DAVE THE DIVER Secret Achievements Guide

Welcome to our DAVE THE DIVER Secret Achievements guide. This is a simple guide to getting 100% of the secret achievements for Dave the Diver.

Hello everyone from our DAVE THE DIVER Hidden Achievements Guide! DAVE THE DIVER is a casual, single-player adventure RPG featuring deep-sea exploration and fishing by day and sushi restaurant business by night. Join Dave and his strange friends as they try to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Blue Hole. Below are the details of the secret achievements you need to know on this adventure!

DAVE THE DIVER Secret Achievements

Welcome to our DAVE THE DIVER Secret Achievements guide. This is a simple guide to getting 100% of the secret achievements for Dave the Diver.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the DAVE THE DIVER game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our DAVE THE DIVER guide.


These are the last few achievements that are either secret, not obvious, or just don’t fit anywhere else.

Saved Dave!

Just die. Run out of oxygen for the first time and get rescued, that’s how you get this achievement!

Ration Eater

This one is important because IT IS POSSIBLE TO MISS!
Around Chapter 6, there will be an infiltration mission to enter the Sea Blue secret base. Make your way though most of the secret base, but when you reach the top floor do NOT enter the building on the far left just yet. Midway between the ladder and the building, there will be a small ration on the floor you can interact with using space. Interact with it. Eat the rations. Get the achievement. Then you can move on.

Momo’s Secret

To unlock this you have to feed Momo enough times. Go to Bancho’s Sushi during the day once you’ve managed to find some grade of cat food. They can be found in the red crock pots all around the ocean. Feed him enough times to have Bancho ask you to help figure out where Momo is vanishing to at night. Complete a stealth minigame and find out his secret.

Creature Hunter

One of the secret achievements, it just requires beating every boss. Some of them are in natural game progression, but the rest will require quests. Stormy nights will allow for 2 quests in the uppermost layer of the sea, and an old woman will appear to give you the quest for the other one. Several other quests will appear in the Sea Person Village, make sure you look for the missing kids!
In short: Giant Squid, Giant Wolf Eel, Phantom Jellyfish, Helicoprion, Kronosaurus, and Yawie are all game progression related. Truck Hermit Crab, Mantis Shrimp, Great White Shark Klaus, Clione Queen, and the Goblin Shark are all quest related. All but the Goblin Shark are given to you directly.

God of Lightning

This one is difficult to get, as it requires a few prerequisites and a lot of luck. First off you’ll need to unlock the Glacial Area, as Mjolnir shows up there. Secondly, you need to have a fully upgraded knife to be able to bash through the ice.
Once you have both of these things, you need a lot of luck. Mjolnir shows up somewhere randomly that weapons can spawn inside a giant block of ice. This can happen anywhere in the Glacial Area or even in the Glacial caves as well, make sure to check there! Once you find the huge block of ice, you can break down the ice and grab the hammer with your gloves, prying it out with a short minigame. This now replaces your melee weapon. After that, just kill a random fish with Mjolnir and the achievement is yours!


After you find Momo’s Secret, you get a new cat to feed during the day at Bancho’s Sushi. Just feed the cat 20 times and the achievement is yours! You can only feed the cat once a day, so it’ll take at least 20 days of feeding to get the achievement.

Dev Killer

One of the last achievements you should get, Dev Killer is done by destroying every single Dev in the end credits minigame.
Some pieces of advice: Hold down the firing button will allow Dave to fire off multiple laser shots in a row! This is required for the achievement, as you need to be able to destroy the Devs in one burst to have enough time.
Ignore the aliens. They’re points, but only attack them if they’re in the way. Don’t go out of your way to hunt them.
Make a plan of attack. Find one place to start then go in a circle around the map. You need to not miss a single one to get the achievement.

Don’t worry if you miss this one! You actually unlock the credits as a minigame so you can try it again and again.

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