Tower Unite World Badges & EXP Guide

Explore our guide for in-depth details on World badges and quick EXP earning strategies in Tower Unite.

Check out our Tower Unite World Badges & EXP guide for detailed information on World badges in the game and how to earn fast EXP.

World Badges & EXP Guide

In-Depth guide to Game World badges and quickest methods to earn EXP fast.

Ball Race (God) 1,000,000 EXP

All payouts in this game mode will change on the difficulty of the map

  • Easy x1.0
  • Normal x1.1
  • Hard x1.25
  • Very Hard x1.3

EXP is units adquired on each level multiplied by 1.5 and they are rounded up to the next integer


Collected X Melons (2+ Players)

  • You can get 40 units per melon collected, there’s a cap of 40 melons for this payout.

Didn’t Die

  • You get 200 units by completing a stage without losing any life.

1st Place (4+ Players)

  • Clear the stage in first place to get 750 units.

2nd Place (4+ Players)

  • Clear the stage in second place to get 500 units.

3rd Place (4+ Players)

  • Clear the stage in third place to get 300 units.

4th Place and Below (4+ Players)

  • Clear the stage in any place below 3rd to get 150 units.

Team Player (2+ Players)

  • You get 500 units if you press a button that blocks a path in any level.


  • Collected 10 melons = 400 Units
  • 1st Place = 750 units
  • Team Player = 500 units

400 + 750 + 500 = 1,650
1,650 x 1.3 (Very Hard) = 2,145 EXP


  • I personally recommend getting as many melons you can during the bonus stages, don’t bother getting more than 40 melons cause you won’t get extra units if you collect more than 40.
  • As recommended by one of the ball race expert players, Nimbus is the recommended map to get fast EXP.
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