Dark Devotion – Map v1.6 %100 and Books Map

Map v1.6 %100 and Books Map

A map showing the location of all bosses, lost rooms, ancient tablets, and more.

Map is a bit barebones and ugly at the moment and missing quite a lot of information, but figured it’d be helpful for people working their way through and trying to find lost rooms etc.



  • After several hours work, I put together a version of the map with MANY (but not 100% yet) of the notes/books/texts that we need to find for the achievement (as well as a lot of them that probably aren’t necessary).
  • Changed Frost Magic > Cold Magic
  • Added Vlenn’s Sword
  • Moved Jael’s Cell marker to correct place.
  • Added Silver Cross trinket location.
  • Added info about the Iron Masked Prince in Library and Heraldic Lily.


  • Added note to the Cloister of the Chosen about Gabrielle and Ariuk’s location if you’ve spoken to both NPCs on the same run.
  • Added a “Reuiniting Ariuk and Gabrielle” achievement route to a section below the main map.
  • Added a “Templar versus Templar: A Fair Fight” achievement route to a section below the main map.

The Map (v1.6)

Books & Notes (Not 100% Yet)

This isn’t 100% complete, but it has a LOT of the various books marked on. Missing probably a handful. It should be useful for anyone looking for them.

Reuniting Ariuk and Gabrielle Route Map

Templar versus Templar: A Fair Fight Achievement Route

Updated due to error pathing to Templar’s Sword.

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