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Discover all costumes introduced in the Sins of the Flesh update with detailed information provided in our comprehensive guide.

In this guide you can find all the costumes added to the Sins of the Flesh update.

Collecting All Costumes

The goal of this guide is to help you collect all the costumes added in the Sins of the Flesh update. There may also be an issue for those playing on an old save, as some costumes may simply not unlock (as happened to me).

Common Costumes

In this section, there are 22 costumes: 1 classic one that you have from the beginning of the game, 8 from the Sinful Edition DLC, and 12 that you can buy from Berith, and one for event (Naked).

Twelve costumes can be purchased from Berith for 5 gold ingots. He is located on the map with the label “clothing store.”

Collecting all the costumes

Collecting all the costumes

Note: You can only buy one costume from Berith per run, meaning one store per map. However, if you continue your journey after killing the boss, the store may appear again, allowing you to collect a maximum of 3 costumes in crusade run.

Costumes that you can buy:

  • 1.Merchant Shirt
  • 2.Evening Frock
  • 3.Genteel Jacket
  • 4.Peasant Blouse
  • 5.Labourer Tunic
  • 6.Ragged Robes
  • 7.Scholar Shirt
  • 8.Modest Robes
  • 9.Sensible Dress
  • 10.Grass Skirt
  • 11.Night Shirt
  • 12.Picnic Attire

Costumes from Sinful Edition DLC:


1.Grab of the Kawaii
2.Yeoman Coat
3.Gothic Dress
4.Mystic Robes
5.Officer Suit
7.Acolyte of the Old Faith
8.Enforce of the Old Faith

Special Conditions Costumes

Collecting all the costumes


  • Unlocking: Perform Rite of Lust for the 1st time.
  • Note: if you play on old save, you may end up with bug when you don`t get the costume even if you do the ritual. I have 428 day and I still doesn`t have it. Maybe devs will fix that in future 🙁

Collecting all the costumes

2.Maid Dress

  • Unlocking: Clean up after your followers, and you’ll have to clean up a lot… excessively much. My theory is that you need to clean up around 100 poops (maybe).

Collecting all the costumes

3.Fancy Robes

  • Unlocking:Collect 5 sins from followers.

Collecting all the costumes

4.Drinktender Vest

  • Unlocking: You must make 30 drinks.

Collecting all the costumes

5.Wedding Dress

  • Unlocking: you must make 3 weddings, with someone.

Collecting all the costumes

6.Wedding Suit

  • Unlocking: you must make 3 weddings, with someone.

Collecting all the costumes

7.Chef’s Jacket

  • Unlocking: Use Mating tent to breed your followers, and after they done destroy their egg 3 times.

Collecting all the costumes

8.Knight Armour

  • Unlocking: Take demon Hathor (In shape of heart) once you unlock Tailor. And go to fight, and he will fly away and come back with your suit.

Collecting all the costumes

9.Ceremonial Robes

  • Unlocking: Confess same follower 5 times.

Collecting all the costumes

10.Jesters Costume

  • Unlocking: I got it after crafted 25-30 costumes

Collecting all the costumes

11.Warriors Cuirass

  • Unlocking: You must start Fight Pit Ritual 3 times, no matter if follower win or loose. After 3 tiems you get the costume.

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