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Day Repeat Day Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Day Repeat Day Walkthrough and Achievements Guide. This guide contains information about the walkthrough on Repeat Day and how to achieve all the achievements.

Hello to the our Day Repeat Day Walkthrough and Achievements guide! Day Repeat Day is a story-based 3s matching game about life, work and the meaning of your body. Welcome to our Repeat Day Step-by-Step Guide and our Achievements Guide. This guide contains information about the way to follow on the repetition day and how to achieve all the achievements!

Day Repeat Day Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Day Repeat Day Walkthrough and Achievements Guide. This guide contains information about the walkthrough on Repeat Day and how to achieve all the achievements.

Guide Structure / Things to Know

In order to get every achievement in the game, you need to do one full playthrough of the game (well, close to full; you’ll see when we get to the very end). For the majority of the achievements in the game, you just need to play through the game normally and they will unlock as you complete days. Note that the most involved achievements are In Contact, Into the Unknown, and Future Memories and will get the most focus in this guide (and are also all related to the hidden puzzles).

The achievements that require you to solve the hidden puzzles, namely Into the Unknown and Future Memories, require gathering information hidden throughout the entire game, but technically speaking, if you know the answer to the puzzles, you can get those achievements at any point. I will highlight what you need to focus on for each puzzle on each day in the game and will show you jhow to gather the information naturally and efficiently throughout a single playthrough (there is a LOT of noise and distraction in this game in terms of what is and isn’t puzzle-related).

For spoilers, I will have two separate ones for each puzzle step. The first spoiler will hide which puzzle/achievement the step is covering, and the second will cover the specific step. So if you read the spoilers in the Hidden Puzzles section about what you should be focusing on, and then read the first spoiler for each puzzle step to know what puzzle you should be watching out for, you can still solve the puzzles more or less on your own.

If you want what I would consider the full experience of the game, but also one that would double and maybe even triple your required playtime as far as getting achievements goes, you’ll want to do at least two full playthroughs and then possibly a third if you want to see how to naturally gather the info needed for the last puzzle. If you want to play this way, ignore all spoilers for your first playthrough, focus on only spoilers for Into the Unknown for your second playthrough, and then focus on spoilers for Future Memories for your third playthrough. I will say though that I think it’s logical and natural to get Into the Unknown for your first playthrough and then just do a second playthrough to gather the needed info for Future Memories and skip the third playthrough (you’ll miss out on an ending this way, but it’s a “bad ending” and only needed if you want to be a completionist and see everything the game has to offer, since the bad ending is not connected to any achievements).

There are two aspects of the game that I will minimally cover because they don’t directly relate to any achievements, namely the actual Match-3 gameplay (yes, there are no hidden puzzles in any of the Match-3 levels) and the majority of the choices that you can make in the Chat. While there are certainly some choices in the Chat that are critical to getting all of the achievements, which I will of course highlight, if I don’t say anything about a choice you can make during chats you can choose whatever you like (there’s never a reason to not play through a whole conversation by the way).

To make things go faster in terms of focusing on the achievements, I would ignore relationships and focus on working overtime (though note that in relation to overtime, while there’s an achievement related to taking overtime every chance you get, there’s nothing related to Into the Unknown in overtime, so if you’re doing a full three playthrough game, you can skip overtime for the first one or two playthroughs if you’d like). This also means that you can be mean to most of your contacts and try to cut ties with them; for Into Contact, you only need to have the contacts appear on the screen and can have them cut ties with you at any point. I will say that personally I would try to develop relationships with people just because the writing and experience is excellent and moving, but it’s of course entirely up to you.


This section highlights exactly what you need to focus on if you want to try and solve the puzzles entirely on your own but are lost as to how to start. The below spoilers do not spoil any puzzles directly, but instead provide hints on what you need to focus on in order to be able to solve them.

First, broadly speaking, all of the hidden puzzles revolve around numbers/the comms interface, so you’re safe to ignore anything related to writing and Match-3 puzzles. Also, the majority of company websites/phone numbers are unrelated to the puzzles, so you’re safe to skip over them if you want to rush through the game, but a fair number are crucial for the puzzles; I will of course cover which ones matter.

