’re done. The point where they leave the dishes is the part where the number of people who can sit at the table is emphasized. Picking up and placing table pieces allows you to move that spot. This can be extremely helpful in reducing the distance that cafeteria staff must travel, especially when used with conveyor belts.

PlateUp Tips and Tricks
PlateUp Tips and Tricks

Random Bits

If there are two of the same item in the garage storage, you can exchange these two for a random new item instead of 3.

Little information on how dumbwaiter can interact (conveyors are pointless for that?)

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