UBOAT – Controls PC Keyboard and Mouse

UBOAT PC Keyboard and Mouse Control

Mouse Control

Middle Mouse = time compress x2 / normal
R-Click on cogs = brings up dial of different options
R-Click on Map (and in zoomed out 3d mode) = set way points (Hold shift to set multiple)

Keyboard Control

M = Open map
U = On/off UI
F = Flashlight
B = Handheld binoculars
N = Free camera
R, F or Page Up, Page Down = move free camera up or down

F1, F2, F3 = Change view to: FPP, section view, orbit view
F4, F5, F6 = Buttons in the upper right corner

1, 2, 3, … = Selecting characters
] = Swap postprocessing
+ = Engine gear increase
– = Engine gear decrease

Shift = Run (when in free camera mode, moves faster)
CTRL = adds orders to the end of the order queue
Alt = Displays UI in FPP
TAB = Displays list of offices on screen
Space = Pause

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