Cult of the Lamb: All Lore Tablet Locations (15)

Find all knowledge tablets and unlock achievements with the information provided in our Cult of the Lamb Lore Tablet guide.

We have explained the locations of 15 Cult of the Lamb Lore Tablets found in hidden rooms in this guide. Using the information in this guide, you can collect all the knowledge tablets and achieve achievements.

Lore Tablets for Unlock Holder of History Achievement

Collecting lore tablets may not be clear to all players, so we hope this guide can help you to collect them all and achieve the Holder of History Achievement!

Collect Lore Tablets & Unlock Holder of History in Cult of the Lamb

Special Dungeon Rooms

10 Lore Pieces

  • These “special” rooms can be found randomly in any combat dungeons, the biome/environment doesn’t matter. These rooms are hidden from the player and need to be unlocked by interacting with statues in combat rooms.

Identifying a Hidden Room

Collect Lore Tablets & Unlock Holder of History in Cult of the Lamb

Hidden rooms are signposted by unique crown statues that will appear in combat rooms, if a hidden room is present there will always be two statues, one inside the walkable area, and another outside the edge of the room which will mark the path to the hidden room. In order to uncover these, it’s best practice to clear out any rocks or other environment props that might obscure them in each room, this shouldn’t take you long and ensures you don’t miss them, as well as granting resources for clearing space.

Collect Lore Tablets & Unlock Holder of History in Cult of the Lamb

The easiest way to find these rooms is to equip the Telescope tarot card to reveal the map, this will allow you to see when hidden rooms are present where you may otherwise miss them, as their entrances need to be unlocked and could be easily missed. On the map, they will be marked with a scroll/paper icon.

Entering a Hidden Room

To enter the room, attack the statue in your combat room, it may take a few hits to activate. When successful, a red beam will link the two statues together and destroy them, clearing the pathway to enter.

When you enter, you will walk to the centre of the room and need to sacrifice a red heart to receive a lore tablet in return. You can then continue with your crusade as normal!

There should be 10 of these in total, the rooms are seemingly completely random so just keep crusading and exploring until you get them all.

Collect Lore Tablets & Unlock Holder of History in Cult of the Lamb

Dungeon Graveyard

Collect Lore Tablets & Unlock Holder of History in Cult of the Lamb

3 lore pieces

Dungeon graveyards are a type of dungeon that can be encountered in “?” locations on the crusade map, they consist of four or five graves that you are prompted to dig up. Lost messages can be found here when digging up one of the graves (these graves also have a chance to spawn enemies, so be careful!)

Special NPC Encounter Rooms

2 lore pieces

  • Two additional lore pieces can be found in npc/resource rooms;

Monch’s Room

Monch can be encountered in any “?” room, and will raise the loyalty of one of your followers. However if you walk behind his bonfire you can see the “pick up” prompt appear, if you do so you will obtain a Lore note.

“Pick up” prompt behind Monch’s campfire

Haro’s Room

Haro is encountered at multiple scripted points throughout the game, however during the story he can also be encountered randomly on crusades. You can find a Lore note behind his tent in these rooms.

It should be noted, I believe that if you are attempting to collect these notes after the main story it doesn’t seem like you’re able to encounter Haro anymore, instead, you can find his note in the meat room (details below).

(Thank you to Nietbern for informing me about Monch and Haro’s rooms!)

Meat Room

Meat is one of the potential resource rooms you can encounter on crusades, it will show as an icon on the crusade map. If you cannot find Haro postgame then visiting this room and destroying the chunks of meat in this resource room can drop a lost message.

The meat resource room.

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