Dead Frontier 2 Starting Gear

Hello everyone from our Dead Frontier 2 Starting Gear guide! Dead Frontier 2 is a survival horror MMO. As one of the few survivors of the epidemic, you must make a living from the decaying ruins of society. Gather supplies, improve your skills and trade with other players. Check out our guide to find out what gear would be best for you as you embark on this adventure.

Dead Frontier 2 Starting Gear

Welcome to our Dead Frontier 2 Starting Gear guide. This guide will help new players obtain the best possible starting equipment through detailing the new story missions.

The Best Starting Gear

The Best Starting Gear in Dead Frontier 2
The Best Starting Gear in Dead Frontier 2

Inside of Dallbow PD you can speak to two individuals to get started towards some good gear:

The Police Chief, This will help to get started on a basic hunt for a unique melee weapon, it is a good “stat stick” for the bonuses provided even if you are not a melee user. His tasks are simple and can be completed in tandem with the other quest giver.

Mr. Moore, he may be hidden in one of the side rooms of Dallbow PD. He will send you on the start of a mission chain that can net you a solid level 20 assault rifle, a hidden and unique level3 pistol as a great starting weapon, and other gear. His chain of missions is more complex:

The Mission

  • Mr. Moore will tell you to find a missing boy at the nearby Playstop building. Buy and bring 3 Energy drinks to them
  • The boy you meet will then send you to kill 10 zombies, easily done.
  • Return and you will be given the task to do 3 missions from Dallbow PD, you may use to help.
  • Once done you are then sent to an ominous building to search for a Game Disc, and will be pursued by an aggressor.
  • Evade the beast inside the building and find the game disc, but don’t stop searching containers. One of the rooms holds a powerful and rare pistol.
  • Once you have the pistol and the game return to Playstop and make a choice: Give the disc to the boy, or speak to Mr. Moore inside playstop.

(If you give the game disc to the boy he will run off to another building, letting you take a unique hat from their corpse. This is the bad ending)

(If you put the game disc in your stash box and speak to Mr.Moore twice you can refuse to give the disc to the boy and earn a unique assault rifle. The good ending)

Once you have done all the above missions you should now be armed with some new unique weapons and gear including one of the best hidden starting weapons in the game.

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