Cookie Clicker How to Get Sugar Lumps

In this guide we will show you how to get Cookie Clicker Sugar Lumps. If you fail you can ask for help in the comments.

Cookie Clicker How to Get Sugar Lumps

An important ingredient in cookies is sugar, after all, who doesn’t like a sweet cookie? Sugar Lumps are an important aspect of Cookie Clicker as well.

To get Sugar Lumps, you must first have baked at least one billion cookies. Once you have done so, an in-game message will inform you about Sugar Lumps and your first Sugar Lump will start to grow. Once it is ripe, simply click on the Sugar Lump to harvest it. If you forget to harvest it, don’t worry because it will automatically harvest.

This is the primary method of getting Sugar Lumps. Other ways include clicking a Golden Cookie with the Sweet effect, harvesting a Juicy Queenbeet, or sacrificing a full seed log in the garden. These are all rare occurrences so you’re best bet is to harvest ripe Sugar Lumps. Harvesting them before they are ripe has a 50 percent chance to harvest nothing.

Sugar Lumps are used to level up buildings. Leveling up your buildings increase its cookie production by one percent. Leveling up your buildings will increase the cost of Sugar Lumps needed to further level it up. Leveling up Farms, Banks, Temples, and Wizard Towers will unlock the Garden, Stock Market, Pantheon, and Grimoire Minigames respectively.

There are five types of Sugar Lumps. These are:

TypeNumber of Lumps when harvestedSecondary Effects
Normal Sugar Lump1None
Bifurcated Sugar Lump50/50 chance of 1 or 2 With Sucralosia Inutilis:
47.5% chance of 1
52.5% chance of 2
Golden Sugar LumpEqual chance of 2-7Current cookies in bank is doubled (max. 24 hours of CpS), and a buff called “Sugar blessing” is activated, which increases the spawn rate of golden cookies by 10% for 24 hours
Meaty Sugar Lump40% chance of 0
20% chance of 1
40% chance of 2
Caramelized Sugar LumpEqual chance of 1-3Refills Sugar Lump cooldowns
Cookie Clicker How to Get Sugar Lumps

Sugar Lumps are a secondary in-game currency (together with Cookies), and are opened when you’ve baked at least one billion cookies. Once unlocked, the gamer gets a message telling them about sugar lumps, and the very first sugar swelling begins to grow (situated just listed below the Stats button). Your sugar lumps (and the building levels acquired with them) are permanent, and will rollover throughout ascensions. You can collect a Sugar Lump by clicking it when it is ripe. If you forget to gather one, don’t sweat it – ripe lumps will fall and be collected instantly if you do not do it in time, and it even works while the game is closed. Sugar Lumps (and their perks) are handicapped when beginning an ascension in Challenge Mode, but they’ll still be auto-harvested for you even while inactive.

Collecting a Sugar Lump when it is fully grown however not ripe will lead to a 50% chance to not get anything. (Reloading the tab without saving can offer you another attempt at harvesting it). Once a Sugar Lump is collected, another one will start growing right away in its location. You can also get a single Sugar Lump from clicking a Golden Cookie with the “Sweet” result (an exceptionally uncommon outcome that has a 1 in 5000 opportunity of happening) and collecting a Juicy Queenbeet (an exceptionally uncommon garden plant that requires a great deal of experimentation to find). Compromising a full seed log in the Garden will offer you 10 Sugar Lumps at the cost of all your unlocked garden plants.

Cookie Clicker How to Get Sugar Lumps
Cookie Clicker How to Get Sugar Lumps

Sugar Lumps are mainly utilized to level up structures. Each time a structure is leveled up (which can be done on the default screen showing all the structures), it receives a permanent 1% boost in cookie production, and the price to level it up will increase by one Sugar Lump. Leveling up Farms, Banks, Temples, and Wizard Towers will open the Garden, Stock Market, Pantheon, and Grimoire minigames, respectively. Within these minigames, you can also utilize a single Sugar Lump to fill up all 3 of your worship swaps, instantly set off one development tick, or fill up 100 systems of your magic meter. (The Stock Market does not have a sugar lump result.).

Sugar Lump Types

There are 5 various kinds of Sugar Lumps, each with differing results. The most common Sugar Lump is a normal Sugar Lump, which has no unique effects. There is a small chance to grow either a Bifurcated, Caramelized or Golden Sugar Lump. A Bifurcated Sugar Lump has a 50% opportunity to offer you 2 sugar swellings instead of just one. Throughout the Grandmapocalypse, Meaty Sugar Lumps might grow instead, which give between 0 and 2 Sugar Lumps.

