Fallout 76 – Boiling Water Quest

Boiling Water quest is a part of Fallout 76 Thirst Things First Main story mission.

Boiling Water Walkthrough

  • The nearest Cooking Station is in Flatwoods.

Your last objective is to boil water. Go to a Cooking Station – the nearest station is marked in the picture above. Get two units of boiled water. You need dirty water (your samples) and a piece of wood – you should have this item in your inventory (i.e. after your visit to the sawmill).

Go to the computer inside the nearby building (the one where you volunteered), and check the volunteer status. This ends Thirst Things First – you receive caps, ammo, Stimpacks and crafting plans. You also unlock another main mission called Second Helpings.

Continue main quest: Fallout 76 – Thirst Things First

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