Fallout 76 – Second Helpings Walkthrough

Second Helpings Summary This Fallout 76 main quest will see you finding Delbert Winters in Flatwoods. […]

Second Helpings Summary

This Fallout 76 main quest will see you finding Delbert Winters in Flatwoods. Like the previous quests, this quest also has multiple objectives that are required to be completed before the quest is complete. This quest also includes optional objectives but, we will only focus on the main objectives required to complete the quest.

Delbert Winters
Your search for Delbert Winters will take you to his trailer to the south of the town. Enter and look around until you find Reverend Delbert. Access Delbert’s terminal to acquire the password. Not that you have the password, you can access all of Delbert’s entries.

Time To Cook
Now you have to cook the Ribeye Steak. Step out of the trailer and search the nearby corpses of the Brahmin or just kill one. Grab the Brahmin meat and find a cooking station and cook yourself as Ribeye steak.

Now go back to Flatwoods and enter the nearby Kiosk and become a full volunteer. Go to the back of the church and access the responder’s Terminal. Read the emergency message and the quest is complete.

Second Helpings Walkthrough

This page contains walkthrough for the fourth main quest in Fallout 76. Second Helpings starts automatically after you finish Thirst Things First main quest. This quest is similar to the previous one, but instead of water, you have to focus on food.

Find Delbert Winters

Select the person you are looking for – the game will mark their location on the map.

Just like the previous quest, this one also starts with the objective to find a certain person – this time you have to look for Delbert Winters. The process is the same – go to the computer where you have started the mission, and find Delbert Winters on the list. The game will add this person’s location to your map.

Go to this building.

Leave the building and go left. You will come across the building presented in the picture above – Delbert Winters’ corpse is inside. Loot his body and then use the nearby computer. Select “Volunteer Training” option.

Cook a steak

Brahmins aren’t dangerous and they don’t deal any damage.

Your new objective is to cook a steak. First, you need to find meat. Look for a Brahmin – these animals resemble a cow. Kill the animal and take its meat. Then, find a Cooking Station (you can use the one from the previous quest) and cook a Ribeye Steak.

Contact the Responders

The last part of the quest is to contact the responders.

After cooking the steak, go back to the computer where you have started this quest and select “End Training” option. Go to the terminal in the church and select the option to contact the responders. This ends Second Helpings quest – you receive ammo, medicaments and crafting plans. You also start another main quest called Final Departure.

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