Mystica Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to our Mystica Walkthrough Guide. This walkthrough is only to serve as a guide to […]

Welcome to our Mystica Walkthrough Guide. This walkthrough is only to serve as a guide to story goals.

Mystica Walkthrough Guide

This walkthrough is only to serve as a guide to story goals. To avoid spoilers, the wording of each goal in this guide has been simplified, but it may still contain SPOILERS.

Important side quests are included so you can quickly search for details.


Objective: Rest in the village when you’re ready.

  • Search the village for some chests, food, and items hidden in pots.
  • Speak to the girl behind the counter in the central tent to proceed.
  • Second, speak to Violet in the tent at the top of the map.

Objective: Protect the village from the unknown attackers.

  • You can fight the various enemies engaging on the map for some extra battles, thus earning a little early EXP and items.
  • More enemies are inside each tent. There’s a hidden stash of 500 yelk in the west tent.
  • Head to the south exit of the village to proceed.
  • Don’t worry about the first ‘boss’ as you can’t really win here.


Objective: Meet with Kelina at the Council Tower.

  • Explore Baldeth for some hidden yelk and items.
  • South of Baldeth is a small outpost with some more items.
  • Stay on the road to avoid battles. You start off with only Vyral in the party, so you can become overwhelmed and defeated pretty easily right now.
  • Head west to the Council Tower and find Kelina in the meeting room there.

Objective: Speak to Kelina after meeting the kingdoms’ rulers.

  • Meet the other lords before speaking to Kelina in her room on the second floor.
  • Frey and Zaid are in the meeting room on the 1st floor.
  • Nia and Sid are each in their respective rooms on the 2nd floor.
  • In the dining room on the 3rd floor, the soldier by the piano mentions wanting to send something to his girl back home; give him a red flower found in the Spal Canyon to unlock new skills for Evie later on.
  • You can find a ‘glowing necklace’ accessory in Nia’s room. This boosts HP, which is very useful early on.
  • Speak to Kelina in her room on the 2nd floor for some scenes and to advance the story.

Objective: Speak to the new emperor about his anti-magic stance.

  • In the archives on the 4th floor, you can read about the empire’s history and find another sidequest, but you’ll only be able to complete it once Evie joins the party. After she does, simply speak to the Falm Loyalist whose home Vyral first woke up in back in Baldeth. Once the soldier moves, you can collect a book where he was standing.
  • Speak to Emperor Drake atop the tower to advance the story.
  • You can take the elevator that’s been fixed to quickly traverse the tower from now on.

Objective: Go to the Spal Canyon and save Evie.

  • To the far left of the first area in the Spal Canyon you’ll find the flower that’ll complete the dining hall soldier’s quest back at the Council Tower.
  • Your LP will automatically be filled to 100 during a scene and battle; if you save this charged finisher for the upcoming boss, you’ll have a much easier time with it.
  • BOSS
  • After a couple turns, you’ll gain a new skill. Use it so everyone can deal heavy damage with any of their physical attacks.
  • You can also stick Evie in the back row and have her support Vyral and Kelina. She has no skills at this point so attack and items are her only options.

Objective: Head home to Falm by going through Fort Victory.

  • You can find a defense tome if you return to where you rescued Evie (turn encounters off to return quickly).
  • Enemies on the world map should be easier with both Kelina and Evie in the party now.
  • Be sure to unlock new skills for Evie. Initially, she can immediately afford dual slice.
  • Be sure to wrap up the dining hall and archives soldiers’ quests before continuing.
  • To the northwest is the Emperor’s Tomb. You can’t go inside but can find a blackened shard and a hidden item to the right in a barrel.
  • Head to Fort Victory, collect the items there, and exit at the top of the screen when ready to advance.

CHAPTER 2, part 1

Objective: Take Kelina to Falm Castle.

  • There are no hidden items on the docks, but there’s an item behind the big tree at Evie’s House. Besides that, there’s little you can do besides going to Falm right now.
  • Kelina leaves the party upon entering town. Explore and buy what you’d like in town before continuing to the castle to advance.
  • You can give an orphan girl her grey bear back for some toys. You can use them later for a good accessory. Also tell another orphan a story for an accessory.
  • In the castle, you can initiate the library books quest.

Objective: Acquire a summon monster in the Gemstone Mine.

  • After speaking to Kelina and Octis, you can explore the castle for a blackened shard and some items. Head east to the mine on the world map when ready for your first dungeon.
  • Stop by the kitchen before leaving the castle and help clean the counter, sink, and stove. The Head Chef will reward you with a cook book for Evie (Evie makes for a decent healer throughout the game, as well as a heavy physical attacker later on).
  • In the mine, you’ll need to trigger switches in order to move mine carts. This will open paths for you to proceed in the dungeon (and collect a few extra items too by moving certain carts). At the end of the short dungeon you’ll find the summon monster/boss.
  • BOSS
  • Use any holy bombs you have, as the monster is weak against them.
  • The boss only targets one character at a time, so just keep an eye on your HP, using Evie or potions to heal, and you’ll be fine.
  • Return to Kelina at the castle once you’ve defeated the monster. Don’t forget to actually unlock the new summon in your skill crystal though.

Objective: Protect Ridgeton from those threatening it.

  • Octis will temporarily join the party for much of the upcoming events. He can steal, inflict power and armor breaks, and use slash and slice for heavy damage.
  • You’re also now free to explore all of Falm. For now, that means you can visit and collect items in Dasch and start the Hunter’s Lodge questline.
  • Exit the castle and city, and then follow the road through the cave past the mountains. Ridgeton will be the first town you come to on the map. You can enter the Mist Mountains now as well, but it’s too dark to do much besides collect some items and yelk.
  • The enemies in Ridgeton can inflict berserk, so be careful when clearing them out. Also keep an eye on MP if you use moves like slash and slice in each fight. Vyral’s new wraith summon can blind the thugs, rendering them weaker.
  • Head into the school and to the second floor. You’ll have to defeat a group of several thugs to save the town and continue (just watch your HP, heal beforehand, and you’ll be fine).

Objective: Save the students who fled to the Mist Mountains.

  • Sam joins the party as another guest, filling out the ranks for now. If Vyral’s Limit Gauge is about full, save his finisher for the next boss in the Mist Mountains. Head south and enter from the north to reach the dungeon.
  • You can do a few things in Ridgeton before leaving. There’s a family you can help out by suggesting a name for their son and by building him a crib. Doing so earns an accessory that increases enemy item drops. You can also pick up horse medicine at the stables, return it to Falm, and buy a much faster horse to ride on the world map.
  • In the mountains, when you enter from the north, you’ll be able to see the slightly illuminated path leading towards a skeleton. You can find a torch here, light it at the fire, and then clear away the icy boulder blocking the way east. Also, collecting the torch enables a light around your character, so you’ll be able to see nearby in any dark area from now on.
  • BOSS
  • The mech operator will target characters on the back row with a silence attack, rendering magic inert. Target and eliminate him first (he also has far less HP) to stop this threat, and use potions in the meantime if need be.
  • Watch out for the frost venom attack that hits everyone for ice damage and inflicts poison. Equipping the ice hairpin and infectious bracelet on Vy and Evie will help reduce its effects, and be sure to heal each time it hits.
  • Inflict armor break on the mech.
  • If you have any finishers handy, this is a good time to use them. They’ll instantly make things easier. Otherwise, just keep up the pressure with strong attacks.

CHAPTER 2, part 2

Objective: Check back in at Falm Castle.

  • After some scenes, Bailey will join the party, replacing Octis and Sam. Check Bailey’s skill crystal to set her up, but be careful in battle as she starts at a lower level. Equip armor and an accessory to boost her HP for an initial boost.
  • Speak to Kelina back at the castle to continue and get Octis back in the party.

Objective: Meet with Lord Zaid in the village of Dalov.

  • With Bailey, you can now complete the factory sidequest in Dasch, enter the Frozen Lab (both by using Bailey’s map skill), and begin challenging mechs at the Azure Academy.
  • Head far to the west to reach Fadin. Zaid can be found in the western-most village to advance the story.
  • In Fadin, you can now explore the towns of Dalov and Malcor for some extra sidequests, including a cook book for Evie by collecting mushrooms. Exchanging some letters between towns also gets you an accessory to block surprise attacks, and there’s another Falm Library book at Malcor’s Inn.

Objective: Help Fadin with some trouble at the Glitter Cavern.

  • After speaking to Zaid in Dalov, you’ll be sent into the Glitter Cavern. If you started the Hunting quests, you can find Vyral’s next summon monsters here.
  • Head left and into the center of the map for some scenes and battles.

