CS GO Danger Zone Ultimate Guide

This guide will help you starting out in the new Danger Zone gamemode, a battle royale […]

This guide will help you starting out in the new Danger Zone gamemode, a battle royale style gamemode with Counter-Strike mechanics.

CS GO Danger Zone Ultimate Guide

Preparing for the fight

You boot up the game and see that “Danger Zone” logo in the main sceen ? That’s where we’re going, and after searching, confirming and loading the gamemode, you’ll land at a random spot of the map for the Warmup, so when you’ll be waiting for the game to start there, but if it’s your first time there (or first time in CS:GO at all), you’ll be using this to learn a bit.

First, learn the locations a bit, even if you can’t see were the loot is you’ll be able to see the core map geometry, so you’ll know where to get around when you’ll need it.

Second, you’re not alone in the warmup and you haven’t got a glock (aka the peashooter) for nothing, use it to (re)learn the shooting mechanics (you’re gonna tap fire a lot here), and how much negative damage you’ll do at range (seriously, pistol have a severe damage dropoff, so don’t use them for medium to long ranges, unless you really need to), this map has the longest ranges of all CS:GO maps, so your knowledge about damage values at extreme ranges won’t help you in other gamemode most of the time.

All player connected and 15 seconds remaining on the warmup time ? Well, prepare yourself, cause we’re going to drop soon.

Starting out the game

So, warmup ended, and the start game countdown is ticking, so you’ll have to start out in this gamemode.

Picking out your starting location

The countdown ticked down, and now you see the map for a top view, and contraty to most battle royale where you follow som e kind of flying object and drop along the way, you’ll have to pick a starting location before heading down, picking a location will lock out close locations for other players, so pick fast if you really want a spot, and pick late if you want to know where most people will be, since you can’t switch out zones after picking. (Quick note: I recommand the lighthouse location on the top left part of the map, it’s an island with one entry point on land with a bridge on the right side, and two entry points from the water, one south, one north, you’ll also often find stuff here, and in solo only two people can start out on the island directely)

Prepare for landing

Now, everyone picked their locations, and you know where everyone will be starting out. Rappling down from the helicopter, you’ll need to locate some stuff as fast as possible to get a starting advantage.
– First, locate small red boxes, they always contain a pistol and can be broken with our firsts
– Second, locate blue boxes, they hopefully contain a melee weapon or they contain utility (medshots, armor, parachutes)
– Third, located weapons on the ground if you didn’t get anything else yet, they can also spawn with ammo boxes close by
– Forth, locate explosives if you didn’t get any of the other boxes, thoses are yellow boxes, they can contain grenades, molotovs, breach charges or C4, if you got any of the above, locate LARGE red boxes, they contain any of the primary weapons EXCEPT rifles and LMGs (LMGs don’t spawn at all) and they can’t be broken by fists
– Last, located the one you didn’t find in Forth

When you land, get the dropped weapons first if you can, then the pistols, utility, explosives, and ALWAYS go for primary weapons crates when you get any kind of weapons, whatever they are (except C4 maybe, because they take a lot of time to break the crate down). When you want to break the primary weapons crate down, use melee weapons if you can, then pistols (they often have enough ammo to break the crate down), then uses explosives, molotovs first, grenades next, breach charges if you don’t have anything else, and C4 if you’re really desperate.

Now, you got your starting stuff, it’s time to head out in the wild.

Wandering around

So, you got your stuff and looted your area, it’s time for you to know a bit more of the stuff you’ll find around.

Ammo crates

Theses are small boxes with a bit of orange, when you use them you get one bullet at a time, and the amount of bullets you can get with them depends on the gun you use them with, for exemple, an AWP will only get 4 bullets per ammo crates while pistols will often get around 15 bullets per crate.


You’ll often find money laying around, each unit gives 50$, you spawn with 500$, and get 100$ every now and then, those can be used to buy weapons (the weapons that you can buy are randomated, but you always get a pistol, a premium pistol (deagle or revolver), a SMG, a Rifle (FAMAS or Galill) and a Scout, offensive grenades and utility grenades in the shop. Every other buyable will be the same each game, you can buy a knife, armor, ammo crates, a signal disrupter (prevent close by players to see their maps), medshots, and the three map upgrades (that you can also find in the wild). When buying an item, a drone comming from the oposite side of the map will be comming for you and will drop the item on the ground, be warned, as the dones can be shot down by other players to get your loot. The exception to the drone delivers is the map upgrades, that are automaticly added to you map when bought.