There are also two main hidden puzzles, one connected to the achievement Into the Unknown and one connected to the achievement Future Memories. All of the information for both puzzles can be collected during a single playthrough, but you’ll only be able to fully solve one per playthrough (and if you’re not cheating and are gathering what you need as you play, you can only get all of the information for one of the puzzles after fully completing the other puzzle).

Here are spoilers about what you need to focus on to solve these puzzles.

For the first puzzle, you want to focus only on the names of companies that you’re doing jobs for, specifically ones related to math/numbers . For the second puzzle, which is much more involved than the first puzzle, you want to keep an eye out for numbers in the game that have a “#” before them. It’s not every single one of them (for example you can ignore the order numbers on every day), but keep an eye out for ones that seem to be on their own/somewhat out of place or focused on by the game, and take notes.

Day 1

This day does not have any hidden puzzle content in it, so you’re mostly free to just play through, solve all of the puzzles, and make any choices that you want.

The only thing to really focus on is when first talking to Charlie at the very beginning, choose “Could you tell me a little more about the company?” and then “Oh, that’s super interesting, keep going!” and then “Yes, I really do want more!” to get Richard’s contact info (555-0160). Make sure to call him to get him on your contact list, though as far as I know, you never have to engage with him again after this if you don’t want to. You will also gain three contacts naturally while playing the day (Charlie, Robin, and Danny), all of who count for In Contact.

Go ahead and complete the day and sign out. You’ll get your first achievement, The First Day.

Future Memories

Watch the C-Seed Clip and write down that it is labeled #SEED72 and record that.

Day 1127 (Day 2)

This is another day where there is no hidden puzzle content, so for the most part just play through all of the levels. At one point, Jules will contact you. He of course counts for In Contact. You can choose anything, but be sure to call 555.6363 to reach Vivian, who also counts for In Contact. You can choose anything with her (if you’re trying to speed through, it’s faster to not be interested in her, though you’ll miss out on a lot of content if you do). A quick note here that Jules is the most important contact to keep a strong relationship with throughout the game as far as getting achievements goes.

Complete the day and sign out for your second achievement, Another Day.

Future Memories

Watch the C-Seed Clip and write down that it is labeled #FREE71.

Day 3204 (Day 3)

This day is where things start to get much more involved as far as the hidden puzzles go. In general, anything you choose in chat doesn’t matter until the very end of the day. Go ahead and play through the levels, but one of them will matter for one of the puzzles (see spoiler directly below).

Into the Unknown

You’ll see that one of the priority orders is called 3rd Digit Productions. Call them at 777-1324, watch the video clip and note that the number 4 appears at the very end. Make a note that the “3rd Digit” is 4.

At the end of the day, accept the promotion from Charles, and also accept overtime if you’re trying to do everything in a single playthrough or are solving Future Memories on a later playthrough.

Future Memories

When you get to theMeeTooGames Inc. order during overtime, call them at 777-3544. Play a game of tic-tac-toe (result doesn’t matter) and when you get to the Thank you for playing screen, note that the number of coins has a “#” before it, specifically #9001. Disconnect and then call 777-9001. Note that it says Fade, and then when it connects it shows a 6. So note that Fade= 6.

Complete overtime and sign out for the day to get A Day More.

Future Memories

Watch the C-Seed Clip and write down that it is labeled #SENS78.

Day 5155 (Day 4)

Future Memories

Right away on this day, you can discover another secret number by going to your Status and discovering that your Employee Leaderboard Rank is #3204. Call 777-3204 and you’ll see that it says Never” and then when it connects it shows a 5. So Never= 5.

Make sure to engage with Jules and make sure to say you’re going to the party and when you say you want a new car say that you’re joking. I’m honestly not certain that everything here is 100% needed, but you need to maintain your relationship with Jules in order to unlock another (very) important contact on a future day, and going to the party won’t get impacted by you working overtime, so you’re safe to both accept the invitation and work overtime with no damage to your relationship with Jules.