Objective: Speak privately with Kelina.

  • You can’t leave the castle, so talk to Kelina for some more scenes.

Objective: Go to Fadin Castle and hand Vyral over.

  • Once you’re back in control, now’s a good time to wrap up any sidequests you’ve got going so far. When ready, head west to Fadin Castle to hand Vyral over.

Objective: Fight in the castle.

  • You can leave the dungeon through whichever dialogue choices you wish, then aftera short fight outside, you’ll have the party back together. Go to the throne room to face Zaid and a boss before the battle escalates.
  • For the mini-boss at the end of the castle, try to save Vyral’s Finisher.
  • Battle Cry and Evie’s elemental edge skills make for a powerful combination. Use Thunder Edge and Battle Cry to greatly increase physical damage against almost any machine enemy.
  • Eliminate one mech quickly to reduce the damage you receive, heal up, and take down the second.

Objective: Protect the city from the attack.

  • After some scenes, you’ll have to reach Falm Castle in another battle. In town, you can rescue people for some small rewards. Interact with Kelina in the throne room for another boss.
  • Be sure to grab the chest in the armory; you won’t find a stronger weapon for Vyral for some time.
  • BOSS
  • If you can learn Lightning Bolt with Bailey, use it for this fight. It’ll deal very high damage to the mech boss especially after using Concentrate. You can also use the combination of Battle Cry and Thunder Edge.
  • Use finishers if you have them for this fight. This is easily the hardest boss yet. Make sure to use Battle Cry before using Vyral’s finisher.
  • Watch out every few turns for a party-wide attack. Stay healed up with Evie or Bailey and aggressive with Vy/Bailey or Vy/Evie.

Objective: Talk to Octis in the castle about what to do.

  • Return to the castle and speak to Octis when ready.

Objective: Set sail and sneak into Crystalia.

  • Before you set sail from the docks, wrap up anything you want to do in the North because you won’t be back until clearing the next area/dungeon.
  • After some scenes, you’ll be back in Crystalia and can return to Baldeth to continue. Be sure to collect the Blackened Shard at the Emperor’s Tomb if you didn’t earlier.
  • You can also check back at the optional Crimson Tower now. It’s still a bit difficult, but manageable if you want something extra.
  • In Baldeth, there’s a path in the upper-right part of the map. Head there for some scenes, and then head back down to the Bastion.

Objective: Repel the attack on the Grand Bastion.

  • Heal at the save point on the bottom-right of the screen whenever you need to. The enemies begin to power up around this point. Remember to unlock new skills.
  • Head around the upper-left corner for some chests, then check the two warehouses; electrical parts can be found on the moving mech in one and inside a locker in the other (there’s also a Falm Library book in a locker).
  • In the magic research center (middle building), you can find electrical parts in Runa’s wall safe. Her office is in the top-right corner of the map.
  • The last electrical parts are in the remaining building in the bottom-left. Examine the power unit that’s not lit up with the others.
  • Take the parts to the large reactor building to unlock the door. Inside, after a scene, you’ll have to confront a mini-boss before reaching the end. He isn’t too tough and serves as a good test of Jeremiah’s capabilities in battle (use Wartime and Conquering Blow to gain a big advantage). Try to save any finishers for the boss ahead.
  • BOSS
  • The boss has quite the entourage with him, so focus on taking them out first. Make sure Jeremiah uses Wartime to quickly empower everyone, but save Conquering Blow for the main boss himself.
  • Use magic to quickly eliminate the mechs and physical attacks on the humans. Unleash everything you have on the boss himself, including any finishers.
  • Stay healed up using party-wide skills.
  • The battle is won once the boss only has 10% of his health left. Watch the scenes after to finish up the chapter.


Objective: Escort Poppy to Falm Castle.

  • For now, head straight to Kelina in the castle. Be sure to swing by the orphanage and castle library in Falm if you’re staying up-to-date on side quests.

Objective: Travel to Katesu and speak with Lady Nia about assisting the kingdom.

  • With your new party member, you can now unlock those yellow treasure chests you may have noticed. There’s some at the Azure Academy and one at the Grand Bastion for now.
  • You can also check back in on some side quests as the party should be much stronger now (such as a couple hunts, Azure mech fights, and the Frozen Lab extra boss). Some of these may still be difficult, so skip whatever you wish.
  • Your new party member can steal from enemies while in the front row, but she’s also an excellent support/attack character from the back row if she’s equipped with guns.
  • Set sail to Katesu when ready from the Falm Docks.
  • In Govac, you can check out the gambling hall, priest’s house for a short scavenger hunt quest, the market, and the southern dock. There’s also new equipment for sale; the armor is more useful than the weapons sold here so don’t worry if you feel poor.
  • Head west to the Temple of Memories for a scene. You can now collect magic implants to upgrade Dark Arts skills. You can return to the Grand Bastion and Glitter Cavern to find a couple, and another can be bought from the shady guy on Govac’s south dock.
  • Head inside the temple, light the torches for another Library Book, and head up to speak to Nia. This will continue the story.
  • At this point in the game, you may have realized how each character has a couple distinct roles they can use. Understanding and specializing characters can greatly help the flow of battle (see ‘Extra: CHARACTER ROLES’ for more).

Objective: Check on the Outcasts in the southern desert region of Katesu.

  • Head south from the temple on the world map, through the toxic swamp, and down into the desert camp.
  • There’s quicksand in the area that’ll send you back to beginning of the map. Be sure to tread carefully forward. You’ll need to head right and loop around towards the map center. Enter the building for a scene.
  • You can also challenge the very obvious monster on the map to unlock a new summon for Vyral. The monster attacks a single character several times, so stay healed up and careful if you take it on.
  • BOSS
  • Use magic and the wind element against the boss. Vyral’s new Asura summon is very effective here, especially after Poppy casts Enchantment.
  • The boss has strong physical attacks but most dangerous is Sandstorm. It hits the party for earth damage and inflicts blind (ignore blind since you should be using magic attacks anyways).
  • If you can, save finishers for the next boss as it’ll be far tougher than this one.

Objective: Pursue Bismarck into the Vale.

  • After some scenes, you’ll need to head into the Vale to proceed. Be sure to stock up on items as this is easily the hardest dungeon so far. When ready, and any side quests have been caught up on, head west into the Vale.
  • Be careful walking through the purple poison; it’ll rapidly damage your characters.
  • There’s a blackened shard far to the left of the exterior area, and a magic implant to the right of the central fortress; break a couple boulders to get to it.
  • Enter the central fortress to start. Light the torch so you can see three boulders that need to be dropped into the hole to proceed. Head left through the next hallway to come to the main room of the dungeon.
  • In the big room with the warp points, after fighting the soldiers in black, you’ll need to activate and warp between different points across the map. It’s worth exploring the area, but the way to the end is by going up the warp closest to the ladder, then choose the right-most warp of the three, and finally head up to the final warps. There’ll be a save crystal and a boss beyond it.
  • Vyral’s HP will continue to decrease because of the Vale’s poison. To counter this, try unlocking HP boosting passive states.
  • BOSS
  • This boss has powerful dark magic attacks and inflicts curse to block finishers. Be very careful, stay healed up, use enhance, and attack with holy magic or your strongest skills.
  • If Poppy knows resist magic, use it to help some against the boss’s powerful magic attacks.
  • The boss can also use dark cloud to inflict a variety of ailments on everyone. Worst are confusion and sleep since they block entire turns, so equip status immunity accessories if you have them.
  • Every couple turns is when vile purge gets used. This is the party-wide attack that hits hard and inflicts curse, so watch out and heal up.
  • Once you defeat the boss, return to the Temple of Memories and watch the scenes. You’ve completed the chapter!


Objective: Visit Lizzy.

  • Set sail from the docks when ready. You won’t be able to go anywhere or do anything extra for a little while.
  • You can find some treasure chests in the woods via a hole in the ground.
  • Continue into town, explore, and head north to speak to Lizzy in the temple when ready to proceed. If you can’t afford equipment here, don’t worry too much about it. There’s only one battle coming up.
  • If you have the yelk, you can give a girl in the supply tent some pricey accessories for another Falm Library book.

Objective: Defeat the dragon with Lizzy’s help.

  • After the scenes, you’ll be tasked with taking down the dragon in the woods for a new summon. You’ve got Lizzy and Billy rounding out your party, so any old strategies may be mixed up.
  • BOSS
  • Lizzy is a great front-row attacker. Use pale terror to constantly assault the boss.
  • Billy uses a bow and has white magic, so keep in the back-row to heal the party.
  • Vyral can work up front or in back as a physical or magic attacker. While unlikely, he can even inflict blind or silence by using the wraith.
  • The dragon hits pretty hard, but stay healed using Billy and it’s manageable.
  • The boss is susceptible to parameter breaks, so power and magic breaks will reduce his damage dealt.

