Need More Heat All Endings Guide

Unravel the requirements for different endings in Need More Heat by exploring our guide for detailed insights and step-by-step instructions.

If you want to know what you need to do for which endings in Need More Heat, you should check out our guide.

All Endings Guide

You can find all the steps to unlock the Good Ending, Bad Ending, Secret Ending or Mother Ending, Madness Ending and Fatal Ending in this guide.

Good Ending (Not the Best)

To achieve the Good (Not the Best) ending, diligently follow the given instructions throughout the game. The journey involves various steps and locations. If you find yourself in need of assistance at any point, a helpful video guide has been provided for your convenience.

Bad Ending

Begin by visiting your father, who will instruct you to go to school. Adhere to his advice, exit the house, cross the street, and consistently respond with “yes” (Press E) at the bus stop. Despite repeated questioning, persist with affirmative answers until the conclusion to experience the less favorable bad ending.

Secret Endings

Unlocking the secret endings involves specific activation steps that occur simultaneously. When the decisive moment arrives, choose which of the three endings you desire.

Secret Good Ending or Mom Ending (The Best Ending)

Follow the steps outlined in the Normal Good Ending until prompted to “Turn on the Stove and every Faucet with Hot Water.” At this point, refrain from activating anything. Leave the house, proceed to the back, and observe your father through the window. Adjust the camera until interaction with your father becomes possible. After the scene concludes, collect the nearest flower and transport it to the cemetery located in the woods across the street from the house.

Insanity Ending

Progress through the Normal Good Ending until instructed to “Turn on the Stove and every Faucet with Hot Water.” Head to the bathroom, interact solely with the sink, then climb onto the sink and engage with the mirror. Follow the subsequent instructions, closing all exits in the house, and employ a fork to cause harm to someone. Spoiler alert: It might be obvious, but we aim to keep details vague.

Fatal Ending

Similar to the Normal Good Ending, follow the instructions until prompted to “Turn on the Stove and every Faucet with Hot Water.” Proceed to the bathroom, exclusively interact with the sink, ascend the sink, and engage with the mirror. The ensuing instructions involve closing all exits in the house. However, in this version, refrain from causing harm to anyone to witness the altered ending.

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