Toll Collectors Key in BG3

Hello from our Toll Collectors Key in BG3 guide. Players should naturally be directed to find him as part of the Devil-Hunting mission. This takes players to the Toll Collector’s house in the Ascending Road area of the map. There’s a door to the basement inside, but it’s locked. Players will need to find a key to open it. Fortunately, he is not far from home.

Toll Collectors Key in BG3

Welcome to our Toll Collectors Key in BG3 guide. This guide will show you details on Toll Collectors and Toll House in BG3!

Toll Collectors How to get?

When it comes to looting in the Toll House, there are a lot of containers to loot, but the only thing that is particularly noteworthy is a Soul Coin sitting on the balcony along the southern edge of the Toll House, just climb a ladder on the southern edge. Besides the search that takes place here, there is a cellar where much more interest can be found. Just to the south of it, a body is lying next to the staircase. He can use the Talk to the Dead magic to find out that the guy dropped the key somewhere. However, saving the players from putting in too much effort is imminent. Walk under the cliff area, just southeast of the body, and the key should be lying on the ground. Use the highlight function to find out when you are close, as it is difficult to notice otherwise.

Upon acquiring it, players can journey back to their abode and utilize the obtained key to unlock the basement. This grants access to a diminutive dungeon situated below, replete with its own assortment of traps, enigmas, and concealed revelations.

Toll Collectors Key in BG3

Another Way

Alternatively, an unconventional approach to gaining entry behind the gate beneath the Toll House exists, although it demands specific circumstances. At the eastern terminus of the Toll House, a minuscule Nest Hole awaits, so minute that even individuals of smaller stature cannot enter it [Perception 5]. Although it might appear akin to a “Find the Familiar” scenario, this tactic doesn’t yield results. Leveraging the “Wizard Hand” spell to maneuver through the Slot Hole and descend into the Toll House’s basement is a possibility, but the hand’s capabilities remain limited.

A sturdier yet intricate resolution involves employing a diminutive character (such as a Half-Brood or Dwarf), subsequently shrinking them to fit the Nest Hole’s dimensions. This facilitates access to the area behind the locked door. While passage through the locked door remains unfeasible, the shrunken character can loot all possessions on this side of the barrier, provided they possess the physical capacity to carry their findings away. Numerous traps are also present in this locale, hence selecting an individual with trap detection and disarmament abilities for shrinking is advisable.

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