Objective: Leave Dunelk and return home.

  • Save up for the expensive Mystic Dragon skill for Vyral. The sooner you get it, the sooner you’ll dominate many battles. Just watch your MP if you decide to try spamming it.
  • Leave Dunelk when ready to return to Falm and continue the story.

Objective: Go to the Council Tower for the meeting about the Grahm Nationalists.

  • Once you’re back in Falm and the party regroups, you can take a moment to continue any side quests. The orphan boy can hear another story, there’s possibly more hunts you’re capable of completing, mech fights at Azure, the frozen lab boss, any minor quest in the North from Chapter 2, or even the Crimson Tower in Crystalia.
  • There is a new merchant available over in Dalov (western Fadin Kingdom in the North). The traveling cart now offers early access to some stronger equipment if you’re looking to take on harder quests now.
  • Once you get to the Council Tower to proceed, speak to the lords and Drake for a scene and a new mission.

Objective: Sail to Grahm and meet with Lord Sid in the Castle of Kings.

  • Speak to Dax to set sail from Fort Victory (or any other port). After speaking to Frey, you’ll be free to explore Bolric. You can find an implant and shard here, as well as new equipment for sale (don’t worry if you can’t afford all the new equipment yet).
  • Head south to the castle when ready, enter, and speak to Frey and head into the throne room for some scenes.
  • BOSS
  • Eliminate the soldiers around the mech first. If you’ve learned to summon the mystic dragon, this’ll be easy.
  • The mech can deal pretty high damage with his two attacks, so watch your HP while using magic and thunder attacks to wear it down.

Objective: Escape from the castle.

  • After the boss, you just need to leave the castle. There’s plenty of chests to find if you want to explore a little. Either way, just head down, fighting your way through the soldiers, until you’re outside.
  • Swing by the library to find a Falm Library book.

Objective: Escape from the Hanging Prisons.

  • After some scenes, you’ll need to speak to everyone before continuing. Once the party’s back together, you again need to escape. Take the time to look around and head for the central exit when ready. You’ll have to fight another boss before getting out though.
  • Check the bottom-left room for a blackened shard and strength tome, and you can find a powerful spear for Vyral in the top-left room.
  • BOSS
  • This is more of a mini-boss with a big emphasis on status boosts. If you boost your party just right, you can more easily destroy both enemies. Don’t hold back a finisher too if you’ve got one.
  • You’ll be fighting two mechs- one that uses magic, one that uses strength. Eliminating the red mech that uses magic should be your first goal, as it’ll cast attacker/enhance on its team. It’s weak to holy magic even more-so than thunder, though has high resistance.
  • Use magic attacks to damage the physical-attacker mech, and use physical attacks against the red, magic mech.
  • Both enemies are vulnerable to armor/resistance breaks.

Objective: Go through Nosir and the Silver Peaks.

  • After surfacing, grab the magic implant at the base of the mountain, then head out and towards the nearest town on the map, Nosir.
  • You can get another Cook Book for Evie in Nosir. This requires that you complete the scavenger hunt back in Govac (in Katesu). Only a couple new skills are learned from this one, but they’re pretty useful.
  • There’s also a magic implant just before going up to the mountains.
  • Head north for a scene and new objective.

Objective: Hide out in Gradia.

  • Head south to the small town of Gradia.
  • Explore and be sure to check out some new equipment for sale. A magic implant is also by the manor atop the town.
  • To continue, speak to the man inside the house, Quinn. After that, you can enter the larger building. You can examine just about everything in the manor for a look at Poppy’s childhood. Check the bed to rest when you’re ready to continue. After the scenes, examine Poppy’s old bed to find her in the night.
  • When you’re back in control, you’ll find a familiar face outside the Inn. Speak to him for a new objective.

Objective: Create a diversion at Sid’s Manor.

  • The manor is the building with a purple roof on the world map, not far from Gradia.
  • Head inside and search the left and right rooms for some items before heading upstairs.
  • Search upstairs too before going into Sid’s room. At the bottom of it, you’ll find a lone table you can push aside. Doing so will trigger a scene before a mini-boss.
  • BOSS
  • The mech may attack twice in one turn, but all of his attacks target 1 ally at a time. Stay healed up or defended and you’ll be okay.
  • Use magic and thunder attacks to wear the boss down. A finisher speeds things up too.

Objective: Cross the Silver Peaks.

  • After the battle at Sid’s Manor, you can finally head back through Nosir and go north through the mountains.
  • Fire magic works well here, as many monsters are the ice type.
  • Grab the many chests and head to the right into a cave (there’s no encounters on the path itself). Cross the slippery paths and break the boulders to reach the far side. Finally, head north across the Cliffside to reach the end of the mountains and a boss.
  • BOSS
  • The monsters hit hard with both magic and physical attacks, and each one has a chance to attack twice in one turn. Hurry and eliminate one of them to make things easier.
  • Use Enchantment, Asura, and fire magic to deal damage. Evie is best focused on healing and Poppy on support due to the enemy’s high physical defense. They’re weak to parameter breaks if you want to attack though.
  • Head on to watch the scenes after the fight. You’ll finally be free of Grahm.


Objective: Rest at Evie’s house when ready.

  • Now that you’re back in Falm, take the chance to continue any sidequests (the library and orphan boy are nearby in Falm).
  • You can’t leave the North until after resting at Evie’s house.
  • When you rest, the ‘hangout’ event will occur. Based on your Peaceful/Ruthless points, Evie, Bailey, or Poppy will wake you in the night for some scenes together. You can uniquely examine everything with your partner before going to the campfire to continue.

Objective: Take Kelina to Dunelk.

  • You can now set sail, just not to the Empire for a while. If you need to wrap up quests in Katesu, go ahead, but there’s nothing new to find. Sail to Dunelk when ready.
  • Enemies here will begin to take a noticeable difficulty increase. However, this is mostly limited to the briefly encountered chimera and ochu for now (equip Evie with a frostblade if you have one; ice attacks will kill an ochu quick).
  • Head east into the familiar woods, now filled with enemies. With Evie in the party, you can now break open a boulder in an underground cave.
  • If you’ve taken on the latest monster hunt, it can be found here.
  • Head into Dunelk, check out the latest equipment (sell your old equipment if need be; upgrading is more important by now), and go speak to Lizzy in the temple when ready.
  • Poppy can equip two new handguns that greatly bolster her magic power, allowing her to become a potent magic attacker now.

Objective: Fend off and stop Bismarck.

  • After some scenes, you’ll have to fight back the attackers. Find the crystal mech near Kelina and Lizzy to initiate a boss fight.
  • BOSS
  • Eliminate the four elemental enemies first. This will reduce the crystal’s defenses. Use magic and summons to quickly do this.
  • The boss will use engulf once it’s alone, but stay revived and on the attack. Use finishers if need be.
  • After the boss and a scene, you’ll be in the town of Dunelk. You’ll need to make your way into the temple to proceed.
  • Inside, go right to find a new path in the wall. There will be warp points around and holes to jump down in the next area (one such hole will be a bit hidden in the top-left of the upper room, and one of the last will be behind an angel statue). You’ll have to go between the upper and lower floors, proceeding to the upper-right exit on the lower room.
  • Once in the underground cave, it’s a short walk to the Source and a boss.
  • You may be reaching level 30 about now. Reaching this unlocks some new ailment immunity passive skills in each character’s skill crystal.
  • BOSS
  • Take out the regular enemies first, and don’t hold back on finishers to reduce the boss’ large HP.
  • Inflicting blind on Bismarck will make the battle much easier.
  • Watch out for Mystic’s Wings (an upgraded version of wingfire) and stay healed up. It can easly wipe out an unprepared party. You may also need to heal blind or silence, as Mystic’s Wings can inflict both. Shield Ready can help as well.
  • Bismarck will use Draw Closer, but you can still return people to the back row. Doing so may force the boss to waste an extra turn or two using the harmless Draw Closer skill. However, you may also get everyone stuck on the front row and very vulnerable.
  • Once Bismarck’s health is very low, he’ll again retreat and end the battle. Watch the scenes afterward.

Objective: Leave the Mystic Isle.