Into the Unknown

Solve Match-3 puzzles until you get to 1st in Order Publishing. Call them at 777-4684 and note the number that is highlighted- “The clue is the number nine”. So 1st in Order = 9.

Make sure to accept overtime to continue working towards Workaholic, finish the levels and get another achievement, Days Go By.

Future Memories

Watch the C-Seed Clip and write down that it is labeled #WORK22.

Day 7486 (Day 5)

Today, until overtime, there are only communication related things to keep track of. First, I’m not sure if this is 100% needed, but engage with Charlie and learn about who/what he is. This is for interacting with Jules later.

When speaking with Jules, say that you’ll help with his project and then make sure to call 555-9925 to meet Leslie. Leslie is critical for us; she’s of course a new contact for In Contact but also leads us to another crucial contact later on.

When speaking to Leslie, be straightforward with her and say that Jules gave you her number, that you work for JokiJoki, that you’ll help, and that you’ll ask for a promotion. Speak with Charlie afterwards and ask for (and get) your promotion.

Finish the day’s levels and then make sure to ask for overtime.

Future Memories – As soon as overtime starts, you’ll see the order for Motor George’s Racing Garage. Call 777-9341 and note the numbers on the cars (18 and 12) and that at the end, the company was established in #1812. Call 777-1812 and you’ll see that it says “Will” and then when it connects it shows a “1”. So Will = 1.

Complete overtime and sign off to get Again Another Day.

Future Memories – Watch the C-Seed Clip and note that it is labeled #CALM37 and record that.

Day 10229 (Day 6)

In chat today, make sure to engage with Jules and be positive/encouraging for most of it. Eventually he will ask you to contact Leslie to find out what happened. Speak with Leslie and continue to ask about what happened and get as much information as possible. Make sure to NOT say that it’s all and that you don’t want to hear it anymore. Maintain interest and say that you want to do something. When you’re finished with Leslie, also talk to Jules again.

Into the Unknown

Play through most stages until you get to The 4th Place. Call 777-2612 and pay attention to the number that frequently appears, 7. So note that The 4th Place = 7.

At the end of the day today, make sure to take overtime to work towards Workaholic, but there’s nothing puzzle-related, so just finish the levels and get And Another Day.

Future Memories

Watch the C-Seed Clip and write down that it is labeled #EXER97.

Day 13896 (Day 7)

This is a very eventful day in terms of puzzles and achievements, so prepare to spend some time here.

Into the Unknown

Get ready, as we’re about to solve this puzzle! If you don’t want to have it fully solved for you, turn back now!

Straight away, your first order is for The 2nd In Sequence. Call 777-7285 and note the number that gets hinted at multiple times, 3 (for example, put one and one and one together), so note that the 2nd in sequence is 3. With that, you now have a 4 digit string in a specific order, namely 9347. Since you’ve almost always been calling numbers with 777 at the start, you can now call 777-9347 to see…an internal system status! Believe it or not, you don’t have to record anything here; just seeing this screen is enough to eventually lead to the resolution of the first puzzle.

Talk to Jules and ask what he’s researching and learn as much as you can from him about it, including asking who’s behind it and what you can do about it. Nothing will come of this right away, but it sets up an important conversation you’re about to have.

Play until you get your promotion and then talk to Leslie. Say that you wish there was something you could do, and she will give you a new number: 555-1196. Dial it and you’ll reach June, which will also finally give you the In Contact achievement!

Into the Unknown

When you reach June, she’ll ask for a Captcha verification, and because you saw the system status screen, you’ll have a choice for a long number iteration (which you saw on that screen). Choose it and speak at length with June but be positive towards her and say that you understand that the change that you make will be permanent and that you’re interested in what she’s saying and that you’ll look into it. She’ll give you the way to access the final step for Into the Unknown: dial 040-1628 and then run a file called “goodbye”. We will do this soon, but there’s a little more to do first.

