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Darksiders 3 – How to Defeat Avarice Boss

How to Defeat Avarice Boss Situated in Atrium of Greed, Nether, the boss requires your character […]

How to Defeat Avarice Boss

Situated in Atrium of Greed, Nether, the boss requires your character to be at least 13 with 280 HP if you are to stand a chance against him. This is quite a nimble foe even though he is able to carry a lot and exhibit some heavy hitting attacks.

In general, you can cause a great deal of damage by either using the Volcanic Charge attack or imbuing the weapons with Immolation.

This is because these will apply the Burn or Explosion status effect on Avarice whittling his health little by little. As for specific punishes for his attacks, you need to know about his attacks work.

Let us analyze his different offensive moves and how to dodge them, all the while striving for your goal to defeat Avarice.

Leaping Ground Pound

This is a powerful ground smash when Avarice comes crushing down from the air with a devastating force. Usually, he attacks when he is on top of a tower, but can still initiate the move from the ground.

To avoid it, dodge away. The best punish is either with Volcanic Charge or Phoenix Rising.

Swipe Attack

When Avarice gets up close, he will perform devastating swipe-like melee attacks with his claws. Both of these moves are formulaic and can be easily predicted.

In such scenarios, it is best to stick to quick combos like the Burning Slash Cross, so you can quickly dodge when you see either of those hands getting raised up for an eventual swipe strike.

It is important not to be cornered against the walls or tower during this move and if you find yourself in such a position, use Flame Jump to get out immediately.

Junk Toss

During the battle, Avarice will hop from one tower to the next and in the process hurl projectiles at you. These are pieces of junk or trash that you can simply avoid by evading or dodging sideways.

There is no way of punishing Avarice during this move though. However, one advantage you can take is to use any consumables to regenerate health and for other buffs, while Avarice initiates the toss.

If you are fed up with Avarice jumping across the towers, you can trick him into destroying it. This is done by standing near the towers when he initiates the bathtub, clock or refrigerator throws mentioned below.

Bathtub and Clock Attacks

After receiving some damage, he can pick a bathtub or a grandfather clock randomly from the junk at his disposal. With either of the two items, he will first perform a slam attack after which he will swing the item around that has a scary-long range.

Soon, he will quit swinging and hurl the object towards you. Make sure to keep dodging throughout this exchange. After avoiding the overhead slam, you can punish Avarice by Arcane Counter.

As for dodging the swinging attacks, you can counter with Sin and Punishment attack.

Refrigerator Attack

At about less than 50% of his health, the final phase of the fight will start. During this, Avarice will pick up a huge refrigerator and start using it as an object to slam with.

Immediately after, he will often dash towards you while swinging the refrigerator so it is best to keep your distance and dodge when necessary.

Since these slams and swings will be quite fast, it is advisable to consume Undying Shard, Fortification Shard, or Havoc Shard for durability to survive through his flurry of attacks.

After the fight, you can collect Incandescent Remains as the loot drop from Avarice.

Also, explore around the atrium to collect other valuable items including the Angelic and Demonic Artifacts which you will require for *Enhancement Upgrades*.

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