  • Head to the dock when you’re ready to leave. Now’s a good chance to get the latest Hunt in the Mystic’s Wood if you didn’t before.
  • There’s also new skills available now, in addition to the level 30 passive skills possibly unlocked.
  • Vyral can learn ‘bleak blade’- when coupled with an elemental edge from Evie, this can surpass summon damage.
  • Evie can learn how to dispel status boosts and get an extra attack skill; when used in a combo she can finally start to up her damage dealt.
  • Bailey can learn new healing spells.

Objective: Fight back against the attack.

  • You can examine most crates on the ship for extra supplies.
  • Fight through to the left side of the ship and engage the mech for a battle and some scenes.

Objective: Go through the Secret Path.

  • After the scenes, you’ll have to solve some switch puzzles to progress down the path. Restore power via switches and avoid laser tripwires as they trigger battles.
  • After you trigger the first laser, you need to trigger 2 wall switches.
  • In the next section, step on 2 pressure plates, and then examine the console to open the door.
  • Next, trigger 3 wall switches and find/use electrical parts on a generator to restore power. If you start with the wire parts and work your way down, you can avoid all the lasers here.
  • Lastly, trigger 1 plate before proceeding to the last section. There are some smaller crates here that you can break with Evie’s boulder smash skill in order to reach the last 3 switches.
  • Continue right down the hallway to the save crystal before exiting. You’ll find yourself back at the execution site in Baldeth. Interrupt the events there for a battle and some scenes.
  • BOSS
  • This unique team of mechs can hit pretty hard, so withstand their attacks and use thunder/summons to reduce their numbers. Go after the reaper mech last since it has the most HP.
  • The enemies are susceptible to paralyze.
  • Watch the scenes afterwards to complete the chapter.

CHAPTER 6, part 1

Objective: Help Runa set up production at the Azure Academy.

  • Now that you’re back in Falm and progressing so far, you can return to the Frozen Lab for a second optional boss there, the reward being an accessory that reduces physical damage received.
  • You can finish up most quests by now like starting up the final Hunt and sharing the final story with the Falm orphan. Fights at Azure may be on hold for a bit though because of the story-involvement at the place.
  • Speak with Runa, Damon, and Kelina at Azure for some scenes.

Objective: Check up on the progress at the Azure Academy.

  • Return to Azure to check on the mechs’ status.

Objective: Tell Kelina the operation is ready to begin.

  • Go speak to Kelina in Falm Castle. When you do so, you’ll be returning to Grahm for some time. Be ready.

Objective: Break through the Occupied Fort.

  • You can swing by Cridale to rest/stock up. You can also initiate the latest Hunt from a man in the farmhouse here.
  • Head east into the fort when ready. After some short fights and scenes, you’ll have access to the rest of Grahm.
  • Speak to the soldier in black for a fight and another magic implant.

Objective: Find a way to the Dark Isle in the Revolution Ruins.

  • You can now travel across all of Grahm, so feel free to return to Nosir or Bolric if you forgot anything. The shortcut through the mountains is now open too.
  • If you’re looking for the final Hunt here as well, it can be found in the Revolution Ruins where you’re headed.
  • Find the fortress ruins on the map and go inside. You’ll have to search everywhere for a secret entrance, which can be seen enclosed a small area on the left. In order to reach it though, you’ll need to find some explosives in the cells, and a key to them before that, found in a drawer atop the map in the large room near the Hunt.
  • After going down into the path, head right and then north when you resurface. It’s time for a major dungeon.

Objective: Find Bismarck in the Base.

  • This area is a bit big, with both the town and research center available now. Start in the town. The first building has some items and a last-minute merchant inside.
  • A magic implant can be earned from a battle atop the first building. Restore power with two switches inside to reach the roof.
  • In the steelworks, you can find a new bow and items, and a hint on where to find the research complex card key.
  • Search around town for a blackened shard and blocked paths. Enter the central green building to progress, then head up and across. At the base of this next building, you’ll find a magic implant. You can jump across from an opening on the side of the building (where the glass lies broken). Enter the shed to get a card key.
  • Next stop is the research center. You’ll need to solve some puzzles about triggering magic lights. Go left to do green first, then right for blue. Pass through the middle of the large area to proceed, find two keys to the left and right upstairs, and go through the large door. You’ll face a bit of a mini-boss.
  • BOSS
  • This boss halves most elemental damage, save for holy and dark. While it’s defenses are high (before parameter breaks), it’s pretty slow. Just watch your health and you should be fine.
  • With the key in hand after the fight, you can head all the way back across town and cross the bridge. Unlock the gate to proceed up towards the tower. Atop it, you’ll find the end of the dungeon with some scenes and a boss.
  • BOSS
  • The two bosses will team up, so eliminate one as fast as you can. The Queen specializes in magic (fire and dark elements) and the King, physical attacks/defense.
  • Both are not immune (though resilient) to a number of ailments.
  • Both enemies hit hard, but if you can blind the King or silence the Queen, eliminating one should be easier.
  • Dispel the two early on; they won’t reuse Enhance or Attacker. Doing this while just staying healed early on can make a big difference.
  • Keep a close eye on your health and use defensive skills if need be. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to be upgrading passive skills in the Skill Realm. Focusing characters on specific strengths can go a long way, like upping Evie’s Strength, Vyral and Bailey’s MP/Magic, and even Vyral’s HP to counteract the Vale’s poison.
  • Finishers can also very quickly end the battle.

Objective: Fall back and leave the Dark Isle.

  • Once victorious, leave the area. You’ll trigger a scene while withdrawing and then be free to prepare for what comes next.

CHAPTER 6, part 2

Objective: Speak to Runa in the Temple of Memories.

  • Before you go further, now’s your chance to wrap up any sidequests.
  • Speak to Runa inside the temple and follow her into the shrine.

Objective: Find a way into the Dark through Paradise.

  • Upon entering Paradise, you’ll unlock a final set of skills. Most notable of them are Evie’s Last Resort skill (which is even better if you unlock sleep immunity too), and Poppy’s Dead Aim skill. Dead Aim essentially makes the next attack highly likely to be a critical hit, and coupled with Last Resort hitting so many times (also add an elemental edge), it’s a powerful combination.
  • Head up and through the warps until you find a Mystic Flask in a chest. You’ll be filling this with those magic fountains nearby, and then unlocking more warp points to proceed.
  • In the central plaza area with the save point, you can fill the Flask twice and use it on warps to the right. The magic fountains are by the save and to the left (after heading up) the middle path.
  • In the next area, warp between the cloud platforms while using the flask to open the way. Make sure you explore to find several useful items.
  • At the end of the path, you’ll find a throne area with a boss. Beat it and you’ll gain a new summon monster for Vyral.
  • BOSS
  • This boss is immune to ailments, absorbs holy, and is weak against dark.
  • If you have holy guard or resistant accessories, use them. The boss hits hard with holy element attacks.
  • Being immune to blind and silence can simplify things.
  • The boss uses consuming holiness twice, and then ghost halo. Watch your health, use dark attacks, and try to resist holy magic.
  • Use finishers if need be too. This boss can easily deal higher damage than you’ve faced so far, but the high dark damage he can suffer should make it easier.
  • Go past the boss and collect the scepter afterwards. Take it back to the unique warp atop the plaza so you can proceed.
  • Head right across the final area in Paradise. Stop by the one building for the final Falm Library book and another blackened shard. Don’t worry about backtracking yet; you’ll get a quick warp point to take you back-and-forth later.
  • Enter the Dark through the crack here.

Objective: Find and stop Bismarck.

