CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica

Welcome to our CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica guide. This guide will show you unofficial introducing the creatures […]

Welcome to our CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica guide. This guide will show you unofficial introducing the creatures from FPS game CULTIC. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the CULTIC game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our CULTIC guide.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica

Unofficial introducing the creatures from FPS game CULTIC!

Hatchet Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A believer who pledges allegiance to a cult.

The cultists who live in the cult facility will attack the player with a hand ax when they find the player. It has an attack pattern of slashing at close range and throwing a hatchet at medium range, and its durability is unexpectedly high, so be careful.

All Cultists can deal lethal damage with head attacks.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica Gunner Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

Cultist in blue robes.

Equipped with a pistol, this cultist will shoot at the player when spotted. Since it can shoot accurately even from a distance, many people are assigned to lookouts for cult facilities. He often appears with the Hatchet Cultist, making him a threat to be reckoned with.

Shot-gunner Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

Cultist in crimson robes.

Armed with a shotgun and dynamite, this cultist is a very dangerous opponent for players. The attack algorithm is the same as the Gunner Cultist, but a shotgun hit at zero range will take serious damage, so try to attack from medium range or longer where the shotgun effect is reduced.

Machine-gunner Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A heavily armed cultist with a machine gun.

This cultist, which can be said to be a fixed gun battery of the cult, will fire a tremendous amount of bullets from a long distance and try to kill the player. The power of a single shot isn’t that great, but if you receive bullets in succession, your physical strength will decrease significantly, so be careful. Move around the area to avoid the cultist’s fire and wait for his reload to give you an opening.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica Harvested

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

People who were captured as sacrifices for a cult.

Entirely covered in sacks and hung upside down from the ceiling of the cult facility, these pitiful creatures approach the player in search of freedom once they are freed from their restraints and perform suicide attacks that explode their bodies. . Harvested should not be allowed to approach, as the scattered pieces of meat will cause great damage to the player.

Harvested itself isn’t a big threat, but if you get into a melee with other enemies, it will become an obstacle that moves around, so you’ll have to spend bullets, so be careful.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A monster who harvests sacrifices for the cult.

Harvester, who appears with an eerie engine sound, attacks the player with a chainsaw in his hand. He has three attack methods, including slashing with the chainsaw he wields (immediate death depending on the difficulty), throwing dynamite, and scattering tiger traps all over the area.

Harvester’s biggest threat is attacks with chainsaws, but this is easy to capture if you hit the attack while keeping your distance. However, Harvester is certainly a threat, as his movement speeds up each time he hits an attack, and the bear traps he scatters in the area hinder the player’s movements.

In the unlikely event that you are slashed with a chainsaw, you can cancel Harvester’s attack by adding a high-powered attack such as a shotgun.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica Shield Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTICA cultist equipped with a

large shield.

Equipped with a large shield with spikes, this cultist behaves like a traditional cultist, but be careful as the large shield you have equipped gives you high durability against attacks. Since it handles various weapons such as hatchets and pistols, it will be a formidable opponent combined with the durability of the shield.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A cultist who has awakened to supernatural powers.

Ghosts, the personification of malice, use their psychic powers to attack the player to make them dead. There are two methods of attack, one is the manipulation of objects using telekinesis. This is to manipulate objects in the area and hit the player, and it will be activated even if the ghost is not in the player’s field of vision.

The other is psychokinesis interference with the mind. When a ghost appears in front of the player, the player is tormented and slowly loses his physical strength. Luckily, ghosts have the same endurance as other cultists, so killing them as soon as you spot them will put an end to all the troublesome phenomena.

Grenadier Cultist

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

Cultist in orange robes.

Equipped with a grenade launcher, this cultist fires grenades from medium range upon sighting the player. This grenade comes at high speed, making it difficult to dodge, and the impact and blast will cause high damage. If you see the presence of a cultist, sniping from a distance is the safest tactic.

Also, when the Grenadier Cultist is in a dying state, it will perform a kamikaze attack that will self-destruct the equipped spare ammunition. Never allow the Cultist to approach you, as this attack will instantly kill the player.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A corpse that was brought to life by an unknown power.

The corpse usually wanders around, but when it discovers the player, it will show its ferocity and attack. Contrary to the attribute of a corpse, it moves quickly, and it pounces from a medium distance to close the distance from the player, so be careful.

The corpse really poses a threat when they are in groups, and facing them head on is synonymous with death.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A giant monster kept by a cult.