Caramelized Sugar Lumps are rather unusual, drop in between 1 and 3 Sugar Lumps, and has the additional benefit of filling up Sugar Lump cooldowns. Golden Sugar Lumps are much more effective and incredibly rare. When gathered, several things will take place: You will gain anywhere in between two and 7 Sugar Lumps, your present cookie amount will be doubled, and Golden Cookies will appear 10% more often for the next 24 hours.

The type is identified when the Sugar Lump is created right after harvesting the previous Sugar Lump. When the game is closed, all auto-harvesting Sugar Lumps after the first one will be regular, hence yield 1 sugar swelling each.

Lump Selection

Selection of kind of sugar swelling follows Random list system. Note that all other than the first auto-harvesting Sugar Lumps will ensure to be typical type when the game is closed, so open the video game when per ripening cycle to make sure maximal possibility of getting an unusual type of swelling.

The full choice treatment is:.

  • Add Normal to a pool.
  • Check to see if an uncommon swelling type need to be contributed to the pool.
    • If you have the heavenly upgrade Sucralosia Inutilis, 15% chance to add Bifurcated to the pool, otherwise 10% possibility to add Bifurcated to the pool.
    • 0.3% chance to include Golden to the swimming pool.
    • 2% chance to include Caramelized to the swimming pool.
    • 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% to add Meaty to the pool if the video game remains in Appeased, Awoken, Displeased and Angered phase of Grandmapocalypse respectively.
  • If the Dragon’s Curve dragon aura is active, repeat the check procedure for unusual swelling types one time. If Reality Bending is active, there is a 10% chance of repeating the check an extra time. If both auras are active, there is a 90% opportunity of repeating the check as soon as, and a 10% possibility of repeating two times. Uncommon types can be added to the pool more than as soon as.
  • Pick a random sugar swelling type from the swimming pool.


Presently, Sugar Lumps are the most valuable aspect of the game, as they are really unusual. It is advised to spend the first 4 Sugar Lumps on opening the 4 minigames, then spending Sugar Lumps to enlarge the garden (getting Farms to level 9), and lastly conserving them for the Sugar baking boost (having 100 swellings). Though, some attempt to gain level 12 cursors prior to saving for the sugar baking increase as this assists with the stock market allowing gamers to get the optimum level stock market accomplishment. After this, the player must then spend swellings on the most powerful building to level 10, and do so for every single building. After getting all level 10 accomplishments, the player may then pick to upgrade Cursors to level 20, taking full advantage of the Luminous Gloves upgrade, which, when at level 20, doubles clicking power. After all this has been achieved, the player might select to invest their swellings nevertheless they desire, such as in the Grimoire and for Sugar Frenzies, however to keep in mind to keep the overall quantity of lumps over 100, and is also advised to keep around 50 extra, just in case a new structure is added.

To get level 10 accomplishments, one needs 55 Sugar Lumps, so 55 * 17 = 935 for all of them. You can harvest ~ 1.09 fully grown Sugar Lumps every 17 hours 54 minutes with all appropriate upgrades, and calmed grannies. this requires active collecting fully grown lumps, and save scumming botched harvests. Under these conditions, you can get 55 Sugar Lumps in about 37.6 days. If you leave the video game closed it will take about 45.7 days. This leaves 37.6 * 17 = 640 days active, or 777 days passive for all level 10 achievements, which totals up to simply over two years.

Compromising garden may minimize the time to 50% or more, which depends on how active you play. Collecting Juicy Queenbeets also helps. Both methods requires save scumming to be effective. If you want to collect a Golden Sugar Lump and get the All-natural walking stick sugar shadow accomplishment, you require to pop 690 Sugar Lumps usually. The “Sweet” Golden Cookies, sacrificing garden and collecting Juicy Queenbeets will not help because these approaches just produce regular Sugar Lumps. That means it takes you around a year and a half typically.

“Sweet” Golden Cookies can be gained rather quickly due to the Force the Hand of Fate spell in the Grimoire. When a player rises, the seed changes, which affects the Force the Hand of Fate results. Because of this, a gamer can use the spell, click the golden cookie generated from it, see if it is a “Sweet” or not, ascend, and after that repeat. The Fortune Cookie add-on shows the gamer the result from the spell, for that reason showing if a “Sweet” Golden Cookie will appear soon, for that reason making the gamer not rely on the first result of the spell, and instead look at the list of results instead of blindly expecting a “Sweet” on the first spell.

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