COD: Black Ops 4 – Showers Challenge

Showers Challenge Walkthrough

In this challenge, you will find a ghost playing the banjo. Interact with the ghost in order to the take the banjo.

The player that took the banjo must and head to the circle that has just appeared in the area. It is important that you get as many kills as possible within the circle while it is active.

It’s important that the player holding the banjo keeps an eye on their health, as after 90 seconds, the banjo will begin to drain their health.

Once the circle has finished, give the banjo back to the Zombie and proceed to gather the red stone that spawns on the ground, right next to where the Zombie is standing.

Michigan Avenue

For this challenge, you will be required to escorting a Zombie to specific location. Firstly, once you have activated the challenge, head to the Cafeteria and kill one Zombie. Use your Shield Vision and then Spirit Blast the area.

Now that you can see the Zombie, help escort it from the Cafeteria, all the way to the portal that is located in Michigan Avenue.

Once it reaches the port, the Zombie will drop a red stone that you will need to collect.

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