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Dead By Daylight – Solo Tier List

Solo Q Tier List A Tier: Adrenaline Literally does 3 things in one perk. You get […]

Solo Q Tier List

A Tier:


  • Literally does 3 things in one perk. You get healed, revived if downed, and pretty much sprint burst with it. Only down side is exhaustion but hey at least you get healed.

Balanced landing

  • Depending on which map you get ~ this perk is godlike . On the map haddonfield it almost gives you infinite loops. If every map had good spots like the main building (myers house) of haddonfield..it would be a godlike exhaustion perk. The only issue is that sometimes you get bad rng on maps so you don’t get to use it in a versatile way like dead hard. Also the passive is really good too. You reduce your stagger duration from falls by 75%.

Borrowed time

  • Always found good use for this perk because of times where your in the basement or right next to exit gate ~ you wouldn’t make it out without the extra protection this perk gives you to get out of those really bad spots you can be in. Bad or new killers tend to tunnel so it really helps you or your team get your booty to safety or even out to escape to win!

Dead hard (fookn ded ard)

  • The most popular exhaustion perk by far and rightfully so. If you use this perk correctly it’ll give you an extra round of looping. You can dodge a killer swing with this if timed right. This perk let’s you play extra greedy. Downs for this perk is sometimes it doesn’t work the way you want. You’ll press it early but still get smacked even tho you anticipated the killers hit way earlier. Use this DH to gain distance to windows or pallets is the most effective way to use it. I would put this perk at B tier because at times it can be inconsistent but overall this perk has done more good for me than not. Also it’s way more fun to use than SB and BL (sprint burst and balanced landing)

B Tier


  • Since this is a solo q list i highly suggest this perk because it gives you the information you wouldn’t have known about since you guys are solo Q. If you get chased you can choose to run to another spot instead of running to the area where your teammates are doing gens. Got injured? well now you know where your teammates are to get healed. Way better than running to the corner to spend 30-45 seconds healing when you could’ve been helping out on a gen or getting healed quicker by your team.


  • Underrated AF.. it never got changed so healing speeds with this is amazing. Not only you heal yourself quicker but also your teammates. Use this perk with a green med kit and add-ons for stupidly fast healing.


  • A free unhook assuming you don’t get hooked first. Newer players tend to not go to rescue other survivors for whatever reason so it’s almost mandatory in solo Q. This perk is really nice if you never get hooked until the very end which is great to use in combo with other perks.


  • Stupidly underrated perk that also has not been touched since the game came out. For 2 minutes you get a 7% haste effect. You can loop slower killers for days with this perk. And overall i found this perk fun to use. NOED is a popular perk so it helps you kinda even out the movement speed buff they get for noed. If you think adrenaline is overrated then use this perk instead since it doesn’t give you the exhausted effect. And you get to use whatever exhaustion perk you want since you could be injured. Rather than having a adren and then can’t use sprint burst or dead hard for example.

Mettle of MaN

  • Arguably could put this as a S tier or A tier but imo it’s really good but not that good because most of my games this perk only works once. You get hit 3 times by the killer and on your next hit you get a free hit. Yes this perk works great against the mass majority of killers which i understand why people will question why this isn’t in S or A tier. Good killers like billy and huntress don’t care about MoM. A good nurse will catch up to you regardless of if you have an extra hit you can take. Overall solid perk to pick up but i do smell a nerf coming sooner or later.

Sprint burst

  • This perk is still good because you can straight up just leave a bad spot with how fast you run with this perk. Big down side is you have to walk everywhere which is boring and slow. Also this perk doesn’t teach you how to have awareness or how to run tiles. Solid perk for newer players but later on you’ll have no choice but to learn how to run tiles correctly. Oh and if you decide to play in a laggy lobby for whatever reason, it’s pretty good compared to the other exhaustion perks.


  • Good killers will most likely tend to slug so you need this to get back into the game. A lot of times i escaped or help get more people escape because the killer decided to slug me at end game but didn’t know i had this perk. You can either 99% yourself from recovery and wait for a teammate to tap you or you can just bring yourself back up from dying state once. More useful against good killers than nooby ones.

Decisive Strike

  • Used to be a straight up godlike 2nd chance perk but since it was nerfed, it’s good but not a must pick like before. This perk will help if the killer is dumb enough to tunnel you after you get unhooked. I would even put this perk lower cause of how good DS used to be but overall it’s still kinda fun to use and helpful against the mass majority of killers that want to tunnel down one specific survivor. You get 60 seconds to use it after a unhook so GL

Iron Will

  • Use this if you get a lot of nurses or spirit players. It mutes your moaning and grunting while injured which is greatly useful to have. Pretty good to have overall though because sometimes killers will just lose me with this perk.

C tier


  • I know i said these perks arn’t in any particular order but i would just put this at bottom of C. Yeah it’s nice to give your team a buff speed of healing, sabo, unhook, cleanse, open chests, and open the gate quicker but it’s really not that needed. Not horrible but not super good either.


  • Not a bad exhaustion perk by any means but there’s just straight up better exhaustion perks than lithe.

Plunderer’s Instinct

  • Increases the rarity of what items you get in a chest. Really only good for if you like to hoard items to a character. Fun perk to have but def not needed.


  • You guarantee yourself a green med kit which is good. And you loot the chest quicker but other than that..it’s ok.

Prove thyself

  • You give your team a 10% faster repair speed on generators when they’re within a 4 meter range and gain more coop points. Using this with friend’s is nice but if you guys are splint, the effect of this isn’t really useful.

We’ll make it

  • You heal your teammate for 100% increase speed and the duration of the perk being usable lasts for so long which is really nice. Only issue is that sometimes the killer will just run straight back to the hook so you won’t always get the chance to heal your teammate.

We’re gonna live forever

  • All this perk is good for is farming teammates for 25% stackable bloodpoints up to 4 stacks. Does nothing else. I suggest you pick this up if you’re a noobie.

Quick and quiet

  • You vault windows and jump into lockers without making a noise so it’s good to use in combo with other perks. By itself it’s ok but a lot of other perks are better.


  • Really good to help give your team info on who can go unhook and who can sit on gens.

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