Dead By Daylight – Name That Status Effect

Name That Status Effect Blindness “The Survivor’s Aura-reading abilities are impaired” Can’t see survivors on hook […]

Name That Status Effect


“The Survivor’s Aura-reading abilities are impaired”

  • Can’t see survivors on hook
  • Can’t see survivors in the dying state (downed)
  • Disables aura reading perks & add-ons
  • Every aura that you’d normally be able to see is no longer see-able


“The Killer’s movement speed is enhanced”

  • Maintaining a chase for 15 consecutive seconds will increase Bloodlust by a tier up to a max of 3 tiers every 15 seconds.


“The survivor cannot be healed.”

  • Displays Broken on the HUD in the lower left corner.
  • Caused by Deliverance, No Mither, or being puked on by Plague. (Please dont cleanse it makes her into an american sniper with downing vomit)

Deep Wound

“The survivor is on a bleed-out timer until healed or mended”

  • Caused by Borrowed Time, or being hit during Legion’s Feral Frenzy
  • Timer is not ticking down while in a chase, and stops depleting when you start mending.
  • Timer will also not tick down when you are in the killer’s terror radius (This applies for Legion Deep Wound and Borrowed Time)


“The Survivor is suffering from a secret penalty due to the presence of a Hex Perk.”

  • Cleansing its associated Hex Totem will dispel the curse

Perks that cause this are:

  • Devour Hope
  • Huntress Lullaby
  • NOED
  • Ruin (slow the game down just lil bit)
  • The Third Seal
  • Thrill of the Hunt


“The survivor is hardened and can resist a hit.”

  • Caused by Borrowed Time, and Mettle of Man.


“The Survivor cannot perform physically demanding feats.”

  • Exhaustion puts all affected Perks on a shared cool-down.
  • Will not recover while running, doing anything except running will recover Exhaustion.
  • Adrenaline ignores Exhaustion but will put you into Exhaustion so it will not let you use your other Exhaustion perks


  • Berus Toxin = Huntress
  • Obedience Carter’s Notes = Doctor
  • Iridescent King = Doctor
  • Slow-Release Toxin = Pig
  • Solvent Jug = Clown
  • Venomous Concoction = Huntress


  • Adrenaline
  • Balanced Landing
  • Dead Hard
  • Head on
  • Lithe
  • Sprint Burst


“The Survivor is in peril and can be downed in one hit.”


  • Redhead’s Pinky Finger = Clown
  • Iridescent Head = Huntress


  • Make Your Choice
  • Hex: Devour Hope
  • Hex: Haunted Ground
  • Hex: NOED
  • Rancor
  • Iron Maiden (Dwight Counter)


  • Evil Within 3 from Stalky Boi Myers
  • Night Shroud from Wannabe stalky boi Ghost face


“The Character’s movement speed is enhanced.”


  • Adrenaline
  • Balanced Landing
  • Dead Hard
  • Devour Hope
  • NOED
  • Hope
  • Lithe
  • Play with Your Food
  • Sprint Burst


“The Survivor is heavily bleeding, leaving visible traces for the Killer to follow.”


  • Blind Warrior White = Wraith
  • Coarse Stone = Huntress
  • Fine Stone = Huntress
  • Serrated Jaws = Trapper
  • Utility Blades = Pig


  • Sloppy Butcher.


“The Character’s movement speed is slowed.”


  • Flask of Bleach = Clown
  • Yew Seed Brew = Huntress
  • Yew Seed Concoction = Huntress
  • Watterlogged Shoe = Hag


  • Afterpiece Tonic (Clown bottles)


“Indicates to Survivors that they are affected by The Doctor’s Static Field or his Shock Therapy and thus experience certain Afflictions.”

  • Type of Affliction depends on The Doctor’s equipped Add-ons and the Survivors’ Madness Tiers.
  • Caused by The Doctor’s Carter Spark power


“The Survivor is heavily injured and requires more time to be fully healed.”

  • Slows down healing by 20%


  • Begrimed Chains = Leatherface
  • Begrimed Head = Huntress
  • Blind Warrior White = Wraith
  • Rusted Chains = Leatherface
  • Rusted Jaws = Trapper
  • Rusted Attachments = Pig
  • Rusty Head = Huntress
  • Sulphuric Acid Vial = Clown
  • Defaced Smiley Pin = Legion


  • Sloppy Butcher


“The Survivor’s Aura-reading abilities are enhanced.”

  • Caused by Open-Handed.

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