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Ruined City Underground After you create your character, you’ll be introduced to some of the game’s […]

Ruined City Underground

After you create your character, you’ll be introduced to some of the game’s basic mechanics like attacking, guarding and Blood Codes.

Once you complete the tutorial section and go through a bit of exposition, you’ll arrive at Area D-12 Ruined City Underground.

Area D-12 Ruined City Underground

You’ll be joined by Oliver, one of the many companions that will help you take out enemies throughout your journey. Follow the linear path ahead and take a right at the junction to take out your first enemy.

Keep following the path, taking out enemies and getting a feel for the controls and mechanics. Be sure to utilize your companion if you’re having trouble. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for glowing items on the ground. These will prove to be super useful.

Also, pay attention to your map in the top right. A dotted line will appear showing you the path you’ve taken so far. When you come across mistles, it will unlock more of the map so you have a better point of reference. Look out for chests as well.

From the chest above, you can either head left or right. Going right will result in a dead end, but you’ll want to go that way first to grab an item. Be aware of enemies of course. Next take the left path to continue onward.

Keep going, towards another chest, while taking out enemies. At this point, you can experiment with weapons and items as you discover them.

You’ll eventually come to a gate that can be opened. Continue down the linear path which will dead-end with a ladder on your left. Climb it.

At the top, you’ll reach a Rotten Mistle. Purify it to reveal a section of the map, making it easier to find your way around. After you do so, head to the left of the Mistle to unlock a shortcut to the beginning of the level. Rest at the Mistle nearby to level up and replenish your healing items.

Once you’re ready, head back to the Rotten Mistle you just purified and continue along the path.

You’ll come to another junction. Going right will result in a dead end, but you should head that way to get some Haze and items. Head left when you’re ready and you’ll be met with a cutscene.

When you regain control of your character, Oliver will be down. That’s okay, though. Keep going straight until you reach another split.

On the left will be an enemy patrolling, so teach him a lesson. Shortly afterwards, you’ll come to an enemy on the left with its back to you. Use this as an opportunity to learn how to perform a Back Attack. This is extremely useful. It does decent damage and you’re invincible when you do it, so make sure to take advantage of this move, especially in crowds. After you take this enemy out, you’ll notice some boxes behind where it was standing. Roll through them to continue ahead.

Take out the enemies throughout the narrow path, and break through another set of boxes on the left. Watch out for the slime creatures that drop from the ceiling here.

Keep going and the path will lead you to a large open area.

Look out for the Regen Extension Factor. If you drop down from here, you can continue ahead. Drop down, head left and you’ll reach another Mistle. Activate it.

From the Mistle, continue back through the narrow path in the cave, which leads to a Revenant Stranger. He will help you.

Once you agree to work with the Stranger, you’ll notice a nearby ramp with a ladder at the top. You can take that to get to the next section. Or you can, head straight, deeper into the cave.

Either way, your goal is to get to a large open area with a couple of ramps.

Just ahead is a ladder, so climb it to get to the next section. Keep going and you’ll reach a ladder that leads down.

Activate the Bloodspring, which will trigger another cutscene. Afterwards, head up the nearby ramp to continue.

At the top, you’ll find another Mistle. Activate it and continue ahead. It’s a fairly linear path from here.

Eventually, you’ll come to a chest and a door. Go this way, through the narrow path and you’ll find a set of steps.

Climb them.

After you reach the top of the stairs, head out the door and hang a right to find some more slime creatures on the ceiling.

Continue along this path and you’ll reach yet another Rotten Mistle. Purify it and take the nearby ramp that leads outside. Yay, daylight!

Once you reach the top, a cutscene will play and you’ll be met with your first boss fight.

Oliver Collins – Boss Fight

After you defeat him, you’ll get another cutscene, as well as a memory to complete. Once you’ve done that, the mission will end. On to Home Base!


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