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Computer Repair Shop Achievements Guide

Explore achievements in Computer Repair Shop and their acquisition strategies in our guide for comprehensive insights.

You can check out our guide to learn about achievements in Computer Repair Shop and how to get them.

Achievements Guide

This guide is meant to help you obtain 100% achievements.

  • Click tab to open “TabOS”. Here you can see the map, various Wikis (which will help you with the game), upgrade your skills, purchase employees and order things for your computer repair shop.
  • Every time you sleep, your game is saved, & only then.
  • Your save file is located at \AppData\LocalLow\Cheesecake Dev\Computer Repair Shop – if you would need to back it up at some point.
  • In the “Club” you can play blackjack. This is the fastest way to earn money in the start. You can run straight to the club after starting a new save, then gamble your money, and if you have a good run of doubling your money 2 to 3 times, you can go about your day normally, save [by sleeping], then repeat the day after. If you lose (after saving), just exit out and try again.
  • You can recycle the boxes from Zamazor just outside your repair shop at the machine.


The single missable achievement is “Paparazzi”.

You only get one shot at this achievement [unless you save before, and reload your save]. After you win the Robot Fight Championship, you can now go on a date with Mia. Before you go on your hot date, make sure you bring a camera, as the achievement “Paparazzi” is for taking a picture of Mia in her underwear.

She is standing just outside of the door to the Robot Wars area. If you talk to her after winning, she’ll allow you to go on a date, after said date is done, you’ll “chase” her while she’s in her underwear. If you brought a camera, you can just instantly take a picture of her and Paparazzi should unlock.


  • If you somehow missed this, don’t be afraid, it is really quick to do with some good luck.

If you start a new save, instantly run to the club. Earn around 4000 to 6000 cash from blackjack & then enter the robot fight area. Purchase the flamethrower and equip it on your robot. You will now be earning some extra money & winning the championship. Once you have plenty of money again (3000+), purchase the best wheels and equip them. Then after you finish, run up to buy the camera from the corner shop & then proceed to go on the date with Mia.

In the Computer Shop


  • This is for finishing the tutorial. AFAIK, it should just be repairing & sending away your PC to the customer.


  • This is for cracking a password. Purchase a “Flash Drive” at the computer parts store. Put it in a PC you’re repairing, and you should be able to access it in the top right. You can use it to access a PC you don’t have the password for.


  • This is for fixing an item for a PC. After checking which part is damaged by using the Computer Wiki, take out said part, place it on the table to the left & scan which socket is broken, then type in which to fix. If you have “Repair-Joe” he will do this for you by just placing it on the table.


  • Overclock a PC. Purchase a “Flash Drive” at the computer parts store. Put it in a PC you’re repairing, and you should be able to access it in the top right. Use the “overClocker.exe”.


  • This is for selling an item in your shop. The easiest way is to just use the “Seller” employee and have her do the job for you. Put the price as low as possible, and you will likely sell it asap.


  • You can access the bios by holding B when booting your pc.


  • Create a virus. Purchase a “Flash Drive” at the computer parts store. Put it in a PC you’re repairing, and you should be able to access it in the top right. Open the virus generator, & create a new virus.


  • After you created a virus, you can inject this virus. First, in the VirusGenerator.exe, make sure on the “Virus Development” tab that you upgraded to get the camera. It is the first upgrade.

Then on your new pc, type “inject dll virusname” to inject the virus into said PC. I’d do it on 3-5 PC’s. Then you should be able to see them on “Infected” computers, and once you open the camera on a PC, then the achievement should pop. If you see nothing in “Infected Computers”, try to save, exit to main menu, and continue.


  • In the bios, you can format the PC.


  • I am not 100% sure how you earn this, but if I recall, it is for accessing the worldwideweb (www) on the PC, going to business & purchasing the Robot Therapy Club. Correct me if I misremember please.



  • This is for passing out from no sleep.

Cat lover

  • This is for purchasing an item from the cat shop. It is just outside your cat shop, up the stairs. I don’t recall if you have to buy everything or just anything.

Vr Dance

  • Ask the VR Guy in the club (opposite of blackjack) for any kind of VR dance, and the achievement will pop.


  • Win in Blackjack. If you don’t know how Blackjack works, the one closest to 21 wins.

Robo Girl

  • Purchase a Robo Girl from the Sellerman. He is on the left side of the alleyway, before you go up the stairs after exiting the motel.

Robo Fight

  • You can do Robo Fights in the basement area under the cat shop. You unlock this achievement for completing the championship. Buy the Flamethrower first to easily win, & if you can afford it, the best wheels. Other than that, remember to repair/recharge your robot after each fight. It’s mostly trivial to win, but sometimes you can have bad luck.

Skill Master

  • Purchase every skill in the skills tab in tabOS.


  • You can bet on planes by going to the worldwideweb (www) on a computer. Enter the “plane” website & bet on planes.


The backrooms are accessed by going down the stairs to a basement. There will be a guy who’s selling some items. These are found in the backrooms, but you can optionally buy them to be easier. The red card is needed to escape. If you bring a camera, you’re able to take pictures of the backrooms monsters.


  • Unlocked for entering the backrooms.


  • Unlocked for escaping the backrooms. You need a red card to escape through the elevator.


  • This is for taking a photo with the camera.


  • This is for selling a photo for $150 (or more?). You can take a picture of a backroom monster, & hope it is worth $150. I think $150+ works too. Mia underwear photos are worth $5000.
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