Suzerain Libertarian Guide

Hello eveyone to our Suzerain Libertarian Guide. Rulers, have you ever wanted to fully embrace the magic of the Invisible Hand whilst simultaneously promoting and protecting the civil liberties of your citizens? If so, this guide will certainly help you.

Suzerain Libertarian Guide

Welcome to our Suzerain Libertarian Guide. This guide will help monarchs to promote and protect the civil liberties of their citizens!

Step 1, Embrace the Free Market

This is the first step to liberating the people from the oppressive bonds of their government. By embracing the Free Market, you will be un-tethering the Invisible Hand from the cumbersome restraints of the state, enabling it to guide individuals along the path most beneficial for society.

To do this, you must first begin by cutting all of the taxes on small and large corporations when the option is presented to you. Doing this will not only inhibit the power of the greedy government to steal from its citizens, but also free the Invisible Hand from the artificial bondage it is placed in by the state, enabling it to more easily guide each individual citizen on a path most beneficial for society via the exchange of commodities between Firms and Households.

Additionally, you must attempt to privatize all state owned industries, this will include complete privatization of the State Construction and Mining Companies, which will not only increase competition and efficiency (which will translate to less burdensome prices on the individual when they must purchase commodities at the behest of the Invisible Hand), but will further increase the influence the Invisible Hand has on the rest of society, which will ultimately guide it in a direction most beneficial for every individual.

(Unless you violate the NAP then it is regrettably over for you)

Step 2, Cut Down on the Government’s Ability to Oppress Its Citizens

While some people, may attempt to call this process “state withering” it is important to note that the “state” is only a construct obliged to uphold the liberties of its citizens (which some people call a Nightwatchman State), anything else that is apart of this so called “state” is nothing more than a government’s attempt to oppress its people by inhibiting the whims of the Invisible Hand and the individuals inherent right to make their own decisions and should therefore be withered.

There are many ways to do this in-game, but first, you must start by managing the state’s budget to ensure that only vital institutions maintain their funding so the following budgets will unfortunately have to be cut:

  • Health Care (decreased)
  • Education (decreased)
  • Military Spending (decreased)

and the following will have to be bumped (a necessary evil as will be explained soon)

Security (increased)

Once this happens there are a few other things that must occur when the time comes:


Bumped Security spending should be granted to the Judicial department so it can establish a large anti-corruption unit which you should set to investigate the Old-Guard (Oligarchs are exercising their individual right as private citizens to influence the government in a way that promotes the Free Market and protects the Invisible Hand and are therefore doing nothing wrong and should not be investigated), who have worked tirelessly to promote the Sollist Ideology which harms the Invisible Hand and increases the power of the state beyond reasonable limits, thus oppressing the individual.

Anti-corruption agencies will also be necessary to ensure that the state is not being influenced in a way that is detrimental to the well-being of the nation’s populace.

Additionally when the time comes, try to maintain the status quo of the Gendarmerie, to promote its dysfunction and inhibit its ability to oppress your population. (It violates the individuals NAP when it unjustly prosecutes citizens for exercising their freedom to make illicit substances)

Health Care:

Privatize the hospitals and do not intervene when the Polio epidemic begins, the Free Market via the Invisible Hand will be better at guiding society on the best possible path than State-funded Iron Lungs and silly things like ‘healthcare’.


Privatize the schools to enable the Free Hand to work its magic, allowing the citizens to pay for better education is a one-way ticket to a Libertarian Society.
When the time comes leave the evolution curriculum to the schools, the state cannot be allowed to force its ideas on the individual even if such ideas are more universally accepted.


Always go with Kruger over Iosef, do not reduce the army’s size for better weapons, a larger army with sticks is less able to oppress the people then an army with modern weapons.

When the time comes, these two executive orders must be passed:

De-Sollinization (Already kind of explained but these people are literally the biggest threat to Libertarian ideals)
Private Prisons (Invisible Hand’s Back Baby)

The last one can vary based on how ideologically extreme you are or if you managed to pull a power grab (which if you did you have already partially infringed on the ideology)

1. Girls receive equal education in school
2. Right to Bear Arms (Preservation of life, liberty, and private property but is locked behind the mean power grab decision *increase executive order*)
3. Purge the general staff (They will oppress the people unless you oppress them)

Maintain your lax immigration laws, the state does not have the right to infringe on the individual’s ability to move between your borders freely.

Step 3, Diplomacy

This section is pretty simple, align with the west (Arcasia) and open your markets so that the Glorious global spirit of the Invisible Hand may bless your people

Trade offers: It is important that you accept any offer given to you because it will increase the control of the Invisible Hand over your society via the Free Market.

This means accepting the conditions of Agnolia, Weheln, and Vespia regardless of what they ask (In Wehelns case negotiate to get out of the war crime thing)

Only by doing this may you fully embrace the Invisible Hand and enable the population to achieve unprecedented material wealth.

Because you are a good Libertarian, DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH COMMUNIST LEADERS, they brutally violate the NAP of their citizens by denying them the right to private property and essentially killing the Free Hand and negotiations with them would taint your pure Libertarian Spirit.

Step 4, Embrace the Oligarchs

They have mastered the Invisible Hand, bribes are legal you are exercising your right as an individual to participate in the liberated market economy and enable the Invisible Hand to further its influence.

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