Paid doors

You can find prison like doors around the map, with a blue locker in from of them that show how much money you need to pass them, be warned that they can’t be closed after, but you can see what you get throught the door. Sometimes, they don’t need to be payed and can be open for free, but they don’t contain the best stuff most of the times.


You can also find green static boxes with explosives in front of them, you can arm the explosives up and explode the safe that way, delivering money around it after being broken. Be warned that they act exacly like C4 when armed, exploding for around a bit less than a whole zone and doing full damage trought walls. Also, the zone shown on the map when a C4 is armed is the max range they explode at, not the one shot area. Armed safes are shown for everyone in the map.


You can find hostages around the map, deliver them to a hostage drop zone at the north or south of the map to get 500$. When a hostage drop zone is closed up by the zone, you can be almost sure that the other one will be safe from the zone for some time.


You can find black breefcases around, openning them will grant you a High Value Target, and you always see in which zone they are at when you look at the map, killing that player will grant you 500$. If that player get killed by someone else, they become the HVT.


After some time in the match, the annoncer with annonce the arrival of airdrops, you can see at which zone they are on the map, and they do a zone when you’re close to them. They are rectangular boxes with a white and red patern.

That’s about it for the items around the map, try to use them at your advantage.
Your new equipment
Now that you know what you can find, it’s time to know what you can carry around.

The Tablet

The tablet is basically your map and your shop, you need to physicaly use it to be able to well, use it. Tablet upgrades are linked to the tablet itself, so if you have a couple of upgrades, you won’t need to change it for the one of the enemy.

The Medshot

The medshot if your healing item, using it will restore around 40 HPs overtime, and you can carry two of them, you always spawn with one. Remember that unlike main CS:GO, your max HP is 120, so remember that when you need to heal

Melee weapons other than the knife

They often do less damage than the knife, but some can be thrown for around 40 damage that does throught armor (I think at least), so you can use them to save a tiny bit of ammo.

Breach charges

They are explosives that can be thrown and exploded remotly, they can do 400 damage when you are in the full blast, but drop off really quickly. They also do a bit of sound to signify their presence, and can be picked up after throw. You can also use someone else detonator to explode THEIR charges.


It acts like main CS, plant it and watch it explode ! They cover around a bit less of a whole area, and have a large kill radius, and a even larger damage radius (but they do dropoff, so sometimes you can survive them even while in the blast) The main difference is that they can be planted anywhere, and they have an indicator on top of them when you have them out in your hand, giving you the location of the closest safe.

Distraction grenade

Acts like a decoy in main CS:GO, but instead of doing the sound of your most expensive gun, they do footsteps instead. Use them to trick your enemy at a location while sneaking around.

That’s about it for the items that are exclusive to this gamemode, now you know your equipement, the stuff laying around and what to get when starting out.


Now, let’s cover some tips that you can use to be a bit more efficient.
– When you get a weapon, an ammo crate and any other kind of ranged weapon crate, open the weapon crate first, you might get a better gun and won’t have used the ammo crate on your old gun for nothing
– If you see the same weapon as the one you are holding, pick it up to transfer it’s ammo in your stock.
– Save your ammo. I can’t stess this enough, if you don’t have ammo for your gun during a fight, it serves no pupose. Use your ammo efficiently, aim for the head and if you enemy is sparying you down without hiting you, let him continiue doing it, he will run out of ammo some day.
– Don’t use ammo crates for the shotguns. That sounds dumb, but all shotguns spawn with 15 shots, and most of them can kill in 2 at close ranges, so unless it’s empty and you don’t have any other gun around to pick up, don’t use ammo crates on them.
– Prioritise the Tec9, Five-seven and the premium pistols as your pistols, they have the most chances at dealing loads of damage with headshots (and can even 1 hit kill as headshots WITH armor and helmet)
– Rifles are king, but will require load of ammo crates to have stock for when you’ll miss your shots. Also, the more rare it is, the less ammo it starts with and recieves from ammo crates. So the SG 553 will have less ammo than the M4 for exemple.

That’s about it for the tips (and this guide), if you have any information that you want to share, feel free to comment down bellow, I’ll update the guide with more info when I’ll get it.

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