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Extreme Evolution Drive to Divinity: Evolutionary Formnomicon

Explore details about numerous forms in the game, along with their general features, in our comprehensive guide for a deeper understanding.

You can find details about many forms in the game and the general features of these forms in this guide.

The Evolutionary Formnomicon

Welcome dear evolvee to The Evolutionary Formnomicon. This document contains forbidden knowledge about the behaviors and usefulness of many forms within Extreme Evolution: Drive to Divinity.


‘Forms’ in Extreme Evolution: Drive to Divinity are different states of being which enable you to explore the world in a wide variety of ways. Some forms may enable you to climb, balance more easily, control your falls more gracefully, or move very quickly. On the other hand, there are forms which’ only purpose is to change your perspective on the world you inhabit. As such, the effects of altering your form can range from new body types to entirely altered states of consciousness.

Mobile Material Forms

Mobile Material Forms are the first class of Form which you will experience in Extreme Evolution: Drive to Divinity. These forms are forms which can collide with objects in their environment (aka, are material), and which also are capable of spontaneous movement, that is, movement at their own will.

  • Egg
  • “you’re an egg now”
  • Cost: 0.1§ — Abilities: Climbing
  • The egg is a slow but versatile form, enabling the user to climb surfaces with inclinations as steep as 90 degrees when finessed gently and laying laterally on the ground.
  • Blip
  • “a single cosmic speck”
  • Cost: 0.1§ — Abilities: Tight Spaces, Aerial Control
  • Ring
  • “bio-torus hoop”
  • Cost: 0.1§, 0.1§/s — Abilities: Wire Looping
  • Boll
  • “the manmade ball”
  • Cost: 1§ — Abilities: Enhanced Maneuverability
  • Auto
  • “the automobile”
  • Cost: 1§ — Abilities: High Speed
  • Cor
  • “the oblong car”
  • Cost: 2§ — Abilities: Moderate Speed, Control
  • Ball
  • Cost: Unknown§ — Abilities: Average
  • Cup
  • Cost: Unknown§ — Abilities: Ascends
  • Tine
  • Cost: Unknown§ — Abilities: Featherweight
  • Truck
  • Cost: Unknown§ — Abilities: Unknown
  • Bomp
  • Cost: Unknown§ — Abilities: Bouncy
  • Polyp
  • Cost: Unknown§ — Abilities: No-Clip, Fast, Spread Out
  • Bake
  • Cost: Unknown§ — Abilities: Unknown
  • The Bake is a humanoid running figure.

Immobile Material Forms

  • Dump
  • Cost: Unknown§ — Abilities: Unknown
  • Chunk
  • Cost: Unknown§ — Abilities: Harvest-able Kinetic Energy

Metaphysical Forms

Metaphysical forms are forms which dissolve your material body in exchange for some metaphysical boon. The following is a limited list of some of the metaphysical forms.

  • Look
  • Pray

Note: This is an early draft of “The Evolutionary Formnomicon”. There is very little content, and the guide will be expanded as the author comes to a deeper understanding of the universe of Extreme Evolution: Drive to Divinity.

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