Colossal Cave Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to our Colossal Cave Walkthrough Guide. This guide will show you how to get 350 points! Breakdown & Full Walkthrough! In the first part of this walkthrough guide, I’ll list every action and event that awards points. Check this section to find anything you’ve missed.

Colossal Cave Walkthrough Guide

With limited turns and limited inventory space, getting 350 points in Colossal Cave requires efficiency, planning, and good inventory management. Some knowledge about the game’s mechanics doesn’t hurt, either!

Points Breakdown

Starting Points: 32

As long as you don’t read the instructions, you’ll start the game with 32 points.

Points From Treasures: 218

Each treasure you see awards 2 points (15 x 2 = 30 total). Any form of interaction (eye or hand icon) counts as “seeing” a treasure, even if you don’t pick it up.

Each treasure you place in the wellhouse awards points as follows:

  • Gold Nugget, Diamonds, Precious Jewelry, Rare Coins, or Bars of Silver: 10 points each (5 x 10 = 50 total)
  • Ming Vase, Persian Rug, Egg-Sized Emerald, Platinum Pyramid, Golden Eggs, Jeweled Trident, Rare Spices, Golden Chain, or Pearl: 14 points each (9 x 14 = 126 total)
  • Pirate’s Treasure Chest: 12 points
Additional Points: 100

These non-treasure actions or events award points:

  • 25 points for being attacked by a dwarf for the first time (this is pretty much automatic)
  • 1 point for dropping the Spelunker Today magazine in Witt’s End
  • 25 points for surviving until the “cave closing soon” warning
  • 10 points for surviving until the cave closes
  • 35 points for blasting open the wall of the repository with dynamite
  • 4 points for not quitting the game (these are awarded at any ending, even player death, as long as you didn’t quit)

You will lose points for doing any of the following:

  • reading the instructions
  • taking hints from the narrator
  • dying

Colossal Cave Video Walkthrough

In the video walkthrough, I’ll show you how to bring all 15 treasures to the wellhouse in four trips, complete all other point-getting activities, and exit the cave to achieve a full score. I designed the route to account for the random timing of the pirate’s appearance; regardless of when he shows up, you should be able to visit his hideout and get back on track to finish before your lantern quits!


0:00 – Entering the Cave
1:08 – Treasure Roundup 1: Gold Nugget, Diamonds, Precious Jewelry, Rare Coins, Bars of Silver
7:13 – Treasure Roundup 2: Ming Vase, Persian Rug, Egg-Sized Emerald, Platinum Pyramid
15:17 – Treasure Roundup 3: Golden Eggs, Jeweled Trident, Rare Spices, Golden Chain, Pearl
24:11 – Interlude: Pirate’s Treasure Chest
27:47 – Treasure Roundup 3 continued
32:17 – Exiting the Cave & Ending

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