Dyson Sphere Program Star and Planet Resource

Explore planet types and resource probabilities in tabular form with our guide, providing valuable insights and visual clarity.

This guide will show you the probability of planet types and their resource types in a tabular form.

Star and Planet Resource

Shows the probability of finding a particular type of planet orbiting a given star type, and the proportion of resource types on the planets orbiting a given star type.

About Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program offers a science fiction experience through a sandbox construction game, blending space exploration, adventure, and factory automation. In this futuristic setting, humanity designs the “CentreBrain,” a supercomputer aimed at harnessing its formidable computing power to expand the possibilities of virtual realms.

Each playthrough unveils a distinctive and unparalleled universe. Begin with a modest workshop and progressively evolve it to encompass the entire galaxy. Engage in battles, fortify your position with defensive structures to thwart enemy assaults, and embark on exploration across a vast cosmic expanse featuring various celestial bodies such as neutron stars, white dwarfs, red giants, and even black holes.

Take automation to new heights by extending production beyond planetary surfaces, efficiently transporting resources across star systems. Develop your personal Dyson Spheres and showcase your intricate constructions on a planet’s surface. The inclusion of a Blueprint feature enables the preservation of crucial plans.

Immerse yourself further by customizing your mecha, creating distinctive designs, and traversing the universe in your uniquely crafted creation. Dyson Sphere Program provides a rich and dynamic gaming experience, combining elements of strategy, exploration, and creativity.

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