DAVE THE DIVER Best Staff & Combinations

Welcome to our DAVE THE DIVER Best Staff & Combinations guide. This guide will show you details on best staff and combinations for game!

Hello from our DAVE THE DIVER Best Staff & Combinations guide. In order to guarantee the satisfaction of every patron at Dave’s sushi restaurant, players must enlist the assistance of a handful of employees. This guide will show you details on best staff and combinations for game!

DAVE THE DIVER Best Staff & Combinations

Welcome to our DAVE THE DIVER Best Staff & Combinations guide. This guide will show you details on best staff and combinations for game!

Best Staff and Combinations

While the thrill of delving into the submerged secrets within Dave the Diver is undoubtedly captivating, it’s crucial to also bear in mind the other facet of the game: overseeing a sushi restaurant. At the onset, your time allocation between exploring the depths of the Blue Hole and managing Bancho Sushi may be evenly balanced. Nonetheless, as you encounter fresh personalities who can aid you in your above-water duties, the balance is likely to shift, allowing for more extensive diving escapades.

Once players grasp the mechanics of the advertisement system, they can actively recruit staff to assist in the restaurant’s operation. Various ranks determine an employee’s skill set and capabilities. Among these tiers, platinum and gold hold the highest positions. While sourcing workers of such caliber might prove challenging, the benefits they bring can make the effort worthwhile. Nonetheless, there exist several employees in the lower echelons who still make substantial contributions to the restaurant’s seamless functioning. These team members possess unexpectedly proficient skills or possess talents that offer them a notable advantage.


  • Cooking: 1100
  • Serving: 23
  • Procure: 10
  • Appeal: 10

You will meet Maki and acquire her services early on in Chapter 2, your first hire. While her starting stats aren’t that impressive, she is a worthwhile investment to keep at Bancho Sushi. Leveling her up to 20 will give you the employee with the highest Cooking rating in the game.

In addition, her special skills include Cooking+ and Cooking++, which will speed up food preparation significantly. Just because Maki is the first employee you can hire in the game doesn’t mean you should replace her once you have more characters to choose from. Stick with Maki, and she will prove to be one of the best employees in the game.


  • Cooking: 1752
  • Serving: 330
  • Procure: 794
  • Appeal: 132

Yone stands as another exceptional addition to your staff, possessing a well-rounded skill set that ranks just below Maki’s prowess in cooking. As a Diamond Rank Staff member, obtaining her services requires a substantial investment of time. Nevertheless, once you succeed in doing so and pair her with Maki, you’ll possess an unstoppable duo that outshines the competition.

Upon reaching level 20, Yone’s cooking proficiency ranks among the finest in the game. Coupled with her abilities like Ingredient-Prep Expert and Cooking++, she ascends to the status of an indispensable member within the Bancho Sushi team.

3.El Nino

  • Cooking: 132
  • Serving: 1033
  • Procure: 769
  • Appeal: 901

Booyaka! El Niño takes the spotlight as the top-tier Diamond Rank luchador server in Dave the Diver. Despite his initial low appeal rating, don’t be deceived – he effortlessly compensates for this deficiency with his dual special proficiencies: Cleaning Master and Drink Serving Master.

The Cleaning Master attribute empowers El Niño to autonomously tidy up areas and amass gratuities, while Drink Serving Master ensures that every beverage he serves consistently garners a flawless rating. Collectively, he stands as the most exceptional server you can recruit within the game.


  • Cooking: 231
  • Serving: 491
  • Procure: 331
  • Appeal: 531

While the prospect of employing a real dinosaur might overshadow the notion of hiring a ninja, securing the services of Itsuki is by no means insignificant. Like Drae, Itsuki is a distinguished candidate for your branch manager role due to her remarkably elevated service and appeal ratings.

Furthermore, her distinctive abilities encompass Drink Serving proficiency and the rare Staff with Irresistible Charm attribute. This combination proves advantageous in luring additional customers to your establishment.


  • Cooking: 304
  • Serving: 910
  • Procure: 770
  • Appeal: 194

Raptor proves to be a commendable server, boasting a rather distinctive skill set. Furthermore, you have the advantage of acquiring his services before El Niño (widely regarded as the finest server obtainable), as he holds the status of a Gold Rank staff member. When El Niño becomes accessible, pairing him with Raptor results in the creation of a server dream team. Raptor’s individual skills are notably rare, making the prospect of having a single employee possess both of them even more appealing. The integration of Cocktail Serving and Wasabi Refill within a solitary employee is the primary rationale behind securing this talented reptilian for Bancho Sushi.


  • Cooking: 675
  • Serving: 635
  • Procure: 506
  • Appeal: 549

Drae emerges as a versatile staff member attainable once Platinum Rank employees enter the scene. While he may come across as a generalist, this very quality makes him an ideal contender for a managerial role. Securing capable individuals for managerial positions is imperative, and Drae fits this requirement impeccably.

His unique abilities encompass Cleaning and Cocktail Serving, presenting a polished final touch for your team. Swiftly investing in Drae’s training and elevating him to higher levels is crucial to fully harness his potential as an effective branch manager.


  • Cooking: 490
  • Serving: 360
  • Procure: 859
  • Appeal: 915

At level 20, Davina boasts the highest procurement rating. When combined with her Dispatch Master skill, she solidifies her position as one of the top dispatchers in the game, alongside Masayoshi. Additionally, she possesses the uncommon Staff with Irresistible Charm ability, contributing to the growth of loyal customers at Bancho Sushi.

By teaming her up with Masayoshi, you assemble the ultimate dispatcher duo within the game. With either Davina or Masayoshi on your side, concerns about ingredient shortages become a thing of the past, allowing you to manage your establishment with confidence.


  • Cooking: 908
  • Serving: 330
  • Procure: 505
  • Appeal: 198

Despite his intimidating appearance reminiscent of a slasher film character, James proves to be a dependable asset to have on your team. At maximum level, he exhibits a commendable cooking prowess, serving as a valuable addition alongside top chefs like Maki or Yone.

His distinctive skill, Ingredient Prep Master, synergizes ideally with another staff member boasting Cooking+ or Cooking++ proficiency. This strategic pairing enables your team to ready more plates before they’re presented, ultimately enhancing productivity and streamlining operations.

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