Crypt Map for Floor

Welcome to our Crypt Map for Floor guide. This guide will show you everything needed by those lost in the cellar. It’s like a map!

Crypt Map for Floor

Lost in the crypt? Just grab a map.

Upper Floor

Crypt map

Middle Floor

Crypt map

Lower Floor

Crypt map

About Crypt

Personally, consider that the best way to play this game is if you force someone else to play it without any context to the game’s content. It presents itself (successfully) as a true indie game until you actually start playing it, so feel free to torture your friends with this disgusting experience.

Enter the crypt

Reclaim Essence and Make Your Escape.
The goal – on the surface – is simple. Steal the jar from the Crypt and then escape. The idea is easy, but finding all the keys will not be easy.

Solve Puzzles

Can you really solve the puzzles required to access the keys to escape? Of course you can. Does the game contain real useful information on how to solve them? Of course not. Trust your instincts, not your eyes.

Live It

You are not alone in the crypt. Someone or something is there with you – and never far behind.

To escape!

Once you have all the keys, you can finally open the door to Escape, assuming you did everything right. I mean, I put an achievement to win, so it’s definitely possible – maybe you just missed a bad prerequisite…

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