CODE VEIN Gift Valuables Giving Guide

In Code Vein, valuables are items you can find in the game and give them to […]

In Code Vein, valuables are items you can find in the game and give them to NPCs to get a boost to your trading. To give someone a gift, all you have to do is speak to them at the Home Base, then click on the Exchange option. You will be able to gift them a valuable in exchange for Trade Points which you can then use to buy things from the character.

In this guide, we will list the valuables, and the best people to trade them to, so you can maximize your Trade Points.

Code Vein Best NPCs to Gift Valuables To

The list below will give you each valuable, and the NPC who will give you the most Trade points if you gift it to them. If more than one NPC gives an equally high value, then multiple NPCs will be listed.

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With these trading points, you can exchange items with that NPC. Each item that you acquire from the NPC has some cost and that is deducted from your trading points.

Code Vein Gifts

In this game, the skills used by your revenant is called gifts. Gifts can be unlocked using Haze by resting near a mistle. Each blood code has its own gifts which you need to unlock by exploring different areas.

In those areas, you will find a red orb on the ground. Collect these red orbs to unlock vestige with some number of alphabets written on them, For example, Atlas Vestige Part A. These orbs are used to unlock gifts in the blood code.

You can check all about the gift by resting near a mistle and select the option to Acquire Gifts. There you can check all the blood codes that you have unlocked and the gifts associated with them. Some of the gifts might seem blurry and will be locked as you need to collect to red orbs (Vestige Parts).

Then head over to your home and talk with Io. You will get an option as restore vestige, repair all the vestige with parts that you collected to unlock blood code gifts.

We will soon make new posts regarding where to find these red orbs to unlock these gifts.

Code Vein Valuables

Valuables are the collectibles, that you collect during your exploration. These valuables can be exchanged or traded with an NPC to increase your trading points. To exchange items with NPC, you need to talk to them and select the option Exchange Items.

Below is the list of few valuables and which NPC you should gift it to.

  • 35mm Reel – Yakumo, Lo, Jack (Trading Points – 3)
  • Aged Brandy – Yakumo, Jack (Trading Points – 5)
  • Antique Coin – Jack (Trading Points – 5)
  • Antique LP – Davis (Trading Points – 5)
  • Aromatic Herbs – Mia, Coco (Trading Points – 5)
  • Blood Bead Candy – You can give it to any NPC (Trading Points – 3)
  • Board Game – Muasame (Trading Points – 5)
  • Bottled Jam – Coco, Louis, Mia (Trading Points – 3)
  • Boutique Sake – Yakumo (Trading Points – 5)
  • Bugarally Doll – Jack, Davis, Yakumo, Murasame (Trading Points – 5)
  • Chocolate Garlic Flakes – Davis, Coco (Trading Points – 5)
  • Classic Camera – Jack, Davis (Trading Points – 5)
  • Curious Novelty – Lo (Trading Points – 5)
  • Custom Gun Part – Yakumo, Murasame (Trading Points – 3)
  • Expensive Cigars – Davis, Jack (Trading Points – 3)
  • Faded Comics – Louis (Trading Points – 5)
  • Flower Seeds – Eva (Trading Points – 5)
  • Fragrant Tea – Mia (Trading Points – 3)
  • Local Pennant – Lo (Trading Points – 5)
  • Organic Soap – Coco, Lo, Eva, Mia, Murasame (Trading Points – 3)
  • Powerful Spices – Coco (Trading Points – 5)
  • Protein Powder – Davis (Trading Points – 3)
  • Pungent Cheese – Davis, Yakumo, Jack (Trading Points – 3)
  • Retro Game – Murasame (Trading Points – 5)
  • Spotless Instrument – Eva, Louis (Trading Points – 3)
  • Stuffed Toy – Murasame (Trading Points – 3)
  • Sushi Tacos – Coco (Trading Points – 5)
  • Tomato Sandwich – Louis, Coco, Lo, Eva (Trading Points – 5)
  • Undamaged Paint Set – Eva (Trading Points – 3)
  • Well Worn Tool – Davis, Murasame (Trading Points – 3)
  • Yellowed Book – Louis (Trading Points – 5)

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  1. I’ve noticed that this and one other guide refer to Io as Lo. It’s clear since it’s a name the first letter would be capitalized. There’s also the in game pronunciation of it that reflects it would not be a lower case L but and upper case I.

  2. Another easy to tell Io’s name is Io and not Lo, is all the attendant are named after the lovers of Zeus/moons of Jupiter.

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