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How to Unlock Laser Gate in Ruins – Roboquest

Unlock the laser gate in Roboquest's Ruins by activating 4 hidden buttons nearby. Our guide shows button locations.

In this short guide, we explain how to open the laser gate in the Ruins of Roboquest. To open the door, you need to activate 4 different buttons hidden in the vicinity of your current location. You can open the door by activating these 4 buttons. Below, we’ve detailed where the buttons are located.

Exploring ruins can be an exciting yet challenging experience, especially when encountering obstacles like the Laser Gate. This guide will walk you through the steps to open the gate, offering alternative approaches and valuable rewards along the way.

Laser Gate in Ruins
Laser Gate

How to Unlock Laser Gate in Ruins

Step 1: Locating the Buttons While on your journey through the ruins, keep an eye out for buttons that control the Laser Gate. The first button is conveniently situated on the base level floor of a truck trailer. Ascend to the top to uncover the initial button’s location.

Buttons to open the Laser Door
First Button for Lazer Gate

Step 2 and 3: Truck Trailer and Billboard Sign Continue your exploration to find the next two buttons hidden strategically above and below the truck trailer. One is concealed beneath the trailer, while the other is tucked under a billboard sign situated on the upper levels. Thoroughly search these areas to ensure you’ve activated all necessary buttons.

Buttons to open the Laser Door
Second Button for Lazer Gate

Step 4: Inside the Tunnel As you progress through the ruins, venture into the tunnel where the final button awaits. Once activated, this button not only opens the Laser Gate but also unlocks essential rewards for your journey.


Upon accessing the tunnel, you’ll be rewarded with a key that unlocks a different path in the game. Additionally, enjoy a well-deserved level up and the opportunity to embark on a more challenging route known as the corrupted path. Conquering this path for the first time grants you a special achievement.

Laser Gate Quest Rewards

Corrupted Path and Crystal

Navigate through the corrupted path to reach its end, where you’ll find one of the crystals essential for making the final level easier. This strategic detour is well worth the effort, as it significantly enhances your chances of success in the subsequent stages.

By following this guide, you’ll successfully open the Laser Gate, unlock new paths, and gain valuable rewards.

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