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Dead Estate Assignment Anya Puzzle Solutions

Navigate through Assignment Anya effortlessly by using our Dead Estate Assignment Anya Puzzle Solutions guide to solve puzzles and overcome challenges effectively.

If you are looking for how to solve puzzles for Assignment Anya, use the information in our guide and solve the puzzles easily.

This is the guide Codex_Regius it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Puzzle Guide for Assignment Anya

A puzzle guide for Assignment Anya with the goal of explaining how the each puzzle works and how to solve it.

Prince Key Puzzle

Found in the Courtyard next to the exit gate is a small puzzle congaing a key.

To unlock this key you must rearrange the symbols, which represent seasons, in the correct order.
The correct order is: Spring, Summer, Fall then Winter.

Doing this unlocks the Prince Key.

Bookshelf Puzzles + 8Ball/Clock Puzzle


There are two bookshelf puzzles. One in the Billiard Room and the other in the Guest Room.

The majority of the books can be found at at tables in the library (all books required by the Billiard Bookshelf can be found here.) and the last book can be found in bedroom unlocked by the Clock Puzzle.

The clock puzzle can be done by obtaining the non-magical 8ball in the same room as the Billiard Bookshelf Puzzle (Magic 8ball can be found in the same room after the cut scene where Anya looks at the word gullible written on the ceiling.) and inserting it into the clock.

The book puzzles are both the same and require you to insert the correct books into the correct slots in ascending order. (1-2-3-4-5)

Both bookshelf puzzles unlock a room.

Sticker/Painting Puzzle (Bottom King Key)

In the art gallery there are three rooms each with their own intractable painting. Anya will note each of those look either off or are missing something.

If she says it looks off then that painting has a sticker on it that it shouldn’t have. Interact with it and remove it. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SPACE IN YOUR INVENTORY!!!

If she says it looks like it is missing something then there are no incorrect stickers on the painting but it is missing one or more stickers. Interact and add the correct sticker. If you lack the correct sticker then it is in your box or on another painting.

If a painting is done correctly meaning no incorrect stickers or missing stickers she will say it looks alright.

After all paintings are correct, go to the room with the Grim Reaper(?) painting and you should receive the bottom part of the Kings Key.

Drawer/Food Chain Puzzle (Top King Key)


This puzzle is located inside the master bedroom at a drawer. The solution is essentially the food chain.

Grass is eaten by the bug which is eaten by the frog which then is eaten by the snake who is finally eaten by the bird. Input this into the puzzle to receive the top of the King Key

The Key will fix itself only when it both parts are in your inventory.

Cemetery/Toilet Puzzle (Obtaining Queen Key)

Completing the Billiard Room Bookshelf Puzzle is required before accessing the cemetery!

This puzzle is located in the cemetery located in the dug up (?) / uncovered grave. Inside of which has a casket making a noise.

Essentially the puzzle works by moving the cursor around the casket listing and trying to get to the loudest point and click on it.

Anya will say how close you are via dialogue.

You need to do this three times with the third being the hardest as it change where it is after a certain amount of time. (If you are struggling on third one just click randomly and hope.)

After doing this you will receive the plunger. Take it to the toilet to get the Queen Key.

Ice cube puzzle (Obtaining the Summer Emblem, Ability to Jump and Move Faster)

The ice cube itself is found inside the meat locker at the very end.

Take it to the study so that it will melt and give you the boots that allow you to jump.

Jumping allows you to get over the various barriers around the mansion and avoid monsters.

Use the ability to jump to get the Summer Emblem located in the chandelier in the center of the mansion.

Fall Emblem Puzzle

Requires doing the Guest Room bookshelf puzzle first!

Located in secret storage unlocked via the guest room bookshelf puzzle.

Stop each section of the spinning emblem when it lines up with the previous section.

Flower Puzzle (Obtaining the Spring Emblem)

King Key is required!!!

To solve this puzzle you will need to traverse the mansion and take note of where each large flower is and then read the note in the green house to line that up with a letter. (A, B, C, D and E) The note tells you where the big flowers and what letter they go to.

The Solution is: A-Yellow, B-Pink, C-White, D-Blue and E-Green.

Three Sisters Puzzle (Obtaining Winter Emblem)

Requires all other Emblems, King Key and Candle

Located in the back patio and requires every other emblem (spring, summer, and fall).

Insert them into obtain the slots to get the winter emblem.

Comments & Candle Location + Gates

Candle is located in Laundry Room in the washing machine. Turn it off and grab the candle.

Any gate requires its respective emblem to open (needs to be in your inventory) and all gates (besides the exit one) are optional

Just wanted to say this is my first guide so feedback is appreciated and that this guide is not supposed to be a in depth guide for Assignment Anya and dose not cover every item obtainable in the game.

I plan to update this in the future with suggestions from feedback and screenshots.

Written by Codex_Regius

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