Fallout 76 – Final Departure Walkthrough

Final Departure Summary The Final Departure quest in Fallout 76 focuses on finding out what happened […]

Final Departure Summary

The Final Departure quest in Fallout 76 focuses on finding out what happened to the Responders. This Fallout 76 quest will take you to Morgantown Airport. However, this quest doesn’t feature any optional quests.

The Airport
Just walk northeast from the Flatwoods along with Interstate 59 and eventually you will reach the Morgantown airport. Enter the airport and you will find the marked room on the upper floor where you will find another Overseer’s cache. Open it and listen to the Overseer’s log.

The report will mention “Inoculation Project” and you need to conduct a small investigation. Get outside and pass the field-ops tower. Move along the runway camp to the east and the area will be marked Quarantine.

Fight your way to the hangars that will be labeled “Medical”. Use the terminal on the second floor and select the “Inoculation Project Announcement”. This completes your quest.

Final Departure Walkthrough

This page contains walkthrough for the fifth main quest in Fallout 76. Final Departure starts automatically after you finish Second Helpings main quest. Embark on a long journey – discover what has happened to the responders on the airport.

How to reach Morgantown Airport?

Morgantown is far away from Flatwoods.

This quest doesn’t take place in Flatwoods only. You also have to visit Morgantown Airport and learn about the responders’ fate. The airport is far away from Flatwoods – this location is automatically added to your map (we have also marked it in the picture above). Decide which path you want to take. You can go straight from Flatwoods, but you can also teleport (for free) to Vault 76 – this location is close to the airport. This choice has no impact on the quest itself – you will simply explore different lands.

Investigate Morgantown Airport

You have to investigate the airport.

Start with investigating the airport – the quest marker will point you towards the entrance.

Go up the stairs and turn left.

Inside, you have to go right. You reach a staircase – go up and then turn left. The room is full of Scorched so be careful. However, these enemies aren’t that challenging – a machete or a simple pistol should be enough for them.

The cache with the holotape is upstairs.

The room on the left of the stairs has a cache with the holotape – add it to your inventory. The next part of the quest is to visit another part of the airport. Remember to explore the building you are currently in. It is roamed by multiple enemies – you will get a bit of XP, ammo, equipment or crafting materials.

Getting information from the computer

Go to the part of the airport marked in the picture above.

Your new objective is to use the computer located in another part of the airport. Its location is marked in the picture above and on the in-game map. Go there – you will come across a lot of Scorched.

Enter that hangar and go upstairs.

Get inside the hangar and then go upstairs. A few enemies can roam this place – eliminate them first.

Use the computer to end this quest.

The computer is upstairs. Use it and select the first option. This ends Final Departure quest. You get sunglasses and a police officer outfit, ammo, purified water, and Somerset Special pistol which ignores 50% of an enemy’s armor. You also unlock another main quest called An Ounce of Prevention.

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