  • In the first area that’s pitch black, the way forward is to the right and down. You’ll see the warp point shining in the dark.
  • Just like how dark magic worked well in Paradise, the opposite is true here. Bailey and Evie should be able to use holy element skills, and Vyral can learn to summon the holy wyrm.
  • After warping, follow the linear path until you find the save crystal. At this point, it’s easier to look at a map, so check out the illuminated map with all warps labeled.
    Official Walkthrough
  • Grab as many items and blackened shards as you can as you warp around the large, dark area. En route to it, just after the second save point here, you’ll encounter another boss like the Holy Wyrm. Defeat it for another summon monster.
  • BOSS
  • Infernus behaves very similarly to the Holy Wyrm, just using fire magic instead, and hits even harder. It can also use some dark magic, but its strongest party-wide skill is fire.
  • Equip fire accessories or use fire guard with Bailey. Keep up the defenses, heal, and use holy wyrm if you have it to both attack and restore Vyral.
  • This boss is nearing the difficulty cap on the current area; only the next boss is tougher. So if you feel like you’ve had to get a lot stronger lately, it’s because you have and will continue to need to do so.
  • Right after the boss, the goal is to reach a special fountain of dark magic and use it to open the central warp point. Beyond it is a save point before the final showdown.
  • Before confronting the next boss, it may be wise to ensure you’re at your strongest. The party should be around level 40, have most of the latest including Last Resort/Sleep Immunity for Evie, and have a couple finishers ready to go too. Also, don’t worry about holding back on items. They may be enough to save you and win.
  • BOSS
  • You shouldn’t need to go all-out yet. Just watch your health and inflict heavy damage here. You can also inflict blind.
  • Try to stay at full health; Bismarck will use artificial anomaly to deal very high damage, and this can kill an unprepared party.
  • Keeping up defender or resistance may not be a bad idea.
  • Once Bismarck is defeated, you’ll be fully recovered and likely level up. This will help you going into the real boss up next.
  • BOSS
  • This boss goes twice per turn and hits hard. His fallen feathers attack also lowers LP (and he inflicts curse), so finishers are best used early on.
  • He can inflict blind, silence, and curse.
  • He is resistant to fire, dark, and holy magic.
  • It might be wise to put as many characters on the back row as possible; most of the boss’ attacks are physical attacks.
  • Open the fight by using the strongest finishers you have. Dedicate as many party members to healing as you need; as long as 1 ally stays on the attack, you’ll slowly wear the boss down.
  • Watch out for the desolation attack whenever the boss’s HP drops so far; it’ll likely reduce everyone to danger HP, and it may be swiftly followed with killing blows. Use entire turns to revive/restore (the move will not repeat unless you deal further damage, giving some respite).
  • Evie’s last resort skill can help a lot here if you have it and sleep immunity. Use it, enhance/summon, and all your strongest moves to finally reach the end of the fight.

CHAPTER 7, part 1

Objective: Explore the area.

  • After all the scenes, you’ll be in control of Poppy. Head up and left to find a familiar face.
  • There’s 6 pieces of driftwood scattered around the small island. Find them and return to the campfire.

Objective: Find a way off the small island.

  • Return to where you found Bailey and defeat the enemy here (using thunder magic or inflicting blind/silence should make that easy).
  • Across on the shore, you’ll face another fight. Use holy magic and stay in the back row.

Objective: Head north to search.

  • Continue on and head north into a cave. You’ll get a full party again and be facing your first dungeon here, the Plagued Cavern. There’ll be a noticeable difficulty increase, and you don’t have certain powerful skills right now so you’ll have some adapting to do. If need be, run away, as you do have a limit on items with no shops around.
  • Search the area for 5 floating debris in the water. Gather enough parts to craft a heavy rope bridge across the gap, and then knock the boulders down to form a path.
  • In the next room, you’ll have 3 paths available. The right-most one takes you onward, but the other two lead to some good items.
  • Further down the way, near the cave exit, you’ll find your first boss of this new area.
  • BOSS
  • This boss’ weakness will change frequently. Attack with whatever element opposes the one the boss is currently using.
  • If you don’t have mid/high level black magic of a certain element, just wait until a turn when you do. The elemental weakness changes a lot. Also, if you have any bombs, you can use those too.
  • Non-elemental spells like what Poppy has and even Evie’s drain skill can deal normal damage regardless of the boss’ weakness.
  • Stay healed up using whoever’s not attacking, and capitalize on any weakness you can to get through the boss. After you win, exit the cave and continue north.
  • Once you reach grass, you’ll encounter enemies again, so make sure you don’t go into a fight with 1 HP following the Vale.
  • Head to the small camp on the map. After speaking to people there, you’ll be able to head even further north to finally find a familiar place.
  • Explore the town once you get there, and head up through the flooded path to reach the temple. There’s finally a shop here for you replenish supplies. Head down into the hole in the throne room when ready.

Objective: Find and rescue those underneath the temple.

  • You’ll need to head down the underground area to reach the end. Along the way, push any boulders you come across to make a path below for a blackened shard.
  • Collect and explore before heading down. You’ll be met with another unique boss here amid some scenes.
  • BOSS
  • This boss has extremely high armor, save for a couple turns. When the boss uses dragon breath, its armor will crack, and that’s when you need to focus your attacks.
  • Besides dragon breath, the boss only uses a heavy physical attack, so stay on the defensive and be ready to unload when the opportunity arises.

Objective: Head east to further search.

  • After the scenes, you’ll be free to leave town by going east this time. When leaving, there’s a new path to the right to get this way.
  • Head east towards a mountain, the Northern Plateau. Follow the person you see there and speak to everyone along the mountain path for some scenes before you can move on.

Objective: Go to Falm next.

  • The first thing you should do is double-check Vyral’s equipment and skills; it’s been a while since he was in the party.
  • You can backtrack for some optional stuff now.
  • There are some crystals that only Vy can unseal in the flooded path leading to Dunelk temple.
  • You can speak to Lizzy now that Vyral’s back; she’ll hand over a powerful katana that’ll bolster his magic even further.
  • You can purchase all past weapons and armor at the Dunelk Temple merchant (to fill in your Notebook if you’re interested in that).
  • You can return to the Survivors Camp to help them out (this was available after Dunelk, but everything’s easier with Vyral back).
  • Head on from the Plateau when ready, heading east across the snow. You can stop by Azure/Dasch and find the Hunter’s Lodge still standing there. Mech fights and hunts are all still available, though the hunts will be new monsters now.
  • Once you reach Falm, you’ll need to head inside the castle to continue. You’ll have to go all the way near the bottom of the map to find the path around since there are no bridges anymore.
  • Explore where the market was for some loot.
  • If you missed the Avenger summon, it can be found where the graveyard was.
  • The new hunt is on the right half of the map. It’ll only appear after you’ve spent a little time in the area though.
  • Inside the castle, head up the main hall towards the throne.

Objective: Search the Falm Docks.

  • After the castle scene, you can help with another refugee sidequest or head to the docks for another scene. Afterwards, you’ll have a new objective and dungeon to head towards.

Objective: Go east through the mine.

  • You’ll find the next area right beside Falm where the Gemstone Mine used to be.
  • Wind magic will be effective against enemies here.
  • In order to progress through the cavern, you’ll need to trigger colored gemstones. This will clear away the corresponding-colored magic fountains blocking the way.
  • If you missed the Asura summon, you can find it here.
  • BOSS
  • The Gemstone Golem attacks in a pattern, using powerful fire, wind, ice, and thunder attacks that also inflict parameter breaks on the party. It also occasionally hits a heavy physical attack.
  • All elemental damage is halved against the boss, except for dark and holy.
  • You can inflict breaks except for magic.
  • After defeating the golem, head east out of the cave and speak to Dax. You can go further on right now, but the enemies are likely too strong (the area beyond, the Dragon Chasm, is optional, and best done later on).

Objective: Explore Crystalia.

  • After docking, you’ll be free to explore what remains of the kingdom.
  • In Fort Victory, you can find a couple prisoner refugees in the dungeon.
  • To the south, you’ll find the ruins of the Council Tower. This should probably be your first stop so you can speak to Runa and be tasked with finding airship parts. You can find the parts regardless of whether you come here first or not though.

CHAPTER 7, part 2 – Mystica Walkthrough Guide

Objective: Find airship parts.

  • The easiest parts to get are in the village east of the tower. You can also explore a bit here and find supplies. If you missed the alarming greaves or merchant’s gloves accessories, you can now get them in the gambling tent.
  • Examine the papers on the desk in the elder’s tent to find a key to the chest here, as well as a letter/scene.
  • The second set of parts is in the Emperor’s Tomb on the northwest side of the continent. You’ll need to drop boulders down from upper floors in the tomb in order to make a path to the deepest point. Airship parts can be obtained from the soldier closest to the ladder here.
  • The last set of parts is in the Council Tower Ruins. Break the crystal seal to go inside and traverse your way up the collapsing floors.
  • On the third floor of the tower, you’ll need to break all the golden pillars you see. This will bring the upper floor down and create a path for you on the far right side of the map.
  • Fight through the enemies on the fourth floor, including a gold dragon, and onto the opened-up rooftop. There will be a small boss here as you collect the parts.
  • BOSS
  • Your party should be strong enough to withstand the boss’ attacks by now. This is near the end of the game, so some leveling/passive skill unlocks may help.
  • The two mechs will inflict both power and magic breaks on the party. This happens consistently, so you can either keep healing it with Bailey or just focus your efforts on eliminating one mech at a time.
  • As with most mechs, use thunder magic and you may even luck-out by inflicting paralyze.
  • Once you have all the parts, take them back to Runa. Be sure to save and prepare for a big battle coming up. If you need to get any stronger, try unlocking skills or purchasing accessories. You may also want at least two finishers saved for the coming battle.
  • BOSS
  • This will by far be the hardest fight you’ve faced so far. Everyone should be near lv. 50 or more and have a couple finishers ready going in. The boss hits extremely hard on the front row and will stay boosted with a lot of status changes. His attacks may also reduce your LP, so getting finishers off early can be wise.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your best items like Elixirs or Limit Potions in this battle!
  • Have Evie in the front row, focused on dispelling Drake and healing only; maybe get off a Last Resort skill if the opening arises. Equip her with defensive and evasive shield/accessories.
  • Vyral needs to use his finisher while under attacker or enhance; after this, use summon monsters to attack.
  • Bailey and Poppy support the party.
  • Get attacks off when you can, preferably magic attacks since Drake may have his ‘evasive’ status boost on, rendering physical attacks nearly useless.
  • The boss is vulnerable to the poison and blind ailments; it’s unlikely to inflict either, but if you get lucky and do so, the battle can be easier.

