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Fallout 76 – First Contact Walkthrough

First Contact Summary There are multiple objectives in this quest, the first being finding the Overseer’s […]

First Contact Summary

There are multiple objectives in this quest, the first being finding the Overseer’s C.A.M.P followed by listening to Overseer’s log and register as a volunteer.

As you emerge from the Vault, take a good look around and take in the environment. When you are ready to move on, go down the Vault-tec entrance steps and talk to Mr. Handy robot to know the whereabouts of the Overseer.

Then head down and walk towards the south. Now head along the Router 88 and you will come across a covered bridge with Overseer’s C.A.M.P nearby. The C.A.M.P is just above the road junction.

Explore the C.A.M.P as indicated by the game. Here will be a couple of crafting tables that you can use to complete miscellaneous quests. However, you will find Overseer’s log here. Listen to it and you will come to know that the Overseer has gone to Flatwoods.

To get to the Flatwoods, journey along the road towards SouthWest. You will pass Green Country Lodge along the way. As you reach the Flatwoods, enter the church in the town with the Command Post sign outside.

You still won’t find the Overseer but there will be another one of her caches there. Open it and you will find another Overseer’s Holotape. In the log, she emphasizes the importance of working with Responders.

First Contact Walkthrough

This page contains walkthrough for the second main quest in Fallout 76. First Contact starts automatically after your character leaves Vault 76 – this happens after Reclamation Day main quest. Your new objective is to find the Overseer’s camp.

Path to the camp

The Overseer’s camp is marked on the map – go straight to that place.

This quest is simple – go to the place marked on the map. However, you should think about having a few stops, and collect items that will make your first few hours with the game easier.

Check the body – you will find a machete.

Go left of the Vault 76’s exit, and go down the stairs. Stop near the corpse and pick up a machete – this is a great starting weapon. Equip it immediately – your character will soon be attacked by aggressive robots. Then, follow the path that goes near the hill.

You will come across a small wooden building.

On your way, you will come across a wooden building. Examine it – although you won’t find anything valuable, you will still get a few medicaments and bottles of alcohol. Once you are done, leave the building and follow the path. Soon, you will reach the main road.

The destroyed sawmill is one of the locations you will come across on your path to the Overseer’s camp.

A destroyed sawmill is near the main road. Examine this place. Here, you will come across multiple Scorched. The machete you have recently acquired should be enough to defeat them. Loot their corpses – you will find pistols and ammo. These will be your first firearms. Don’t forget to examine the sawmill – you will find Stimpacks and a lot of junk useful in crafting.

Overseer’s C.A.M.P.

Overseer’s Log, which ends this quest, is inside the Overseer’s Cache. Don’t forget to take other items.

Head to the Overseer’s camp. Go back on the main road and cross the river. Check the Overseer’s Cache – inside, you will find Overseer’s Log – C.A.M.P., ammo, purified water and crafting materials. Two workbenches are nearby – one is for armor, the second is for weapons. You can use them to craft armor and weapons – this will allow you to complete two side quests.


Find this white church in Flatwoods.

You now have to go to Flatwoods – this small town is nearby. Leave the Overseer’s camp and go back on the main road. Head right – you will quickly reach the town. Find a white church – the building is near the exit from the town. It stands right next to the main road.

Another holotape awaits you in the church.

Enter the church and go left. Another Overseer’s Cache is standing near the wall. Inside, you will find the next holotape and a few other items. Take everything from the cache.

Go to the building with a “Volunteers Needed!” poster.

Leave the church (search it before you go – you can find a few useful items). Go to the opposite building. Use the computer and choose the option to volunteer. This completes First Contact quest and starts the next one called Thirst Things First.

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