Fallout 76 – Find Delbert Winters Quest

Second Helpings starts automatically after you finish Thirst Things First main quest. This quest is similar to the previous one, but instead of water, you have to focus on food.

Find Delbert Winters quest is a part of Fallout 76 Second Helpings Main story mission.

Find Delbert Winters Walkthrough

  • Select the person you are looking for, the game will mark their location on the map.

Just like the previous quest, this one also starts with the objective to find a certain person – this time you have to look for Delbert Winters. The process is the same – go to the computer where you have started the mission, and find Delbert Winters on the list. The game will add this person’s location to your map.

  • Go to this building.

Leave the building and go left. You will come across the building presented in the picture above, Delbert Winters corpse is inside. Loot his body and then use the nearby computer. Select “Volunteer Training” option.

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