Objective: Venture out in search of the enemy.

  • Following all the scenes, you’ll be left with only one path. Head north into the nearby town for now.
  • In Nosir, you can find a woman in a tent who will trade you secret ingredients for diamonds. You can also find an ingredient in a pot in her tent and atop a nearby overlook.
  • Break the crystal seal for a small scene.

Objective: Go north after the enemy.

  • Across the mountain pass, you’ll find a castle still standing. Break the boulders to create a path inside downriver. There isn’t much you can do there yet besides find a few chests atop the wall though.
  • Proceed to the right of the castle onto the world map. You’ll reach the Dark Ruins to the north for another short scene.

Objective: Pursue the enemy beyond the Dark Ruins.

  • You now have a choice between proceeding to the final dungeon or getting the airship back. If you want to continue to the end of the game, simply head east and across the world map to the final area.
  • If you want the airship back (and access to a lot of endgame content, including several entire dungeons and bosses), then head up into the Dark Ruins. The party will initially be split into pairs that must each navigate towards the end of the dungeon. You’ll have to defeat a boss there to escape, but you’ll get the airship as a reward. This will free you up to return to previous areas and discover new ones. While this guide won’t contain detailed walkthroughs of those areas, check the Sidequests section for info on where to find endgame rewards such as ultimate weapons and armor.

Objective: Finish things deep inside the End’s Labyrinth.

  • Inside the final dungeon, you’ll face much tougher enemies, so be prepared with items and a good endurance strategy. Know when to run, that save points fully heal you, and to bolster stats like HP and MP with accessories, items, and passive skills.
  • Upon entering the castle ruins, a curse will befall the party and lower your parameters. If you skipped the Dark Ruins or are under-leveled, survival may be difficult until you restore your parameters and lift the curses as you go.
  • Keep an eye out for Sara’s Echoes as you traverse the ruins and depths.
  • In the first large area, you’ll need to find two crystal seals that Vyral can break. These unlock the red and blue doors at the top of the map. Inside each of those is another point that’ll open the top, middle door. Proceed through it to advance. The first Curse can be broken in the middle of this room too, restoring Strength.
  • In the collapsed room, jump along the path until you can go down further. Sara also has an Echo here.
  • You’ll find yourself in a giant underground pit. Climb down the blue vines twice in the center, and then down/left to find the path deeper. There’s plenty of items around should you choose to explore though; just watch out for the MP-damaging floors. The MP Curse can be lifted from a black crystal here too.
  • Next, you’ll come to a vertical hallway. You’ll need to get a key from the treasury by jumping down into the hole on the left before using it up the stairs to the right.
  • In the treasury, head down and up the nearest hallway into the gold area. You’ll find the tower key inside a locked chest here.
  • Head back up and into the broken tower. There will be a mini-boss here that’ll drop the item you need to unlock the large gate in the previous room. If you go up a floor here , you can find a new summon monster too. Defeating it will unlock an ailment-focused summon for Vyral. Lastly, the Speed Curse can be lifted on the top floor here.
  • BOSS
  • Inflict armor and resistance breaks
  • Attack with wind magic and powerful skills to make the battle as short as possible; the longer it goes on, the more things like ailments and your sealed parameters will wear you down
  • With the rusty sword from the mini-boss, head through the large gate into the underground area. Proceed onwards, lift the Magic Curse on the left, and head up/right into the treasury again to find your way to the HP Curse as well. Return down and head up to reach the final area before the end.
  • There’s a small path off to the right here, and another mini-boss blocks the way forward.
  • BOSS
  • Use dispelling blow to keep enhance off the boss as much as possible.
  • Stay healed up; even without enhance, the boss can deal a lot of damage in a very short time.
  • Use holy magic and go all-out.
  • If you have excessive trouble with this boss, you may need more leveling, skills, passives, or even just items before facing the finale.
  • Make sure you save and, when you’re ready, head up the stairs into the final room for some scenes and the final boss (3 final bosses). Good luck, enjoy the ending, and thank you so much for playing!!!



  • Front-row; balance of physical attacks and magic. Also useful to draw enemy attacks from the back row as Vyral has a large HP pool.
  • Back-row; focus solely on magic power, MP, and equip accessories to bolster the MAG stat too. Vyral’s summons can be a tremendous powerhouse and some have other unique effects later. Vyral is also one of the only characters to deal damage with the dark element, especially early on. The downside to focusing on magic, however, is that Vyral’s Sinful Abyss finisher will not be as powerful (as it relies on STR) and he’ll have to switch rows to use most parameter breaks.


  • Front-row; a versatile physical attacker with a large HP pool. Her shields (and the right accessory) boost her evasion too, making many physical attacks miss altogether. Good for drawing enemy attacks, dealing damage, or healing when needed. A real all-round asset.
  • Back-row; Less useful because she can’t physically attack the enemy, but still able to heal. If an enemy is highly resistant to physical damage, it may be better to have Evie hang back, avoid damage, and just heal. Also, she can use ailment shrooms to go on the ailment attack, a unique strategy change.


  • Front-row; no real benefit of having Bailey in the front row just to enable her physical attacks. If a weapon inflicts a certain ailment, maybe, but otherwise she’s better in the back.
  • Back-row/magic attack; Bailey can devastate enemies who are vulnerable to the right elemental spell. There are many battles where she can deal higher damage than anybody at times.
  • Back-row/healer; Bailey can also focus on healing, as she has many useful skills such as reviving and healing ailments that Evie doesn’t. Focusing on her magic as the game progresses will increase her healing effectiveness too, making her or Evie an excellent choice to restore HP, thus freeing up others to solely attack.


  • Front-row; enables the use of dagger skills and steal, but this is heavily outweighed by Poppy’s low HP and defense. Stealing can be useful but be careful if you do.
  • Back-row; equip Poppy’s main hand with a gun to enable physical attacks and gun skills from back here. Poppy is fast, usually goes first in a fight, and can develop into a powerful asset with multi-hitting attacks, status boosting spells, and unique magic abilities. She gives you an early chance to boost the party in any fight and can fill almost any kind of role, even being capable of healing herself via draining skills. Also, if you bolster her magic, it’ll also increase the power of her devastating Finisher.

Extra: SKILLS, part 1

Summon Monsters

Complete the first hunt from the Hunter’s Lodge; found in the Glitter Cavern

Found in the Tainted South, the desert area of Katesu

Found in the Broken Tower inside the End’s Labyrinth

Dragon Emperor
Complete one of the later Hunts; found outside the Council Tower

Found only after obtaining the airship; trigger a special crystal deep inside the Malice Pit, then the Remnant will appear atop the Sky Tower

Cook Books

  1. Speak to the head chef in Falm Castle (prompted during the story)
  2. Obtained from the lovestruck soldier in the Council Tower, Dining Hall (3F); you’ll need to bring him a bright flower, which can be found nearby at the Spal Canyon (it’s the red flower at the far left side of the first screen)
  3. Gather 5 of each mushroom for the old lady in Malcor’s retirement home; you can collect shrooms from monsters or buy them at the Falm market
  4. Bring a variety of ingredients to an outdoor cook in Nosir (in Grahm); you’ll need a secret ingredient, which can only be found prior to this by completing the scavenger hunt over in Katesu
  5. Towards the end of the game when you have the airship, you can find and land outside Malcor; complete the optional event here and you’ll be rewarded with this cook book

