Coming to Fruition, Fallout 76 Quest

Coming to Fruition Walkthrough

Coming To Fruition will task players to upload data and loading a number of Master Holotape Relay. This missions will take you to some familiar location along with some new ones.

Abbie’s Bunker

The quest initiates while you are in the Abbie’es Bunker. For some reason, if you have left get back there and grab the Master Holotape. Exit the bunker and go to Harpers Ferry. Access the Armory Access Terminal and insert the Master Holotape. Play the Holotape to hack the terminal and the door to the armory will unlock.

Take a right to the first opening in the armory compound. Use the terminal to open the door. Go upstairs and turn around and use the planks to cross to the building ahead.

Drop downstairs and use the terminal to open the door. Exit the building and enter the neighboring one. Go up and hack the terminal to access the Raliegh’s terminal. Insert the Master Holotape and listen.

Now fast-travel to Charleston Capitol Building and get to the third floor and find the Sam’s Terminal. but it will be locked. Go down the basement and use the marked Security Terminal to unlock Sam’s Terminal. Go back up the third-floor and load the Master Holotape.

Fast Travel to Relay Tower LW-B1-22 and use the Master Holotape there. on the terminal. Download the data and get back to Abbie’s Bunker to restart the system. Use the Scorched Detection System Terminal in the main room to complete the quest.

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