Fallout 76 – Thirst Things First Walkthrough

Thirst Things First Summary The main objective of this Fallout 76 quest is to track down […]

Thirst Things First Summary

The main objective of this Fallout 76 quest is to track down Kesha Mcdermott which will be followed by a number of other objectives including the miscellaneous ones. However, we will only focus on the main objectives for this Fallout 76 quest.

The Search For Kesha Mcdermott
Head along the river towards West and you will find Kesha’s remains. Search the remains and you will find a Holotape and a Water Testing Kit. Now collect some water but, stay on the bank as you will receive radiation damage if you jump into the river.

Now make your way towards the Community Garden to the south and collect water either of the Water pumps near the shed.

It’s Time To Test
Make your way back to Flatwoods Church and go to the makeshift lab. Interact with the diagnostic terminal and choose to “Analyze Water Sample”. You will learn that the water needs to be purified before it can be used.

Since you already have water, you only need wood logs to create Boiled Water. You will find the wood log in the graveyard near the church. Now find a cooking station and boil the Dirty Water.

Once you have the boiled water it is time to check the self-serve Kiosk. Check your Volunteer status and the quest ends here.

Thirst Things First Walkthrough

This page contains walkthrough for the third main quest in Fallout 76. Thirst Things First starts automatically after you finish First Contact main quest. Your goal is to look for a responder, and to purify water samples.

Locate Kesha McDermott

This computer will provide you with more information about the person you are looking for.

Your first objective is to look for a responder called Kesha McDermott. Use the computer – the same you have used for volunteering during First Contact mission. Find Kesha McDermott on the list. Leave the building and head straight towards the river (the best way to do that is to follow the quest marker).

Check the corpse – you will find the quest item and a few other items.

Find Kesha McDermott’s corpse – the body is lying on the shore. Loot her body – take Water Testing Kit and other items.

How to examine the water sample?

Collect water samples in the places marked in red.

Your next objective is to analyze two water samples – collect them from the river and from the water pumps. The locations are marked red in the picture above. Approach the river or the pumps and press the correct button – your character will collect a sample. The first sample should be taken from the river, the same where you have found the corpse. The second sample must be taken from the pump on the nearby field.

The diagnostic terminal is in the white church.

Take the samples to Flatwoods – go to the white church. Inside, you will find a Diagnostic Terminal – use the device and select the option to analyze the water samples.

Boiling water

The nearest Cooking Station is in Flatwoods.

Your last objective is to boil water. Go to a Cooking Station – the nearest station is marked in the picture above. Get two units of boiled water. You need dirty water (your samples) and a piece of wood – you should have this item in your inventory (i.e. after your visit to the sawmill).

Go to the computer inside the nearby building (the one where you volunteered), and check the volunteer status. This ends Thirst Things First – you receive caps, ammo, Stimpacks and crafting plans. You also unlock another main mission called Second Helpings.

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