Rage 2 – Hyper Cannon

Hyper Cannon

In this section of the Guide to Rage 2, we will tell you how to obtain the Hyper Cannon. It is a long-range weapon that allows single shots or charged effects. To unlock the Hyper Cannon, you need to get to one of the Arks available in the game.

The Greenhaven Ark is located in the northern part of the Wilds. This location has the tenth level of difficulty, so you should go there only when you develop your character a bit.

Before entering the Ark, you have to get rid of enemies, one of whom will be the Cyber Crusher. Destroy it as soon as possible as it deals the most damage.

After entering the Ark, go to the Central post, from which you can take the Hyper Cannon.

The game will immediately display a tutorial of the Hyper Cannon. You will learn how to perform normal attacks and how the cannon works when the overdrive is active.

From now on, you can buy upgrades for these weapons.

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