Darksiders 3 – How to Fast Travel?

Darksiders 3 - How to Fast Travel

How to Fast Travel?

Since the map is quite large, fast travelling is going to be very important. In order to fast travel, you need to head on to the Serpent Holes which are used by Vulgrim to teleport you to his designated Plinth locations.

If you want to fast travel, you need to go ahead and speak to Vulgrim and select the option “Serpent Holes”. After that, you will be able to view all of the fast travel locations that are available to you and select one of them.

You can use your bumper keys to scroll through the regions and simply select the one that you need to move to.

Whenever you find a new Vulgrim Plinth, you can fast travel to that specific location and it is added for future use. Make sure to visit each of the Plinths in every region since you will only be able to fast travel to the Plinths that you have visited previously.

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