Code Vein – Ruined City Center

Ruined City Center From the Outer Crossroads, continue onward to the next section. You’ll reach a […]

Ruined City Center

From the Outer Crossroads, continue onward to the next section. You’ll reach a linear path that leads to a Mistle and some stairs. After a cutscene plays, head up the steps, outside.

Area E-13 Ruined City Center

Head outside and continue along the path ahead. It’s a fairly linear stretch that leads to the next section.

Keep going, passing rubble, and a number of enemies. Be sure to explore the nooks and crannies for useful items.

Eventually, you’ll come to a parking garage. Enter it and maneuver along the right side while taking out enemies.

Eventually, you’ll come to a large enemy who looks extremely intimidating. Not to worry, a Mistle is nearby, so you can sprint to it if you aren’t ready to take on this enemy.

Whether you choose to fight the enemy now or not, make sure you rest at the Mistle that’s located just down the ramp past the aforementioned enemy.

You’ll notice there’s a door nearby that happens to be locked, so let’s head down the ladder right by the Mistle for now.

The path ahead is fairly linear, up to a point. Be sure to check around corners as you continue along, since enemies like to jump out and surprise you.

Eventually, you’ll see a line of enemies in the distance. Your companion advises you to not attack them head-on. Heed their warning and instead, hang a right.

The game will inform you about The Trial of Blood, a combat situation in which you must defeat an onslaught of enemies. Keep following the path, sticking to the right side and you’ll see a chest next to another path.

For now, take the path to the left of the chest and take a right to a small dead-end area. Here, you’ll find a large enemy and another Regen Extension Factor. Make sure to pick it up.

From here, head right and follow the path, past a number of enemies. This will take you to a huge hole in the ground with a ladder that leads down.

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