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Big Johninator Lore Guide

A deep dive into the man, the legend, and the mystery, BIG JOHNINATOR!

Who/What is Big Johninator?

Big Johninator is the secret encounter in 7-1: Garden of Forking Paths. He is a machine who wears a black and white camouflage uniform and helmet. He wields a giant red minigun connected to an ammo pack on his back. He attacks V1 using rockets and a hit scan explosion similar to that of the Malicious Face. He also periodically drops landmines wherever he walks.

Big Johninator has a resemblance to Big John, who was seen in other New Blood games such as 2013 Rise of the Triad Remake and DUSK.

Big John in Dusk HD

Big Johninator Lore (Spoilers)

The Mystery Behind Big Johninator

There is a lot of mystery behind Big Johninator. Where did he come from? Why is he a machine? Why does he want to be killed? So many questions and so little answers. I took it upon myself to unravel this mystery, and after days of searching, I came up with a few theories that might be able to make sense of this beautiful man.

Theory 1

If ULTRAKILL takes place in the same universe as DUSK, then it could be possible that Big Johninator is the future version of Big John. After Dusk Dude defeated Big John, he was brought back to life as a machine, but because Dusk Dude was deemed worthy, he was left without a purpose. Assuming he uses blood as a fuel source, he could have been a participant in the Death of Mankind. Like with the other machines, as blood became a scarcity, he would have to travel into hell to get blood from the demons and husks. He would have traveled until his encounter with V1.

This is one of the weaker theories out there, because it implies that the events of DUSK take place before ULTRAKILL. The Final War (ULTRAKILL) was assumed to take place around 1912, way before the events of DUSK which happened in the 1990s.


Big Johninator Lore (Spoilers)

Theory 2

Another theory is that Big Johninator is Big John from DUSK, but he traveled through the Oshryverse to face V1. Like with the first theory, Big John became a machine after his encounter with Dusk Dude. In his quest to find someone worthy enough to kill him, he used his awesome robot powers to travel through the Oshryverse and face new opponents. This eventually lead him to face V1.

This theory has a lot going for it. The Oshryverse has been confirmed to exist on multiple occasions by the New Blood Team. Big Johninator has also been seen in other New Blood games.

Picture of the New Blood cast in their upcoming movie “Jesus vs Santa”

Big Johninator Lore (Spoilers)

Big Johninator has also been seen in other New Blood games

Big Johninator Lore (Spoilers)


Big Johninator Lore (Spoilers)

Theory 3

My final theory I present to you is that Big Johninator is acutely V3. If you look their AI, you can see they have a lot in common. This has lead me to hypothesize that Big Johninator is actually V3. After V2 was build, the creators wanted to give the V3 a more human look. They made Big Johninator, a stylized solder with a cigar. This was meant to give marketability, as humanity rejected the machines after the Final War . Unfortunately, Big Johninator went rouge and killed his creators, possibly starting the Death of Mankind.

This theory by far the strongest. Not only does it work in universe without any need for outside sources, it also has backing in game.


Big Johninator Lore (Spoilers)

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