MONSTER HUNTER RISE Sunbreak Great Wirebugs Locations

Hello from our guide to MONSTER HUNTER RISE Sunbreak Great Wirebugs Locations! This guide is to help people who want the Great Wirebug Medal achievement for discovering a lot (actually all) of the Great Wirebug locations in the Jungle and Citadel maps.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Sunbreak Great Wirebugs Locations

Welcome to our MONSTER HUNTER RISE Sunbreak Great Wirebugs Locations guide. We’ll point out a few points that might be a little confusing, but not every point. To compare maps, open your detailed map, then the icon list and go to the far right tab to find Jewel Lillies. The (Unexplored) option is for Jewel Lillies that you find but haven’t placed a Great Wirebug on, but the map will not show you the Jewel Lilly points you haven’t been to.

The Citadel

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Sunbreak Great Wirebugs

On this map, there are no Jewel Lilly spots underground.

One of the spots I noticed people talking about online is the one located in the southeast corner of Area 3. From Base Camp, follow the flowing river in Area 2 until you see a tunnel on the right side. As you reach the end of the tunnel, you’ll see vines on the wall with corridors on either side. Climb up the vines, and keep your camera tracked on the left side of your character. Roughly halfway up the vines, you’ll see an opening in the wall. Ignore the red door and head to the end of the room, where you’ll find a tunnel. You’ll find the Jewel Lilly spot at the end of this tunnel.

The Jungle

Above Ground

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Sunbreak Great Wirebugs

Below Ground

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Sunbreak Great Wirebugs

There’s only one Jewel Lilly spot underground, in the far north of the map. It’s pretty easy to find, just jump into the giant hole in that spot.

The one location that might be difficult to find is the one in the northwest corner of the map that seems to come and go from nowhere. Going to the island’s edge, you’ll see a much smaller island off in the water that you just can’t seem to reach. To get there, you need to head to Area 1 and use the Great Wirebugs that are just north of the number 1 on the map. If you’re worried about getting stuck there because you only have 1 Great Wirebug, don’t be. The island already has a Great Wirebug placed there, so you won’t get stuck.

You need Barrel Bombs to access this spot, as it’s blocked by a pile of rocks that’s sitting atop the hill. Blow the hole, get in, and place the Great Wirebug. This Great Wirebug is linked to two floating ones, so get ready for your quicktime events in the air, otherwise you won’t go to the island. Do everything right, and you’ll be sent to the small island.

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