Cult of the Lamb Make Money Easy

Discover effective money-making strategies in Cult of the Lamb with the guidance provided in our comprehensive guide for an easier in-game financial success.

You can find the strategies you need to easily make money in Cult of the Lamb in this guide.

Make Money Easy

You need some money and gold bars? Let we show you this easy strategy to get rich!

How it Works

  • Using mating tent we can get egg and hatch baby follower
  • Now adult followers will take poop after eating but babies will walk around making poop everywhere and they don’t need food to do it
  • So we can get babies walking around making money for us and when they become adults we can mate them with eachother to get even more money

Getting Follower Traits

To do this you need to get these 2 traits:

Easy money strategy
Easy money strategy

Mating Tent & Hatchery

Next thing to do is unlocking mating tent

Easy money strategy


To speed up process of hatching eggs you can unlock hatchery to tier II

Easy money strategy

Mating Followers

Step 1:

  • Choosing followers to mate
  • I choosed here Oven who have “royal pooper” trait for goled poops and Cody who has “Lustful” trait so i got better chances for them two to mate

Easy money strategy

Step 2:

  • Choosing traits for baby
  • Choose here these 2 traits i was talking about and if you are lucky enough you will get gold egg so you can get total 4 traits cool right?

Easy money strategy

Step 3:

  • *Results
  • Here’s example of baby i hatched after mating them but important thing is that it will make money

Easy money strategy

Getting Money and Gold Bars

• After collecting golden poop you will get money not much but if you got like 3 or 4 of them you going to make good amount of money in no time

• To get gold bars you need to fertiliser farm plot while something growing
you can do it by yourself or leave it to yours followers to do it for you

• while colleting for example berries that have been fertilized with gold poop you will get gold bars so you need a while to grow these gold bars
• if follower collect for example berries that have been fertilized with gold poop it will collect gold bars and left it in farm chest

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