A hybrid of a corpse and a gorilla, this giant will charge and attack the player with an eerie growl. Brute has a monotonous attack pattern of approaching and punching, but there is no doubt that it is an enemy to be reckoned with because of its agile movements and extremely high endurance, contrary to its appearance.

Brute first appeared in “E3: Mine city”, but the score at the time of its appearance is of high quality reminiscent of Dario Argento’s movie, so it’s worth listening to.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A high-ranking cmember of a cult.

Equipped with equipment to eliminate intruders, the Adept will pursue you anywhere to torment you. The Adept is armed with a shotgun and a Sten submachine gun, both of which can be effectively fired at close range.

Also, since the Adept wearing body armor has high defensive power, countermeasures with powerful firearms will be essential.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A predator that mimics humans.

At first glance, Debower looks like a large, half-naked man, but when the player approaches it, his torso splits vertically, revealing his hideous true nature. The attack method of the debower has two patterns of approaching and biting, and spitting out digestive juices from a medium distance.

It is a difficult enemy with high endurance and attack power, so be sure to deal with it while avoiding its attacks well.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A Skeleton that was brought to life by an unknown power.

The attack algorithm is the same as the aforementioned Cultists, but because of its agile movements, it is dangerous if attacked by more than one.

T26 E4 Super

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

An American heavy tank owned by a cult.

This tank, which has rushed into the chapel garden to completely eliminate the player, is equipped with a powerful 50-caliber main gun and a machine gunner equipped with a machine gun, and tries to annihilate the enemy with its overwhelming firepower. do.

The main gun of the T26 E4 Super takes a lot of damage when hit, but it can be neutralized if it jumps into the tank’s bosom. However, the machine gunners on top of the tank will take advantage of that opportunity and inflict intense fire on the player. This machine gunner is also in command of the chapel raid team, and if he radios support, multiple cultists will be summoned to the chapel, so be careful.

The T26 E4 is robust, so it takes very little damage from gunshots. Try to deal damage centered on dynamite that can be obtained in the chapel area and destroy it.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A cult combatant trained as a sniper.

Equipped with a sniper rifle, this cultist is usually placed on a hill with a good view, but if he sees the player, he will shoot at the player accurately. A sharpshooter equipped with a pistol in case of close combat boasts the same accuracy as a rifle, so be careful.

On the other hand, since the sharpshooter does not move from the sniper position, it has a cute point such as not noticing the player’s presence until this one attacks.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A heavily armed combatant armed with a flamethrower.

Equipped with a huge fuel tank and bulletproof armor, the Incinerator fires flames to incinerate the player. There are two methods of attack by the incinerator. One fires a flame that draws a parabola like a cannon, and the flame burns a wide range at the same time as it hits, causing great damage to the surroundings. The second is to shoot flames over several lines like a beam, and although the power is low, it is difficult to avoid.

If you come in contact with the flames fired by the Incinerator, you will slowly lose your health due to burn damage. Because it is heavily armed, let’s deal damage while disturbing the Incinerator, which is difficult to turn in a small turn.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

A suit of armor brought to life by an unknown power.

The armor is usually enshrined as a magnificent interior, but when it detects the player, it will attack with the broadsword it has in hand. Contrary to its sluggish appearance, its movements are agile, and its slashing attack that pounces on the player is formidable, so try to attack while moving around.

CULTIC Encyclopedia Diabolica Cult Conjurer

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTICConjurer (maybe Supreme Leader of Cult)

Conjurer confronts the player at the deepest part of the excavation site, muttering “It is done…” with satisfaction to the player who points his gun at him. And in the next moment, he was shattered and died by the hands of an evil god who appeared from the darkness.

Conjurer only appears in the event scene where the final boss appears, but the way he accepts his own death as obedience is a scene that symbolizes this mad death cult.


Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

An abominable evil god worshiped by death cults.

Abomination falls asleep in the ruins of the cult facility, but is awakened by the summons of the cult cult and overwhelms the player. Abomination, which boasts the largest size in this work, uses many attack methods that make use of its reach, such as “crushing with its long arms” and “throwing drums and rubble” that make use of its body. Also, in order to support this evil god, cultists equipped with firearms will shoot from the scaffolding of the ruins, so the battle with the Abomination will be a game of time.

Encyclopedia Diabolica of CULTIC

Abomination’s weak point is the heart in its chest, and the player’s attack is blocked by the thick ribcage, but if a certain amount of damage is done to the head, Abomination will faint and the heart will be exposed from the ribcage ( 2nd image) If you aim for that chance and hit a high-powered weapon, it will be possible to defeat this evil god.

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