Finish the day but definitely don’t retire, and say that you’d like Charlie to sign your task list, and accept extra hours and complete the day. Fair warning here that the final overtime level is VERY tough and will likely take many tries and some luck. Beating the last overtime level will get you the Workaholic achievement!

Future Memories

Watch the C-Seed Clip and note that it is labeled #OBEY07 and record that.

Day 19292 (Day 8)

When you get to this day, you will get Dedicated right away.

Future Memories

Right away, you can see that the OS looks different and is #5628. Dial 777-5628 and see that it connects to Shared and then the number 3 appears. So Shared = 3.

Now exciting news; you do NOT need to play another level. You can finish out the day and get what I would argue is a “bad” ending (and play through some very aggravating levels), but you actually don’t need to for any of the achievements, so only do this if you are playing a completely non-spoiler/non-puzzle playthrough. If you do this, you’ll get Process Completed once you complete the game, and you should then start a new game and go for the puzzle related achievements. For those of you going through the puzzles, check out the spoilers below.

Into the Unknown

Go ahead and dial 040-1628. You’ll connect to Macro JJ/OS. There is a ton of information here, which will give you lots of insight into what’s really going on behind the scenes in the game.

For our purposes with this guide, there are only two documents that you truly need to look at (and one of them is optional). The optional one is “babysteps.txt” which suggests that there are things tagged with # that are important; this is critical for figuring out the Future Memories puzzle. The second is what June told you to do, namely go to goodbye.batch and click Exit, so go ahead and do so when you’re ready.

Future Memories

#4022 appears in the upper right corner of the final video clip at the very end; remember that!

For those of you following the puzzles/along with the spoilers in this guide, you’ll get Into the Unknown and Process Completed after completing your first playthrough.

New Game: Future Memories

This section for those for you who only have Future Memories left to get, as you need to start a new game to get the final pieces of the puzzle. Every spoiler below is related to Future Memories.

Go ahead and start a new game and speak to Charlie, choosing whatever you want, until you get access to the Comms.

First, let’s resolve the number we saw at the very last clip. Dial 777-4022, see that it connects to Away and then the number 8 appears. So Away = 8.

You’ll notice that we now have five numbers and words associated with each other. You may have also noticed that you can only dial seven digit numbers, so it stands to reason that we need two more numbers/words. Finally, you may have noticed that the big outstanding mystery is what’s going on with the clips that happen between days, and more specifically, the hashtagged phrases.

Massive spoilers for Future Memories below, and I will segment each step in a separate spoiler so you can get step by step assistance if you want to try and figure parts of it out on your own.

First off, like everything related to the puzzles, writing doesn’t matter, so none of the words before the numbers in the hashtags are important. The numbers though are critical, and this is where the biggest leap of logic comes into play. The big underlying thing happening in all of the clips is that the clips play on a loop and that there are almost always mirrored images of each clip playing next to each other. If you put the numbers together in order and in columns, you get the following:

  • 72
  • 71
  • 78
  • 22
  • 37
  • 97
  • 07

Notice anything? First off, the left column from top to bottom gives you a new 777 number to dial, 777-2390.

But then if you think about the concept of mirrored information/images, if you do the reverse with the second digits in each number and go from bottom to top, you have ANOTHER 777 number, 777-2812.

Let’s dial both of those. You’ll get Things = 4 and We = 9. We now have seven digits and everything we need.

Final step below!

So, in numerical order, we have the following:

  • 1 = Will
  • 3= Shared
  • 4 = Things
  • 5 = Never
  • 6= Fade
  • 8 = Away
  • 9 = We

So the final step is to figure out how to make a coherent phrase from those words. As far as I know, this is just trial and error and there’s nothing explicit that tells you what the phrase should be, but the order that works is this:

Things We Shared Will Never Fade Away. Using the associated numbers, this translates to:

4931568. Dial that number, and you’ve done it and unlocked Future Memories! Enjoy the final clip!

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