COD: Black Ops 4 – Anger and Bargaining

Anger and Bargaining Walkthrough

Once you have the Kronorium, head back to the Warden’s Ritual Chamber and place it on the body sitting in the chair.

This will cause a cutscene to play. Once finished, use your Shield to see the three numbers that are listed on the page. Make a note of these numbers and then import them into the Number Pad to trigger one of five different random events.

Once you have done this, the lighthouse will point towards the direction in which you must head. The location of each of the five challenges can be seen below:

  1. The Docks
  2. The Powerhouse
  3. The Showers
  4. New Industries
  5. Michigan Avenue.

In order to start each of the five challenges you will need to head towards the area in which the lighthouse is lighting up and use the Shield to blast the area. If you have done this correctly, a red portal will spawn in the area.

Should you fail one of the challenges, you will be required to start again by getting a brand new set of numbers, entering it on the Number Pad, and then trying the failed challenge again.

Next is up: Showers Challenge

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