Extra: SKILLS, part 2

Blackened Shards

  1. Emperor’s Tomb (outside)
  2. Crimson Tower, 6F
  3. Falm Castle, Exterior (break the mystic seal inside to reach it)
  4. Dasch (behind the factory, break the mystic seal)
  5. Ridgeton, White Mage School (show the mage different magic spells)
  6. see above
  7. see above
  8. see above
  9. Mist Mountains, Mountainside (return to the top after beating the boss)
  10. Evie’s House (story-related)
  11. Glitter Cavern (top-left corner)
  12. Grand Bastion, Magic Lab (in Runa’s office)
  13. Govac
  14. Tainted South (can be found towards the middle if you search from the bottom-right corner)
  15. Tainted South, Fortress (return after beating the boss)
  16. Kingdom of the Vale
  17. Bolric
  18. Hanging Prisons, Lab
  19. Silver Peaks, Eastern Range
  20. Dunelk, Temple Room West (get in from the lower area of the warp rooms area)
  21. Nationalist Base (outside, towards the right side of the area)
  22. Forbidden Paradise (interior area before reaching the Dark)
  23. Forbidden Dark (white spot on map)
  24. see above
    Official Walkthrough
  25. Plagued Cavern, South
  26. Dunelk (late game; behind a tree in bottom-right corner)
  27. Dunelk (late game; on the water screen)
  28. Dunelk (late game; knock own all the boulders beneath the temple)
  29. Northern Plateau, Mountainside
  30. Emperor’s Tomb (3rd floor down, right before the bottom)
  31. Dragon Chasm (3rd screen in, near some lava falls)
  32. Machine Factory (in storage, which is connected to the hallway; the room with lockers)
  33. End’s Labyrinth (bottom-right corner of giant underground cave)
  34. Malice Pit (surface, upper-left)
  35. Malice Pit (in the giant toxic lake underground; near where you enter it)

Magic Implants

  1. Temple of Memories (story-related scene upon arrival; all other implants appear after this one)
  2. Govac (buy from the shady guy on the south dock)
  3. Grand Bastion (hidden between the warehouses)
  4. Glitter Cavern (near the entrance)
  5. Tainted South (story-related)
  6. Kingdom of the Vale (exterior; top-middle part of screen)
  7. Kingdom of the Vale, Castle Spire (center of the final area in the Vale)
  8. Bolric
  9. Hanging Prisons, Mountainside
  10. see above
  11. Nosir
  12. Gradia
  13. Sid’s Manor (exterior, after the events here)
  14. Silver Peaks (on the mountain path)
  15. see above
  16. Dunelk Temple (the lower area of the floors rooms; hidden under a boulder)
  17. Occupied Fort (defeat the soldier inside)
  18. Revolution Ruins
  19. Nationalist Base (defeat the lookout atop the steel building)
  20. Nationalist Base (east side of map, across the bridge)
  21. Nationalist Base (at the base of the damaged tower, interior)
  22. Research Complex (interior; behind a tube in the upper-right corner)
  23. Research Complex, Core
  24. Vale Pass
  25. Dasch (late game; enter the city from the world map, not Azure)
  26. Falm (late game; near the town well)
  27. Fort Victory (late game; in the dungeons, under a boulder)
  28. Dark Ruins (on the main screen connecting to the world map)
  29. Dark Ruins, Town (return after clearing the area so you can create a path out of boulders)
  30. Infested Fort (go through the interior to the far right side to reach this one)


Hunter’s Lodge

You can take on hunts from the Hunter’s Lodge, located outside of Dasch in western Falm.
Each hunt must be accepted from the Lodge first, and sometimes information must be gathered before you’ll be able to find and fell the monsters.
Each hunt rewards yelk.

  • Goblins; before anything, you must slay 10 goblins to prove yourself to the Hunter’s Lodge. They can easily be found on the world map all around the area, especially in the woods.
  • Avenger; found in the Glitter Cavern.
  • Direwolf; found in Ridgeton. Speak to the man inside the stable, then go examine the horses’ fence to initiate the battle.
  • Slime Bats; found in the Mist Mountains. Speak to the white mage student at the mountains’ south entrance, then the bats can be found on the path towards the mountainside.
  • Gigas Scorp; found outside the Temple of memories. Speak to the man near the tree to the right side of the screen to spawn the monster.
  • Pale Gargoyle; found in the Tainted South. Speak to the outcast man by the tent in the center of the quicksand, then you can find the monsters near the entrance.
  • Elemental Essences; found in the Mystic’s Wood. You’ll spot the first Essence in the top-left corner of the woods; follow it up for the rest and the battle.
  • Soulless Beast; found in the Revolution Ruins. Speak to the man inside the farmhouse in Cridale first. When fighting the boss, it’ll run the first time and will have to be challenged again to actually defeat it.
  • Tiamat; found just south of Falm Castle in the open field. The monster only spawns after you’ve been on the map for a little while though.
  • Elder Chimera; found at the Northern Plateau, towards the end where a cutscene played.
  • Bloodarm/Bonemask; found in the Dark Ruins. You’ll need to return to the river map with a reunited party, then use the boulders to make a path to these two monsters.
  • Dragon Emperor; found outside the Council Tower.
  • Apocalypse Dragon; found inside the first room of the End’s Labyrinth. It’s in the top-left area of the map.

Azure Academy – Mystica Walkthrough Guide

You can challenge combat mechs at the Azure Academy (located north of Falm).
The party cannot get a game over here.

  • Scorpion; reward is 3,000 yelk and a paralyzing bracelet.
  • Basilisk; reward is 6,000 yelk and an infectious bracelet.
  • Chimera; reward is 9,000 yelk and a magic bracelet.
  • Dragon; reward is 12,000 yelk and an assault bracelet.
  • Chronos; reward is 15,000 yelk and a cursed bracelet.
  • Andromeda; reward is 50,000 yelk.

Falm Library

You can collect specific library books to donate to the library at Falm Castle.
Each book rewards you with an elemental resistance accessory.

  • ‘Origins of an Empire’ is found in the Council Tower, Archives; convince the homesick soldier to quit, which moves him aside so you can reach the book.
  • ‘War of a Hundred Kingdoms’ is found at the Malcor Inn; speak to the man by the bookshelves.
  • ‘Mechs are Might’ is found in the Grand Bastion, inside a locker in a warehouse.
  • ‘Blind Faith’ is found inside the Temple of Memories; light the torches and speak to the priestess.
  • ‘Toxic War’ is found in the deepest area within the Vale; you’ll have to return here after beating the boss.
  • ‘Mystics and Magic’ is found in the supply tent in Dunelk; you’ll need to give a girl inside a couple expensive accessories for it.
  • ‘Pride and Power’ is found in the Castle of Kings, Library; it’s on a desk.
  • ‘Summoning Destruction’ is found in the Forbidden Paradise, inside the tower near the Dark.

Orphan Boy Stories

In the Orphanage in Falm City, you can tell stories to one of the children.
He’ll reward you for your tales with ailment immunity accessories.

Building a Crib

In Ridgeton, the small town just north of Falm City, you can help new parents build a crib for their newborn baby. You can start by suggesting a name, then donating items. You can find items from monsters or in the Falm Market.
Rewards include plenty of ingredients and an item drop-increase accessory.

Love Letters

In Dalov, the village in western Fadin in the North, you can agree to deliver letters between two women. The second is located in the nearby town of Malcor, inside the Retirement Home. Completing the letter trading will get you access to a tent in Dalov, with some rewards inside.

Frozen Research Base

There’s an early optional dungeon north of Dasch and the Hunter’s Lodge in Falm. All you need to get inside is Bailey’s map skill to light torches.
Two unique bosses are available here, one initially and the other a bit later in the game in Chapter 6. Both require unique straetgies and you can’t hold back, especially with the second.
Rewards include accessories to greatly increase evasion and reduce physical damage received.

Govac Scavenger Hunt

When you can set sail to Katesu, you can go to Govac and initiate a short scavenger hunt by speaking to the girl in a house here. All the clues can be found in town, and you can re-listen to hints by speaking to the boy in the house.

Extra: ENDGAME SIDEQUESTS – Mystica Walkthrough Guide

Magic Fountains

Magic Fountains cane be found across the world towards the end of the game. They can be unlocked around the time you get the airship and will randomly increase one of Vyral’s parameters.

  • Plagued Cavern, Waterway
  • Survivors’ Camp
  • Dunelk Temple (underground)
  • Northern Plateau, Mountainside
  • Falm City
  • Dragon Chasm
  • Emperor’s Tomb
  • Desert Oasis
  • Dark Ruins (where the unlock assess to the fountains)
  • Castle of Kings, Courtyard
  • End’s Labyrinth (surface)
  • End’s Labyrinth (giant cave)
  • End’s Labyrinth (final screen before the end)


Refugees can be assisted with small tasks, slowly sending them all to seek refuge towards the end of the game. After helping all the npc characters, speak to the main character in the settlement to finish things off in each area.
You’ll be rewarded after completing entire settlements with a new add-on inside the Dunelk Temple.

