CULTIC Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our CULTIC Achievements Guide 100%. The only guide that achievements need. 100% – All secrets included! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the CULTIC game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our CULTIC guide.

CULTIC Achievements Guide 100%

CULTIC Simple/Easy Achievements

100% Achievement GuideStack ’em Up
Get 2 or more headshots with a single Lever Action shot

100% Achievement GuideMelon Popper
Pop 250 enemy heads

100% Achievement GuideNot today, thank you!
Deflect 25 thrown hatchets

100% Achievement GuideHail Mary
Decapitate an enemy with a hatchet from over 20 meters away

100% Achievement GuideThe Gungineer
Fully upgrade a weapon

100% Achievement GuideOw.
Forget to thrown the dynamite.

100% Achievement GuideNo Scope Cope
Headshot an enemy from 50 meters away with the pistol

100% Achievement GuideHere’s lookin’ at you
Kill an enemy with an eyeball

100% Achievement GuideHere’s lookin’ at you
Defeat the Abomination. (Final Boss)

100% Achievement GuideHow
Clear a map without taking any damage

>>>Quicksave is your friend<<<

100% Achievement GuideIt is done.
Clear Chapter One on Extreme

>>>Quicksave is your friend<<<

100% Achievement GuideHeh heh heh… thank you
Spend $15,000 in the shop in a single Survival match


100% Achievement Guide
Ma’am I do my own plumbing
Clog a toilet with body parts

100% Achievement Guide
Don’t tell David
Obliterate an enemy with the soap

100% Achievement Guide
Rescue Mission
Rescue a teddy bear from a map.

100% Achievement Guide
There’s no time for resting.
Rest on the Throne.

100% Achievement Guide
Prop Sniping
Kill an enemy with a chair from over 25 meters away

100% Achievement Guide
Great Minds Think Alike
Kill a Ghost with the prop they’re currently holding

100% Achievement Guide
Return to Sender
Reject an incoming TNT delivery

100% Achievement Guide
Barrels O’ Fun
Kill 5 enemies with an explosive barrel
100% Achievement Guide
My deepest shame
Discover my deepest shame

Secret Hunter I

I have created an separate guide for this. (Found below)

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