Code Vein – Achievements Guide

Achievements and Trophies List Revenant Preeminent : Earn all trophies Gift Gatherer : Learn 150 Gifts […]

Achievements and Trophies List

  • Revenant Preeminent : Earn all trophies
  • Gift Gatherer : Learn 150 Gifts (excluding those learned when acquiring a blood code)
  • Determiner of Fate : View every ending
  • Mender of Minds :  Restore all Vestiges
  • Deep Trailblazer :  Explore every part of the depths
  • Miasma Manager : Activate all mistles
  • Together Until Oblivion : Listen to partner conversations 50 times while exploring
  • Proven Devotion : Receive 30 presents from friends
  • Exalted Reputation : Raise your reputation as a companion to rank 30
  • Burning Spirit : Unlock the ability to inherit 50 Gifts
  • A Weapon for Every Season : Equip every weapon type
  • Revenant Requisites : Equip every Blood Veil type
  • Weaver of Wills : Collect every blood code
  • Gifted : Learn 50 Gifts (excluding those learned when acquiring a blood code)
  • Ultimate Armament : Upgrade a weapon to its maximum level
  • Unbreakable Veil : Upgrade a Blood Veil to its maximum level
  • Io’s Memories : View Io’s memory echoes
  • Building Trust : Give a desired valuable to a friend
  • Queen’s Knight : Defeat the Queen’s Knight within your memory
  • Queen’s Knight Reborn : Defeat the Queen’s Knight Reborn in the provisional government outskirts
  • Oliver Collins : Defeat Oliver Collins in the ruined city underground
  • Insatiable Despot : Defeat the Insatiable Despot in the dried-up trenches
  • Butterfly of Delirium : Defeat the Butterfly of Delirium in the ruined city center
  • Invading Executioner : Defeat the Invading Executioner in the Howling Pit
  • Successor of the Ribcage : Defeat the Successor of the Ribcage in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood
  • Successor of the Breath : Defeat the Successor of the Breath in the Ridge of Frozen Souls
  • Gilded Hunter : Defeat the Gilded Hunter in the Ashen Cavern
  • Successor of the Claw : Defeat the Successor of the Claw in the City of Falling Flame
  • Successor of the Throat : Defeat the Successor of the Throat in the Crown of Sand
  • Blade Bearer and Cannoneer : Defeat the Blade Bearer and Cannoneer in the Crypt Spire
  • Juzo Mido : Defeat the boss of the Crypt Spire, Juzo Mido
  • Skull King : Defeat the Skull King in the Gaol of the Stagnant Blood
  • Louis’s Memories : View Louis’s memory echoes
  • Yakumo’s Memories : View Yakumo’s memory echoes
  • Murasame’s Memories : View Murasame’s memory echoes
  • Coco’s Memories : View Coco’s memory echoes
  • Davis’s Memories : View Davis’s memory echoes
  • Mia’s Memories : View Mia’s memory echoes
    Drink Deep : Successfully use a special drain from a parry, back attack, or launch attack
  • Heirs : View the “Heirs” ending
  • To Eternity : View the “To Eternity” ending
  • Dweller in the Dark : View the “Dweller in the Dark” ending
  • Resonant Power : Execute a Communal Gift

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