Survivor’s Camp

  • Priestess; give her a rare plant.
  • Mother; use a full potion.
  • Daughter; use a hi-potion.
  • Medic; heal the mother and daughter.
  • Monk; give him 20 vegetables.
  • Hunter; give him 10 meat.
  • Red-Haired Survivor; use a purity phial.
  • Watchful Soldier (Katesu); give him 3 antidotes.
  • Terrified Soldier; speak to him and fight a monster.
  • Soldier (Falm); speak to him and fight a monster.
  • Working Soldier (Katesu); give him 3 metal scrap.
  • Mourning Soldier (Katesu); give him 3 flowers.
  • Azure Researcher; talk to her.
  • Young Survivor; talk to him.

Falm Castle

  • Throne Guard; give him an aquatic shield.
  • Veteran Soldier; give him a twilight blade.
  • Gareth Supporter; learn the Infernus skill for Vyral.
  • Medic; give her an elixir.
  • Blacksmith; bring him 5 metal parts.
  • Bodyguard Trainee; learn the Last Dance skill for Evie.
  • Kelina’s Fan; give him an emerald.
  • Chef; learn the Big Meal skill for Evie.
  • Librarian; find the book in the library section here and give it to him.

Fort Victory

  • Prisoner; set him free.
  • Guard; set him free.

Infested Fort

  • Trapped Soldier; give him 80 sticks.
  • Ex-Soldier; give him an egg.
  • Beaten Revolutionary; give him a spirit sword.
  • Give him 4 magic mantles.
  • Sheep Herder; give him 3 meat.
  • Caring Woman; help everyone in town, then speak to her outside the fort.

In Malcor, there are a total of 8 battles you’ll have to win to clear the area. A couple are found inside a building, and the last one will be helping the Head Chef in the middle of town.
The enemy groups here are uniquely filled with powerful combinations of enemies and should not be taken lightly.

Optional Areas

Dark Ruins
Towards the end of the game, you’ll come across the Dark Ruins. If you venture inside and complete the area, you’ll then be free to fly the airship across the world map. This is necessary to explore any other optional area.
The party will be split into two teams upon entering the dungeon. You can either brave your way through the short maps and obstacles or turn encounters off.
However, many battles are encountered from enemies on the map in these endgame areas, thus blocking easy passage and negating the effects of no encounters.

Infested Fort
Found in the southeast; land outside Cridale and enter through it to reach the fortress.
You’ll have to traverse a few floors of flooded and broken floors. Form a path out of dropped boulders in order to block water flow and proceed to the boss through one of the pits.
Poppy’s ultimate dagger is here.

Dragon Chasm
Found east of Falm; you can actually go here early on after running into Dax. Returning at a higher level is highly advised though, as the chasm is mostly a straight-forward path with just some hard-hitting enemies.
Evie’s ultimate axe is here.

Machine Factory
Found far to the south, surrounded by mountains. You’ll need both a key and code to get inside the factory; the code can easily be found on a body near the entrance. The key, however, was picked up by the mage village survivor who now rests in Dunelk. Return to speak to her in the temple after Vyral rejoins to get the key.
Inside the factory, you’ll have to restore power to both proceed deeper and to get back out.
You can get Poppy’s ultimate gun here, as well as the secret key to unlock a hidden door inside the Emperor’s Tomb (where Vyral’s ultimate spear and some of the best armor is).

Sky Tower
Found far to the northwest on an island. Advancing up the magic tower involves finding and walking across invisible tiles and by spending a lot of AP to unlock blocking crystals.
This is one of the harder areas in the game and includes four bosses and very large maps.
Rewards include plenty of EXP, AP, and skill tome items, but high atop the tower you can find some of the best items in the game. On the final screen (that at first appears one sole platform), you can find more invisible tiles leading right to two more platforms. The AP costs are even higher here, but you can get Evie’s ultimate shield, some great armor, and an accessory that doubles limit points earned.

Malice Pit
This is the place you first saw on the world map when heading north with Poppy and Bailey, before even reaching the Plagued Cavern. Land outside the isolated pit and head inside for the hardest dungeon in the game.
The poison floor damage here should not be underestimated. Your party can easily be drained of all HP and MP if you don’t pay attention.
Inside the sunken tower deeper within the dungeon, you can trigger a crystal that spawns a new enemy atop the Sky Tower. This is Vyral’s ultimate summon skill, the Remnant, which can annihilate just about anything with ease.
Vyral’s ultimate broadsword can be found far across the toxic lake underground (if you knock a boulder down from above).
The boss here is the ultimate test of skill in the game, but please note there’s no real reward for winning other than knowing you did.

Extra: BEST EQUIPMENT – Mystica Walkthrough Guide

Important Accessories

Elemental Resistance Accessories
These accessories halve elemental damage and are obtained by delivering books to the Falm Library. See ‘General Sidequests’ for more info.

Status Immunity Accessories
These accessories grant multiple ailment immunities each.
You can obtain a couple copies of each by telling stories to the orphan boy in Falm, or by defeating mechs at the Azure Academy. See ‘General Sidequests’ for more info.

Alarming Greaves
Prevents surprise attacks from enemies.
Complete the Love Letters sidequest to obtain it. See ‘General Sidequests’ for more info.

Merchant’s Gloves
Doubles item drops from enemies.
Complete the Building a Crib sidequest to obtain it. See ‘General Sidequests’ for more info.

Invisible Coat
Raises both evasion and magic evasion by 10% each, which is even more useful if equipped to Evie because she already gets evasion boosts from her shields.
Obtained by defeating the first Frozen Lab boss. See ‘General Sidequests’ for more info.

Hardened Armor
Reduces physical damage received by 20%. Another good accessory for anyone in the front row.
Obtained by defeating the second Frozen Lab boss. See ‘General Sidequests’ for more info.

Knight’s Brooch/Sage’s Brooch
Doubles EXP/AP earned.
Can be obtained by completing the Crimson Tower, or you can buy them from Kel in Dunelk towards the end of the game (complete his refugee area first to get Kel in Dunelk).

Emperor’s Gauntlet
Doubles the charge rate of Limit Points.
Found in a chest atop the Sky Tower, far to the right side of the highest map.

Ultimate Weapons

Darkness Incarnate (broadsword)
Cross the giant toxic lake deep beneath the Malice Pit. Found in a chest.

Lance of the Lost (spear)
Find the hidden room inside the Emperor’s Tomb. The key for it can be found in the Machine Factory, on the body near the boss there. The door in the tomb is on the bottom floor, hidden against the south wall in the bottom-right corner. Examine the correct tile to find the door.

Reforged Masamune m(katana)
First, get the masamune weapon by speaking to Lizzy in Dunelk after the party reunites later in the game. Then, you can improve it by speaking to the black mage beside Lizzy and bringing him 5 crystals. Crystals are rare loot but can be found in a few chests and are dropped by the ‘fallen monstrosity’ enemy inside the End’s Labyrinth.

Pale Harbinger (sword)
Complete all of the refugee sidequest areas at the end of the game.
Speak to Lizzy once everyone’s in Dunelk and you’ll be rewarded with this weapon.

Dragon’s Wrath (axe)
Defeat the Lava Leviathan optional boss in the Dragon Chasm.

Almighty Whisper (staff)
Found hidden in a secret desert map. You’ll need to fly the airship south of Nosir/Castle of Kings and find the volcano. Just west of that, but still in the desert, you’ll see a small crater tile. You can enter it with the party.
In the Desert Expanse, you’ll need to make your way to the center of the map. If you’ve collected at least 30 blackened shards, you can get the staff from a Source here.

Shooting Star (bow)
This weapon can be obtained from Runa at the end of the game. You’ll need to bring her two special items though- a pure magic crystal and advanced mech parts.
The pure crystal is deep underground in the End’s Labyrinth, and the mech parts are in the Machine Factory.

Towering Fang (dagger)
Defeat the Towering Hydra optional boss in the Infested Fort.

Deathspeaker (gun)
Defeat the Time Death optional boss in the Machine Factory.

Ultimate Armors

Conqueror’s Guard (heavy armor)
Found in the hidden room beneath the Emperor’s Tomb.

Twilight Mantle (light armor)
Found in a chest atop the Sky Tower.

Dragon’s Might (shield)
Found in a chest atop the Sky Tower.

Legend’s Pride (helmet)
Found in the hidden room beneath the Emperor’s Tomb.

Enchanted End (headgear)
Found in a chest atop the Sky Tower.

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